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    Vba code to open file which has current date in its name

    Hi All, I am working on one vba coding and I am stucked in between and wanted help. Through the macro, I want one file to be opened from the given location and the name of the file is in below format. "LearnersinMandateDataExport_3657_11302015.xlsx" In the above format only date changes...
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    Macro won't close fie after opening it

    Hi, Please could you help with the code below, I am very new to VBA I want to open a file whose filepath and name are determined in A1 of Sheet1. Then I want to copy the entire sheet "S1" from the newly opened workbook back to the original workbook, and paste values to a Sheet called "dump"...
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    VBA in Excel: define file to open (I retrieve data from 2 Excel files)

    Hello, I have just created with VBA a new Excel file (A) that I will develop further (i.e. run more VBA on it). I also have a source Excel file (B) in which I have source data to run VBA scripts. So it is important to specify from which of both Excel files I read data (A or B) or write in...
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    VBA: Copy and Paste

    :confused: Hello, This is my first attempt at inserting HTML into a post so I hope I've done it correctly! I need to do the following: Open project workbooks using the details in column A (there are 53 files that need to be open and are all stored in separate folders, they are project...
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    VBA: Opening and closing workbooks within workbooks

    I have an Excel workbook (using VBA for Excel) with a macro that opens another workbook, then after a small delay, the original workbook closes itself (as it's no longer needed). But something is not quite right with the code... Code I have in a workbook called "workbook1": Sub...

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