1. B

    Reverse Match & ISBLANK

    Hi I have {=IFERROR(MATCH(FALSE,ISBLANK(B14:AM14),0),"")} to return the position of the first non-blank cell in that row. What I would like to do is return the position of the last non-blank cell in that row. I tried {=IFERROR(MATCH(FALSE,ISBLANK(AM14:B14),0),"") - that was, of course, far...
  2. S

    Multiple CountIfs

    I have a large spreadsheet (to ER3500) and need to count specific columns with non-blank cells across the rows. I have tried several CountIf and CountIfs, but I can't get there. A sample spreadsheet is below. I want the total number of rows which have data in the Account, Color, and Response...
  3. M

    Copying non-blank rows

    Hi I'd like to copy all non-blank rows below a certain row. In the sample data below, the data starts in row 5 and goes up to column G. I'd like to copy a whole row IF the data in the first or second column of that row is populated. So if it was row 5, the row would only be copied IF...
  4. R

    Adding Variable to column

    Sub Range_End_Method() 'Finds the last non-blank cell in a single row or column Dim LastRow As Long 'Find the last non-blank cell in column A(1) LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row MsgBox "Last Row: " & LastRow & vbNewLine Range("A2:AF" & LastRow).Select End Sub I get message...
  5. R

    Adding Variable to column

    Sub Range_End_Method() 'Finds the last non-blank cell in a single row or column Dim LastRow As Long 'Find the last non-blank cell in column A(1) LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row MsgBox "Last Row: " & LastRow & vbNewLine Range("A2:AF" & LastRow).Select End Sub I get message...
  6. Q

    Non-Blank INDEX+MATCH without array

    Hi All, I was unable to find a reference to this, but I'm trying to use INDEX/MATCH to return the first non-blank result like but due to the size of data, I can't use an array... Any ideas?
  7. J

    Excel VBA create a list from non-blank cells in range

    Hi all, I am trying to search for all non-blank cells in a range (let's say A1-A30) then with all non-blank values set a variable that is just a list of the cell values separated by a ";" Essentially there will be email addresses in this list. Not all cells from A1-A30 will be populated, it's...
  8. A

    Counting filtered non-blank cells that contain text

    I am currently using the formula =subtotal(102,"":"") to count non-blank cells that contain a numerical value. When I try to use the same formula in cells that contain text I receive a "0". Is it possible to count non-blank cells that contain text? The formula also needs to work when the...
  9. K

    i need some help on "if+and" ?

    with my logical_test, what formula should i use/any macro that can apply to my request in a cell result? if+and cell="full" but non-blank, return cell value if+and cell="full" but blank, return "no fitting" if+and cell="0" but non-blank, reutrn "wrong deploy" if+and cell="0" but blank...
  10. L

    Non Blank List

    Hello, I have a list in E2:E10 that has some blanks. How can I return a non-blank list starting in E12? Thanks for the help, XJ
  11. R

    Return a Date based on the first Non-Blank value in a row

    Hello! I haven't used this forum in many, many years, but am back using Excel again and so here I am... albeit a bit rusty. Thanks for your patience. I have a series of sequential dates in Row.1 Col.C-End I have the number of engineers assigned to a unique task on any given day. Col.B Is the...
  12. P

    What does =" mean

    I have a spreadsheet where the column headers are in row 2. Several of the headers have =" preceding the header. For example ="Question is I one column. The =" is only visible in the formula window. The cell itself displays the header followed by a number. I was told the number is the number of...
  13. C

    Find last non-blank text value

    <tbody> Column A Column B Look For Result A A A F B B C C D D E E A F B G D H A R I </tbody> Hiall, I need Excel to look for a specific text in column 'A' and return thelast non-blank corresponding value in column 'B'. I know...
  14. L

    find the last none empty column

    Hi The code below does not work on case like below when i have first few cells are empty for col 2 and 3. How can I fix that My case <tbody> 1 44 55 66 1 44 test 44 </tbody> the code below will say the last none empty column is #1...
  15. L

    Array Formula - Doesn't Repeat

    <tbody> I found an array formula online that helped me get a result for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. non-blank cell in a column. Formula: =INDEX(A$1:A$80,SMALL(ROW(A$1:<wbr>A$80)+(100*(A$1:A$80="")), 1))&"" (the "1" at the end of the formula determines which non-blank result to output). I used...
  16. T

    TEXTJOIN/CONCATENATE non-blanks with a limit on number of cells it returns

    Hi all, I'm looking to bring together the first 7 instances of non-blank columns - is there an easy non-VBA way to do this? Example data below, I am looking to fill in column F with the first 7 non-blanks (in reality, I would be looking to do this across 50+ columns). <tbody> <tbody>...
  17. K

    Cell Reference of the nth Non-Blank cell in a column

    I need a formula that will return the CELL reference (not the value in the cell) of the Nth non-blank cell. This is so I can exclude the column header. So really I need the 2nd non-blank cell, but thought it might be helpful to add the flexibility. So basically if he first non-blank that...
  18. R

    Can the "Lookup" formula be used to find separate values instead of a range?

    I found this formula which returns the rightmost non-blank cell in a range: =LOOKUP(2,1/(P7:S7<>""),P7:S7) Can I instead specify, like... M7, O7, Q7, S7? Cheers.
  19. T

    Max Consecutive Blank Cells between 1st non-blank cell and last non-blank cell

    Hello Group, I am attempting to determine the max consecutive blank cells in a row of data between the 1st and last non-blank cells of a range. This is what I have come up with on my own but I seem to stuggling to get it to work. Would anyone have any insight? Thanks...
  20. J

    Vba to import one entire worksheet from another workbook

    Want a user the ability to: 1. Navigate to a file 2. Import the only non-blank worksheet from another workbook thanks

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