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    Dealing with duplicates in my data

    Hi I have a list of employees coming from my payroll program. Unfortunately the file pulls out each employee and each costing location you can work at. I'm trying to link the employee table to the sales table. But it says both sides have a many. What would be the best way to have a ONE TO...
  2. E

    Power-Pivot - One to Many Relationship - Can this only be done in Access?

    I have two tables (see below). I am trying to get my power-pivot to match what I did in Access, but it is not working. It is a one to many relationship. One Project can have many Services. Here is what I want vs want I have. This is the first table...
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    Mail Merge One message to Many Emails

    Hello All, It has been quite a while since I've been on this site. I'm glad to be back. Word mail merge is quite easy to use but it does not allow you to send one message to multiple people (To: or CC:). I'm looking for the easiest way to perform this. I have to send notifications to over...
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    IF statement for recoding variables

    I have a list of ICD-10 codes that I would like to recode into diagnosis categories- this would be a one to many relationship. For example I have: And I want: 98745 Flu 96458 Pneumonia 98462...
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    One To Many Relationship

    I am looking for a single formula that will aggregate data for a parent group with a one to many relationship. Imagine I have sales by employee and I have an employee to group mapping table. My goal is to create a table with sales by group without mapping the group to the sales by employee...
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    One to Many lookup quandry

    Greetings, I have a long list of Account IDs and "interests" that I need to use to validate data in another table, by that Account ID. For any given Account ID I can have from one to 15 Interests associated. If I use vlookup I am only going to get the first match, but I need to report all of...
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    Access - Excel - One to Many - Single row

    Hi All, This is my first post however i have been using the forum for a while, unfortunately i cannot find an answer to this particular problem. I have exported data from an access database. There is a one-to-many relationship between a clients details and the clients plans.Therefore the...
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    One to Many Form

    I am trying to build a database for work and need a bit of help. The database is set up as a one to many. I am having trouble designing the forms to go with it though. For example if i create a User table and need to enter events that occur for this user and I need to enter multiple contacts...
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    Finding records with dates older than 6 months in a related table

    Hello, I am new to Access and am having difficulty with the last query I need to design in my database. I have 2 tables [Family] with fields ID, fName, lName, Lic_Num and Archive (yes/no). [Food_Date] with fields ID, Family and Food_Date. There is a one to many relationship between...

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