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  1. P

    How can I Count to see if the amount of Characters in a cell is odd and if it is, add a 0 to the front of the cell

    So lets say that the cell A1 has the number 900 in it. What I want to do is put a formula in B1 that checks to see if A1's character count is odd and if it is odd, then add a 0 in front of the original number from A1. Here's an example. COLUMN A COLUMN B ROW 1 900...
  2. korhan

    Value in a string and then decide whether it is odd or even

    Here is what I am trying to do first I am trying figure out the value of the first occurence of a number in a string and decide whether this number is even or odd. It should not be this hard yet even trying to figure out the equivalent of this formula in vba is really hard. Here is my formula...
  3. T

    Sort Data by Odd (ascending) and Even (descending)

    I have a list of voter registration data and am trying to sort it into a "walking list;" i.e., 1 side of the street with ascending numbers and the return side descending numbers so that I can walk 1 side then, without going back to the beginning end, walk the other side back to my car). I will...

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