1. R

    Excel VBA Subroutine Problem

    I have a macro that finds the last row in a spreadsheet and then moves down a column 1 row at a time to check if the current cell is empty. If it is, then it copies the value from the cell immediately above and then continues moving down. I have run this macro on the same worksheet on multiple...
  2. Grizlore

    VBA to send email hanging and/or "ole waiting another application"

    Hi All, I have has some code which takes information from a Userform, saves it into a worksheet, then creates an email from some of the fields. This has worked for years... but now it has stopped working (for me) it still works for others. Any ideas. I am sure it isn't code related as that...
  3. T

    VBA OLE DB Query - Update SQL

    I'm using an OLE DB Query to connect to a MS SQL Server Database to return a dataset to the workbook. I'd like to dynamically update the query and dataset by updating the SQL query with new code. I'm having a hard time finding the correct code to do this. I've done this before in prior versions...
  4. sharky12345

    Extract OLE object

    Does anyone know how I can extract an OLE object which is a pdf file?
  5. T

    Running OLE between Excel and my ERP fails in Windows 10

    Hi all, I have an issue that just appeared when I upgraded a user to Windows 10 from Windows 7. We have a macro that uses an OLE process to transfer data from Excel to an ERP named Made2Manage. In Win7, this macro worked fine, but in Win 10 I get a Error 91 when the macro tries to load the...
  6. D

    Excel waiting while opening

    Excel is taking a long time to open for me. And everytime I try opening the application, there is a message on the Excel screen, "Retrieving templates from server.." , then when the spreadsheet appears there is a message, "Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete OLE...
  7. S

    Select cells based on colour, copy and paste as values

    Hi Everyone, I am creating P&L's that pull out numbers on OLE functions from my finance system. The end users of the P&L's do not have the permissions for this and values must be copied and pasted to hard code them. I am looking for some code that will select multiple ranges of OLE cells, copy...
  8. M

    How to use a variable for OLE DB Connection name?

    I want to get a name from user input in inputbox, and then use that name throughout my code in place of [Table2]. See below for sample. I have searched for an answer for a long time. Please Help. Set ws = Worksheets.AddSet pc = ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Create(xlExternal...
  9. E

    Update OLE Paths

    I have a powerpoint presentation that pulls multiple links from Excel. In order to update these links when the path changes I am using a macro I found online, but was hoping someone could help me with a couple of questions. Sub ChangeOLELinks()' Note: this will only work in PPT 2000 and later...
  10. S

    Running multiple Excel reports and OLE message

    Hi, I currently run a series of reports using command prompt and invoker. It loads up Excel files which has an add in tool reporter that connects to an external database to extract information. Once one file has finished running the next automatically loads and runs and saves. However, the...
  11. Z

    Getting embedded Excel range displayed in Word document using VBA

    In my Word document there are many embedded Excel spreadsheets. Usually these Excel embeddings are bigger than the small portion shown in Word. I don't want to mess with the whole sheet when I enter the embedded file, I need to edit only this small area which is seen in Word. I know that it is...
  12. T

    Refresh OLE Objects

    Hey guys, I have 2 subs. One sub that deletes all OLE SpinButtons, and one that Creates them. If i run these two subs separately then it works just fine, but when i call both of them within a third sub, it freaks out and creates the buttons all out of order and linked to the wrong cells. Here...
  13. D

    IF OLE DB Connection Refresh All Window pop Up VBA Then...

    Hello, I've created dynamic Command Text within my OLE DB Connection that loops through row data to refresh table and perform a series of other macros. In instances where there isn't any data to be pulled, a window pops up saying: "The following data range failed to refresh: ..... Continue to...
  14. P

    Creating a Legend using OLE to reference to another sheet in a workbook

    I need to add a legend to several pages of a workbook. I'd like to have all the legends linked to a common source so it can be edited in one place. I want to be able to reposition the legend on the page to move it out of the way or delete it if the user doesn't want it. I found that if I Insert...
  15. J

    VBA, OLE - Excel is waiting for another application

    I have a macro that iterates through several rows, sending cell values to another program (MathCAD). The other program processes that input, and then excel gets results back from the other program and inserts them into the worksheet. This had been working fine for some small test batches (100...
  16. J

    Only part of a sheet embed in Word (not whole workbook)

    When I select a portion of a sheet and embed (or link) into a word doc it works fine. But when the Word user begins to work in the embedded object the entire workbook is visible. I don't want the Word user to see beyond the range I embedded. How can I have only a portion of a workbook available...
  17. B

    Execute exe embedded in excel by passing parameters to the application

    I'm using excel 2013 preview. I need to embed this convert.exe (PDF to Text converter) in the excel file (as "Object 1" - done!) and then execute it via a VBA macro. I'm embedding it because I don't want to ship it separately with the excel file. The code looks like below. Private Sub...
  18. tweedle

    OLE Word Verbs / Insert Date

    I'm missing the concept. So I'm inserting word doc into my excel sheet (code below). I should like to, as in Word, Insert Date. So far, what I've read has been rather...abstract. Does anyone have an example of how to insert content into a Word OLE object? Sub WordObjectMake() With...
  19. C

    Use VBA to open PPT and update OLELinks

    I have a .xlsm that is used in a .pptm. I would like to be able to use a macro to open the .pptm. I have a code that can open it, but does not update the links to the .xlsm when opening. When opening the pptm from the file menu, it asks to update links, but when using macro it does not ask...
  20. T

    Calendar Form Control reference from 2003/2007 to 2010 Excel

    I am having trouble running my macros that use a form with a calendar control built in Excel 2003. I am getting the reference error for two missing references: Missing: ctMeter OLE Custome Control module Location: C:\Windows\system32\ctMeter32.ocx Missing: ctGauge OLE Custom Control module...

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