1. R

    Adding additional information to every nth row from start reference, copying same instance of rows

    I've got code here that will bring in information while looping through workbooks in a folder. It could be 5 workbooks or 50. Usually on the higher end. I'm bringing in 5 rows of information so every time i open a new workbook for information, i need it to go down to the 5th row and start again...
  2. S

    Find any nth values from list that can sumup to a value not greater than that cell

    Hi, to every one. I am creating a report. i have a list of different numbers in range M4:M21 What i need is to sum up any 3 or 4 values that can near to 240 but not more than that For Example I have This List Range M4 to M21 57 81 87 50 85 66 70 72 81 54 82 59 86 53...
  3. L

    Formula to find a value by going right, down, and then left.

    I am looking for a formula that will find the value in cell B1 in the row B5:I5. Then go down from that date to the first non-blank cell. Then go left and return the corresponding value/name in column A6:A12 into cell F1. Thanks in advance. I have been racking my head trying to figure this out...
  4. J

    nth Composite Number UDF

    I am looking for a UDF to compute the nth composite number (nth non-prime number) similar to the nth prime. for e.g., 1st prime number is 2. 1st composite is 4. 10th prime number is 29. 10th composite is 18. 100th prime number is 541. 100th composite is 133.
  5. A

    find nth smallest value with multiple criteria

    Hello everyone, I am stuck to find nth smallest value from a range of cells with multiple criteria. I have a formula to extract nth largest values but not being able to reverse that formula to get the nth smallest value. The formula i'm using to extract nth largest value is as follows...
  6. C

    Concatenate Index Small Row

    Guys, So I'm using and index, small, row formula to find the nth occurrence of a result. I'm using the below formula to concatenate the results. {=CONCATENATE(INDEX(Table7[REPAIR NEEDED],SMALL(IF(Table7[ACTION]=$A$22,ROW(Table7[ACTION])-ROW(E24),""),1)),INDEX(Table7[REPAIR...
  7. T

    List Nth item from a range.

    Howdy, I need a UDF to return the nth value from a row or a column. Ex. I want the 4th item (from left to right) in range A2: P2 or I want the 5th item (top to down) from range A2: A16 If it were not very complicated, it would be perfect if I had the choice of the opposite, ie from right to...
  8. J

    Select Every nth cell in a Column and Paste in to a Row of another Sheet

    Could someone please provide assistance in transposing every nth cell of a column to a row on a separate spreadsheet.
  9. D

    Return nth day of the month

    I need a formula that will read a date and return the nth day of that month. For example 01/02/2019 = 1st Friday
  10. S

    Formula to sum every nth row but not all the nth row

    Hi I have some numbers in column A (A1:A200) I want to be able to add every 9 rows from A1 but not all the way In cell C1 i have the number to determine how far i go down so in this example say in C1 i have the number 1 the Return A2 if i have the number 2 then add A1 + A10 if i have the...
  11. D

    Finding the nth day of a month

    How can I find the date of the nth day of a month such as the 10th day of the month using vba and using a excel formula?
  12. R

    Is it possible to store more than one number in a cell (i.e. an array in a cell), and how can the nth element be referenced in formulas?

    Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to store more than one number in an array. I'm hoping I can reduce the size of my large score sheets by storing the scores of each student in one cell where for example the first element would be math score, the second physics score, the third chemistry...
  13. K

    Cell Reference of the nth Non-Blank cell in a column

    I need a formula that will return the CELL reference (not the value in the cell) of the Nth non-blank cell. This is so I can exclude the column header. So really I need the 2nd non-blank cell, but thought it might be helpful to add the flexibility. So basically if he first non-blank that...
  14. M

    Highlight from the bottom n'th number Cell

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I would like to highlight from the bottom n'th number Cell of the column, column range is variable (the n'th number is in the D2=8 is for column D & the n'th number is in the E2=12 is for column E</SPAN></SPAN> Like this Book1CDEF1From BottomFrom...
  15. M

    need to insert values from column A into column B every n rows

    I have two columns of text Column A contains 100 rows Column B contains 500 rows I want to insert a value from Column A into Column B every 5th row. How could I do this?
  16. J

    Array Populated with Every Nth Row in a Range

    Hey guys! I need to copy 1 out of every "n" number of rows up to the end of the table from one worksheet to another. I've managed to do it with a For Each loop. Using that method takes a while to process all data depending on the number of cells though. I believe that can be optimized by...
  17. R

    Index Match on NTH value

    =IF(AND($D5="Cost",$L5<0),SUM(V5+INDEX($A$3:$S$116,MATCH($A4,$A$3:$A$116,0),MATCH($V$2,$A$3:$S$3,0))),"") Hi all, This index/match works okay - apart from the fact I need it to look at the second (duplicated) value in column A. For a bit of context, I have 2 identical project codes for...
  18. B

    Replace text after nth occurance of character?

    I have a list of IP addresses: I am looking for a formula to take this column and generate the following in the next column:
  19. D

    Return first 3 characters after nth comma

    Hi, I have a text string like the one below: France, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Croatia I am wanting to return the first 3 characters after the nth comma, i.e. Mex or Aus. How can I go about this?
  20. P

    Renaming every Nth repeated value using macro!

    Hello guys, Can anyone think of a way to add a value to every Nth cell that has a repeating value? Example: <tbody></tbody> <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody> Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob...

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