1. M

    Normalize Scaling

    Hi Mrexcel I'd like to scale columns of number to be TOP=100 BOTTOM = 0 Is there an easy way? Thxs <tbody> 113 99 118 84 TOP 100 5 9 -8 16 BOTTOM 0 </tbody>
  2. M

    Normalize a range of numbers..

    Hey Guys... I like to normalize a set of numbers to 0-100 EX: A. 200 numbers between top 94 ...bottom 35.......need the 94 set to 100 and the 35 set to 0 B. 875 numbers between 158 and -57......need 158 set to 100 and -57 set to 0... yes, numbers are value 67 can...
  3. E

    formula or macro to extract a code in the format “03 30 00” from various text data in multiple variations

    I need a formula or macro that can extract a code in the format “03 30 00” from various data in text format in multiple variations, such as; “033000 CAST-IN-PLACE CONCRETE” “Section 03 30 00 CAST-IN-PLACE CONCRETE” “03 30 00 CAST-IN-PLACE CONCRETE” “ 03 3000 CAST-IN-PLACE CONCRETE” with a...
  4. R

    Normalizing a data set to a common time duration

    Hello. First-time posting so please forgive any breaches of etiquette. I have been using excel for over 20 years and rarely come across something that stumps me, but I have a real quandry on my hands and am very much in need of your collective wisdom. I am analyzing the distribution of...
  5. bs0d

    Running Total and Rank Query

    I would like to build a query that will rank the data by dates, average the values for the corresponding dates, and also show a running total (cumulative) average value. Assume the table below, and desired output examples. Can anyone show me an example SQL statement to do this?
  6. bs0d

    Query Help - Normalize (Time Zero) Items and Total

    I'm not much of a query guy and I'd like some help on determining the best approach to achieve what I'm after. Suppose I have a table of products, and a table of sales by date. Older products have longer sales histories, new products have shorter sales histories. I would like to show the total...
  7. S

    Normalize returns

    Hi all, I have 2 times series of monthly stock returns. I want to normalize the 2nd series to the first, so the cumulative return of both end up in the same spot on a chart (to show the stdev of the 2nd compared to the first). Here is my current process that does not work: 1. Calc GEOMEAN of...

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