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  1. J

    Help With Calculating Test Results

    Hi, I am trying to find a better way of calculating total metrics of our test results from various sets of tests. The cut down table and the text below shows how we are currently doing it, but the formula is going to be too long to do it on the next sheet so I am looking for a more simple way...
  2. M

    Hyperlinking & Identifying Hidden sheets in Excel

    Hi, I have the following problem with hidden worksheets I'd like to submit to some more experienced Excel users. I've created a ToC of all worksheets in my Excel file, sth. for which a solution can easily be found online. The resulting ToC displays in a dedicated sheet, as a column with the...
  3. N

    Reference a Closed Excel Workbook

    First off, I am going to try to avoid using VBA due to other circumstances. This is how I am operating at the moment: I have 2 workbooks referencing cells off each other, my active workbook that I will be always using (let's call this Book 1) and my passive workbook (Book 2) that I would like...
  4. D

    Relative values, grouping them evenly

    Hey, guys.:beerchug: So, obviously, I stumbled upon something that I can't seem to figure out myself. I googled, read and watched a lot. But this problem seems to be a bit too specific to find a solution on web. 80 items. Each item has a different "value" relative to each other. I want to put...
  5. C

    Sort data from one table into two automatically - No VBA

    Hi, I've looked thoroughly throughout forums and tutorials for a possible solution to the following situation, but to no avail. It may have to do with the wording I use in my search, as it's difficult to know how to ask this, but I'm just stumped. I have a list of data, 50-200 rows a week, that...
  6. B

    Dynamic Chart without using Macros

    I am trying to make a chart that will change based on the active cell's row. This workbook will be used exclusively on iPads for field work. As far as I know the ios version of excel does not support macros so I will have to make this chart without using macros. I've figured out how to do it...
  7. G

    Easy Solution to SUMIFS with variable criteria???

    Hello All, I am looking for an easy solution to a rather tedious formula. Here's the situation... I have a list of data that I would like to SUMIFS. From that SUMIFS, I would like to subtract out values that meet certain criteria in another, separate range. Lets use an example to help better...
  8. M

    Concatenating Text to Formula

    Hello everyone. I would like to concatenate two cells to one formula - this will be in a table/listobject. What the formula does it retrieves the count value from the column 'name' of different tables. I am not allowed to use VBA for this project. <tbody> A B C D (formula used) 1...
  9. A

    Take average of each category and then compute the average

    Hi there, I have a problem that I can demonstrate in simplified way as follows: <tbody> Company Amount A 500 B 200 C 400 A 200 B 400 </tbody> I would like a formula that would first calculate the average over each category (i.e., A = 350, B = 300, and C = 400) and then...
  10. Beetlestone

    1 Column, 1254 cells, Create buckets of summed amounts

    I put this on a smaller scale of 28 rows to describe it easier. This cannot be a macro (VBA), has to be a good old fashioned formula :) I have 1 column (A) with 1254 cells, each cell contains tonnage. In column B, I am trying to create "buckets" of tonnage from column A that sum up to just...
  11. G

    List to Matrix

    I am looking for a solution for an apparently simple but I believe quite complex problem that has been bugging us in the office for days. I know it would be easy to solve this with VBA, but I would like to find a formula-only solution, I think there should be one. It's not easy to explain so...
  12. A

    Calculate Days Since Last Stage, where some stages don't occur

    Hi Guys, first post here, I've trawled a few forums with this issue, but admittedly I could have looked a little harder, so apologies if this is easily answered on another thread. I'm monitoring a set of projects and want to report on the number of days taken since the last step, which is are...
  13. bmckenna

    Find data in last cell of a row

    I need an excel formula, preferably no VBA, that finds the last cell's value in a ROW range.

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