1. A

    Help with an XIRR error - #NUM

    Hello, Can anyone identify what the issue is with the XIRR formula in the attached/embedded screenshot? The dates are consecutive. The dates are formatted as 'Date'. The cash flows are formatted as Accounting. The initial cash flow value is negative, representing an investment or cash...
  2. M

    #NUM! How to fix

    Does anyone know how to get fix an #NUM ! error so the cell is blank and not have this #NUM ! In . I have the following formula that puts this error in the cell...
  3. P

    Possible nested functions?

    Hi, I'm sure what I'm trying to achieve is easy but my brains not in gear today.... I have a spread sheet which contains 2 rows (E and I) that each have a date stamp in them, what I want to do is calculate if the two dates are on the same day and if so return a value. I firstly tried...
  4. E

    Median IF returns #NUM! when criteria are not met instead of blank or 0

    I am trying to calculate a median based on several criteria. The formula works fine when the criteria are all met, but when they are not I get #NUM !. I would rather it returned a blank or a 0. Here's the formula I'm using...
  5. leopardhawk

    #NUM! error

    Regarding this formula: If there are dates in E8 (September 23, 1953) and H8 (April 1, 2017) the formula is returning "Started pension at 63 years and 6 months of age.". This is good. If both cells are blank, the formula is returning "Started pension at 0 years and 0 months of age." which is...
  6. E

    Why IRR returns #NUM! ?

    Hello I select a range of cells for the IRR formula and it returns #NUM ! I formatted the range to be Numbers but nothing changed. Any idea?
  7. S.H.A.D.O.

    COMBIN formula problem!

    Good afternoon, I am having trouble with the formula... =COMBIN(L$4,C14)*COMBIN(L$5-L$4,0)*COMBIN(L$6,E14)*COMBIN(L$4,E14-1) It returns a #NUM ! error. Thanks in advance.
  8. matthewlouis

    Large and Small

    I have a column of numbers I want to rank large to small. Large(E4:E37,1), etc..... but I'm getting a #NUM error. The cells I am ranking are linked to another tab in the workbook. In other words, it says 28% in Cell C3 . . . but what's in the cell is not 28% but the cell in another tab...
  9. D

    Lookup on Each Duplicate Value in Excel

    Hello! If I use the formula in H2 and bring it down to H7, I get the desired results, unfortunately when it reaches H8 I get the #NUM result. I know that if I change the ROWS(F$2:F8) to ROWS(F$8:F8) I get the required result, but I'm just wondering if there's a way that would do it...
  10. M

    Help with a #NUM! error please

    I have a dataset with a variety of values. One of them is an integer T that also happens to be in column T. I have an equation that will switch between two options based on the value of T. It's easy to do with an if statement, but I want to build it into this equation so that it can easily be...
  11. R

    Required Desire Output using Index & Small Function

    Hi Every One, i required the Output which is highlighted in Green <colgroup><col><col><col><col span="3"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Project Name Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Person Name P1 P2 2 5 S P3 6 R P4 P5 8 R P6 P7...
  12. K

    Share register maintained on FIFO basis

    I have made a worksheet based on another excel file which was prepared by a Thai gentleman.The file by this gentleman is FIFOComplete.xls. The other is my file. In my file FIFO does'nt work after the second entry for out is made. The Data Table in this file FIFOComplete is in Range R5:Q15 which...
  13. K

    XIRR issue

    Why is XIRR 0% for years 2022-2025,but in 2026 its negative? Using a guess does not change the answer. <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;"> <col width="76" style="width: 57pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2779;" span="3"> <col width="69" style="width: 52pt...
  14. masud8956

    #NUM! Error in 'LARGE' Function

    Hi everyone! Got a peculiar problem here. I am getting a #NUM ! error while using LARGE(array,k) function. In certain columns it is returning values alright but in some it shows the error. All the columns where I am trying this formula are identical. I have checked for dissimilarities in cell...
  15. M

    skip if error application.irr

    Hi, I am using the application.irr function in VBA code, and in some cases the array values produce an error. I believe this is if the IRR returns "#NUM!". So I want to to return "0" if this is the case x = Application.IRR(RAtTT)
  16. A

    Index for changing values

    Hi, I'm hoping to find a formula that returns every matching instance of my catalogue number from a set of data, but which also resets for every new catalogue number. The formula I'm using so far is...
  17. H

    Time Clock

  18. D

    Dynamic range from which to use =SUMPRODUCT()

    I need to check if a name falls within a validation range. For that I'm using =SUMPRODUCT(--(D2=NamedRange). Now, I need to make sure that the NamedRange has no blanks, or it screws it all up. But the data change on a frequent basis, which is usually just appending or deleting a name from the...
  19. W

    Function within IF function

    I was curious if there is any possible way to run a function within the if function such as: =IF(IS BLANK(G3),"","") but I would like to insert the function =DATEDIF($G3,$M3,"M") in place for value_if_false so if the IF is false it would calculate that formula and display accordingly
  20. S

    MOD Formula Alternative - Large Numbers

    Hi everyone, I receive a "#NUM !" from the following formula: =IF($B20="","",IF(MOD(ROUNDUP(SUM($AO20/$BX$10),0),4)=0,3,MOD(ROUNDUP(SUM($AO20/$BX$10),0),4)-1)) Cell $AO20 = 2243283778949040000 Cell $BX$10 = 262144 The #NUM ! is due to "large" numbers. I wanted to ask if there may be an...

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