1. X

    Converting % data point to different format for notepad extract

    Hi I have a macro to extract data from excel to a very specific format in a notepad doc. Most of it is fine but struggling with best way to convert 1 data point. It's a percentage in excel but the extract must always be 9 characters, eg below: 0.05228% = 000005228 0.52280% = 000052280...
  2. Jyggalag

    Can somebody help me test my VBA code and fix it if it does not work?

    Hi all, I have this VBA code to write an email body text: eBody = "Dear person," & "<BR><BR>" eBody = eBody & " 1Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text Text text (Text text...
  3. J

    Copy column data from worksheet to .htm file (notepad) using VBA

    Hello, its my first time here. I am really new to VBA and only know some basics but Im looking for something a bit more complex. I have built an excel database which creates web pages by using formulas to pull in data that changes page per page. The generated HTML is in a worksheet called 'P1 -...
  4. P

    Delete lines of a .txt file containing specific letters using VBA ?

    Let me give you an example : Image=Image1 Image=Image2 Image=Image3 TextImage=Image1 CSVImage=Image2 StringImage=Image2 I have a text file containing these words. How can i delete lines from this text file which contains "Image=" in its line i.e. Line 1st,2nd and 3rd should be deleted but Line...
  5. D

    Keeping open the notepad

    Hey guyz, I am working on VBA environment, would like to keep my notepad open all the time without switching the active screen. Is there any way we can do this ? Dinesh S
  6. J

    Excel VBA How to Copy excel columns into NotePad

    I have 3 column in and excel vba file that I want to copy into NotPad, which I can do but since the text content in the cells of each column vary in length, NotPad does not maintain the format as copied, but the copy results are altered and not in line as desired. Is there a way to ix this...
  7. L

    Notepad File to Excel Column

    I would transfer two information (filename and file content)from multiple notepad to "column excel" as attached Appreciate someone helping. thanks
  8. S

    Workaround for numbers as text

    Hi, We export data into a workbook, all of the product codes are 4 digits but they are in text format. When i go to do lookups they dont work unless I paste the product codes into notepad and then back into word again. So 2 questions here I suppose: 1. Is there an easier way to do this rather...
  9. M

    Opening Workbook Using Notepad (VBA)

    I currently open a workbook using code written on a notepad file. However, the userform that pops up has disabled features it seems... For one, my userform has a combobox that allows me to open other excel files when selected, but when using the notepad, this feature is disabled. Instead, I must...
  10. G

    Issue with csv file

    For work, need to save a csv file to be sent to customer. They upload into their system for invoicing. For some reason, the csv I'm sending, they say is in the wrong format and fails when uploading into their system. After looking at the data, when you open the file with notepad, the text...
  11. kelly mort

    Pasted data into notepad not aligning properly

    Sub OpenNotepadWithTempFileWithClipboardContent() Dim rngData As Range Dim strData As String Dim strTempFile As String ' copy some range values Set rngData = Sheet3.Range("A1:E15") rngData.Copy ' get the clipboard data ' magic code for is for early binding...
  12. B

    Write entire XML file to Excel worksheet row by row after it has been loaded

    Hi I am new to reading XML files to Excel using VBA. I can load the XML file to Excel but when I try to put the data into a worksheet it puts the entire XML contents into a single cell. What I want is each line of XML in a row in the worksheet. An alternative is to open in notepad. I can open...
  13. D

    How to Kill Excel using note pad and task scheduler

    Hello everyone, :laugh::laugh: I have a bunch of stuff running on my task scheduler and sometimes something with my excel programs will get hung up which causes all other programs to stop as well. I was looking online and found that it might be possible to use 'Notepad' to kill excel and have...
  14. C

    VLOOKUP from Notepad to Excel (Two sheets)

    Hi, I have been looking at VLOOKUP threads across the forum and could not find specific to my needs. I tried to adjust the code elsewhere to my needs, but I am pathetically unsuccessful. I hope somebody could please help me here. Thanks. I have a notepad file (I could make it excel also if...
  15. K

    Excel to word, without using a macro

    Hey guys. Anyone know a way to autopaste a worksheet into Word or better again - Notepad, without using a macro?
  16. K

    VBA copying file from notepad to excel sheet

    Hi! Im having a hard time compiling the data manually. Can you help me? I want to copy all the data in a notepad(i mean all that is in the notepad), then paste in an excel sheet, close the notepad, then proceed to the next notepad in the selected folder, then open the notepad(the next notepad in...
  17. D

    Loop to Close Notepad using API By Typ "Notepad"

    Greeting All could be using Loop to close All NotePad, Here I click "Sub KillNotepadOneByOne()" this Macro Sub till I close All notepad Thanks Private Declare PtrSafe Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long...
  18. D

    How to get already exist open notepad Process ID ?

    greetings I need to know the Process ID of specific notepad already open PID= ??????????? thanks
  19. G

    Run-time error '1004': PasteSpecial method of Range Class failed (Not able to paste notepad data in Excel)

    Hi Folks, With lot of efforts I am able to copy the data of notepad which I want to paste it in excel. However I face a error that PasteSpecial method of Range Class failed. I guess, after copying the data from notepad, I am not able to activate the excel file, because when I manually select...
  20. M

    Excel Macro: Copy All Data on Excel Sheet, then Paste in Notepad, then Copy all data in Notepad back to Excel?

    I am trying to find out how to write an Excel macro that would allow me to: 1) copy all the data on my existing open worksheet, 2) Open a new Notepad file, and paste all the data in that new Notepad file, 3) Select all the pasted data in that Notepad file, and copy it back to Excel? What macro...

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