next row

  1. E

    VBA to loop code to the next row

    Hey everyone. Very new to coding. I have a spreadsheet that we use to track employee stats each week and we keep a running total of their performance from previous weeks along with their current perfomance on each sheet. Typically we used to just copy the last sheet and then manually add the...
  2. J

    Skip next iteration in loop - For Each - If/Then

    I've created a license tracking excel for my company where we track what state our employees are licensed in and the expiration date. Since there are are several counties that require different licensing the list is fairly long (over 100 rows). I'm trying to write a Looping VBA that will hide...
  3. C

    Paste to next available row - not working.

    Hi, I'm trying to copy selected rows from one worksheet to the next available row on another - something I've done before! BUT IT DOESN'T WORK! I've tried all kinds of variations, but all I get is the last of the copied rows, which makes me think it is overlaying the previous rows. I would...
  4. C

    VBA next row

    I'm very new to VBA. Coming here is the next step, as I've been working on this problem for a few days. Agonizingly, I had something very similar working before, it works on the other worksheet(sort of) and I don't know how to get back to where it was working. I've looked around the web at...
  5. G

    Create a data table from Multiple Tabs

    Hi Guru's I have a question. I have 10 Tabs. Each with 2,387 Rows with Columns A:BW. I want to merge all those tabs into One separate tab. I only need to extract Columns A:F; I-U;W-AH and all the rows. How do I set this up? I would guess it would be something like For each pnlTAB in...
  6. A

    macro record it doeosn't paste on the next row

    Hello, Hi, how to copy data from one sheet to a table on an other sheet using macro records , i faced a problem when i click the button it's working good but if i try to add other data it's overwrite the first one(it doesn't copy the data on the next row). thank you in advance This is the...
  7. G

    Excel Macro - If Cell contains a character go to the next row

    Hi All, I am new of this Forum. I have problem how to skip the row if "SEQ" column has any character instead of a number as below <colgroup><col span="3"><col><col><col><col><col><col span="3"><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> SEQ INI BSB DEBIT BSB DEBIT ACC NO. CREDIT BSB...
  8. C

    Move next column to next row using macro?

    Dear all i've data like this: A B C D 1 John Willy Diana Chan Yu 2 male male Female Male 3 married single Single Single 4 Ohio Texas Las Vegas New York 5 yes NA Yes...
  9. L

    Using a Macro to move data and then repeat process on the next row

    A macro was generated to move information from a re-usable form template on worksheet 1 into a log created on worksheet 2. Different imformation from the form will move to different fiels on the log. The macro works fine for the first row. It will not, however, repeat for the second line. Below...
  10. D

    Need a Macro to cut selected row and row underneath it and paste to sheet 2

    Hello, after fooling around with coding for awhile I have realized that I need to get an Excel Macro book to understand all of this. I have realized that just "hitting the record button" doesnt work. you have to actually know how to code in order to get your macro to do exactly what you want...
  11. R

    Continue macro on next row

    Hi there, I am new to VBA and have this code Sub Rename() 'Rename Range("F2:P2").Name = Range("B2") End Sub Can someone tell me how to progress this automatically to the next row eg: Range("F3:P3").Name = Range("B3') etc, and so on to say about 2000. Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance
  12. D

    Copy and Paste Cell Based on Conditions

    I am not really sure the best way to go about this: I have data in columns A and B. If the data is in column A it will not be in column B. My objective is to move the data in column A to column B, as long as it is not a number with the color yellow in the cell. The data displays as follows...
  13. J

    Copy Values From 2 Columns To Next Available Row

    Hi All, I am after a script that would loop between columns C to column I. The range is based on column A. The columns (C-I) may not have values in certain cells, when they do I need to copy the value from Column C into the next available row in column A and also copy the same row value of...
  14. B

    Find Row Below

    I want to go to the cell below a range of data. My macro keeps returning the last row + next row for the range. I only want the row below the range not to include the last row itself. How can I change the following?: LastRow = Range("L" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row vRange = "L" &...
  15. O

    Alter this code to make it loop through rows and columns

    Hello my friends! I have created this code which turns a range expressed between col A and B - into a list in column F. So is the start of the range is 10 in A1, and the end of the range is 15 in B1, then f1 is 10, f2 is 11, f3 is 12, f4 is 13, etc. However my code is static, and will only...
  16. E

    Macro help please - automatic copy, paste, print, next

    Hello I'm in need of some macro help, and I was hoping someone here might be able to help. I have a spreadsheet with two main tabs. One is full of data, mainly a unique reference number and columns of data related to that unique reference number. The main tab, is a form with a place to input...
  17. R

    VBA - Finding Next Empty Row

    Hi all, Here is a VBA query which probably has a simple solution... I have designed a user form which when you enter data into it and hit "ok" it sends the information to a worksheet named "data". For each new record entered into the form, the code I have used looks for the next empty row in...

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