object required

  1. C

    With 'Set StrVal=ActiveCell.Address' and ‘Dim StrVal As String’ I get 'Object required' error With ‘Dim StrVal As Range’, a ‘Type Mismatch’ error

    I need to copy the ActiveCell.Address to a string variable to test if a cell is in a range for the Intersect function. I would be very grateful to anyone who could resolve this problem for me. I would also be grateful for any suggestions or comments on the other code in this macro. My thanks...
  2. T

    Image object

    I'm trying to add an image into an email in vba. I've inserted the image into a sheet as I couldn't get the file location method to work. Here's my code for the relevant section in the email body: EmailBody = HelperSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Picture 2")) It's highlighting the whole row and...
  3. B

    Code giving error when in module

    So, I'm having a problem with some code in VBA, I bet that it's an easy solution, but I'm a noob. I created a module, to check if it should call another module to sort my table. This code is throwing me an error "Object required" and it's pointing to the line "If Not Intersect(col, Target) Is...
  4. lynxbci

    Object required

    Hi, I am trying to select a column range by first finding which column has the title I require (in this case "UseThis") Then I want to select the range from that address (f.address) and offset it by a number of rows (in this case I am using 100) The code works and msgBox shows $H$1 as expected...
  5. M

    Object Required Error

    I'm struggling on figuring out why this is giving me an object required error. Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()Dim ws As Worksheet Dim wb As Workbook Dim Answer As String Dim MyNote As String 'Place your text here MyNote = "Do any of your Providers have more than one specialty?" Set wb...
  6. Henkvdm

    Object Required: ' ActiveWorksheet" -

    My issue: The Script I use worked perfectly until now. The last time I ran it was last month "March 2018". The script itself is very simple. I open an Excel Workbook ( only one), execute the script from SAP SCM. The script reads one MARKET at a time and then runs trough a list of steps. The...
  7. A

    Run-time error 424: Object Required

    Hello, I am an excel beginner trying to make a UserForm for data entry. I made the UserForm and had it working, then accidentally saved the file as the wrong format and had to make a brand new one. I was able to copy the code and add it into my new VBA with all the same box names, but now when...
  8. P

    Error: Object required - when testing if statement

    Hello Guys, I am getting ## Run-time error '424': Object required ## when executing the code below: Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() 'Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim xlWB As Workbook Dim xlWS As Worksheet Set xlApp = New Excel.Application pathfile = "Tracker.xlsx" Set...
  9. S

    Object Required Error Message Help

    So I am trying to create a macro that reads the value in my Worksheets('Main Page").Range("B13") and then goes and searches through the rest of my sheets and will delete that entire row, in which the value is found. I am receiving an error that says "Object Required". Any help would be great...
  10. K

    Check Box Value Error "object Required" Error 424

    This is the First Macro i've ever tried to create. There is two but they are both giving the same error. Any help is appreciated!!! Sub L2LTrue() If L2LCheckBox.Value = True Then 'L2L True Macro Range("E20").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=R[38]C[5]-R[39]C[1]-R[-12]C[-3]"...
  11. D

    Userform Multipage Show method 'object required' error

    Hi guys, I'm quite new VBA coding, and particularly to coding for UserForms. I'm trying to make a UserForm tool to enter information into a database. I have created a number of UserForms which I want to link with buttons such as Next or OK. The .Show method works fine for most UserForms I have...
  12. S

    Copy/paste without clipboard "Object required" ?

    Windows 7 excel 2007 Im real new at VBA (but do know some PHP if that helps lol) ANYWAY a website had a way to copy and past without using the clipboard link here: "Optimize Slow VBA Code. Speed Up Efficient VBA Code/Macros" Sub Testing() Sheet1.Range("A1").Copy Destination:=Sheet2.Range("B1")...
  13. M

    object required

    Hi, Im new to vba. Literally started learning the language 3 days ago. I have created a textbox within a userform so that my users can input a date. But i keep getting "object required." please help. here is my code. Dim Final_Date_of_Service As Date Private Sub...
  14. A

    VBA to copy Cell.Formula to cell comment

    Hi everyone, I have had a shot at some code that will check if a cell in the selected range has a formula and if so add this formula as a text string in the same cell's comments. Public Sub CellFormulaToCellComment() Dim CellInRange As Range 'Dim CellComment as String For Each CellInRange...
  15. dmqueen

    VBA Object Required Error

    I finally got my code to compile, but can't run it due to an 'Object Required' Error. Runtime 424 Error from the worksheet button. I think it's because I need to us a SET statement when assigning a value to an object, but since I'm not using an array I'm not sure where it needs it! code below...
  16. dmqueen

    VBA Invalid Qualifier Error

    I'm eceiving an Invalid Qualifier Error for LastPartNo in Sub InputPart, even though I have clearly defined it as an Integer before I tried to use it. I attempted dding a Temp Str type as a go between in case of a type mismatch. Still no luck. Ay help would be much apreciated! :) lSub...
  17. P

    xyPlot automated series addition

    Hi all, I'm currently making an excel workbook where a user inputs a range of data which gets processed and reorganised into a table like the one below found in the "Intermediate" sheet in the workbook. There can be anything from 1 series to dozens, even hundreds. <tbody> Name Y1 Y2 X1 X2...
  18. R

    Object Required calling function on another form

    I am having issues with this code calling the public function EditEntry on frmRunEntry Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim Response As Long Dim RowNum As Variant 'Get the record ID from the user Response = InputBox("Please enter the ID number") 'Test the user input...
  19. T

    WriteLine error

    Morning all, The code snippet below is the subject of my question. If r = 7 Then analyte = "Horizon Depth to Top" If Cells(r, K) = 6 Then Err = Err + 1 stream.WriteLine analyte & " is missing in cell " & KOL & r & ", please...
  20. N

    VBA, InputBox, Run-time error '424': Object required

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with my InputBox command, I have underlined the part that's returning the error. .... SelectHeading: On Error Resume Next 'Need to let the user select the proper heading. Dim rng As Range Set rng = Nothing Set rng =...

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