1. Chris Macro

    VBA - Determine If Book1 Remain Or Disappear when opening another file

    I am running into an interesting scenario with a VBA add-in project. I have a macro that opens up an Excel file, does some stuff, then closes the file. I am running into an issue when this macro is run immediately after someone opens up a blank Excel workbook and has not made any changes to it...
  2. J

    How to detect / bypass the Workbook Recovery window and process

    I'm working with a Word/VBA system, and as it goes, it opens an XLSX to get some information from it. One of many users reported that nothing came from the XLSX, so I manually opened Excel to open the file which the code should have opened, just to prove it wasn't a permissions / access issue...
  3. B

    Hyperlink to a specific cell

    I was wandering if there a way to have a hyperlink to a specific cell in a workbook? I email hyperlinks to excel workbooks thats on my network at work all the time but It would be nice if the link actually opened the workbook and went to a specific cell or row.
  4. K

    Unprotect worksheet being asked when workbook is opened

    Hi, I have multiple sheets that are protected for using the standard Protect Sheet (select locked cells and select unlocked cells both ticked) but when the workbook is opened it prompts the user to provide the password to unprotect for as many instances that there are locked sheets in the...
  5. D

    Run Time Error '13': Type Mismatch on time calculation

    Hello, I found a code online that is very useful for one of my purposes but it is throwing a Mismatch error when I am attempting to use it. The code is placed in 'ThisWorkbook' to start calculating the time someone is in a workbook- to eventually kick them out automatically (with a different...
  6. L

    saveas workbook in vba - default location

    Hi I have saved a file in usb key. I opened the file from usb key. I ran the code below. I entered a new name, hello. The file was saved in C: drive under Documents, not in the usb key where the file originally was opened from! Why is that? Thank you very much Sub saveas_wb() Dim x As...
  7. S

    Show (2) Form Tabs Open when Access is Opened

    I have the access settings to show one form through options when Access is opened, but is there a way to show (2) form tabs when access is opened?
  8. N

    Opening multiple instances of Excel

    I've recently migrated to Windows 10 and am using Excel 2019. When I open a second sheet it is opened in the same client instance as the first. I've edited the registry to prevent this (there are some guides on that on the Internet) and this works but only when I run Excel by itself, not when I...
  9. S

    unable to open file

    Good Morning I have an end user that can't open a 5 meg file. The pertinents are excel 2013, 32 bit, windows 10 64bit it is a macro enabled sheet came in email the file has references to external data. a very small cluster of users can't open it, but a large majority of user CAN. it's not...
  10. D

    Adding Error with Copy & Paste

    Hello I have the below code, which should show an error msg box and close the two workbooks the macro has already opened when there is nothing to paste. This is working to well! as in it runs even when there is copied text. Sheets("Tab 2").Select Range("A1").Select...
  11. E

    Major problem with same workbook name

    Hi All I am trying to open up a workbook from my existing file (that file is the latest workbook) but im having 2 problem 1) I want to disable any workbook open code for the new workbook so if opened by macro then disable but if that workbook is opened physically then the workbook open should...
  12. M

    Connection to ThisWorkbooksDataModel missing

    From what I recall every workbook I opened had this connection whether it had a data model or not At any rate I cannot see it in ANY of my workbooks. The data models are there, but none of them have that anymore I used to use it to increase the number of rows I could drill down on. Any...
  13. M

    Would like to "deactivate" combo box in user form when user form is first opened

    When a command button opens a user form, the combo box in the user form has a blinking cursor right away. I would like the combo box to not be selected when it is first opened. Any ideas for lines of code?
  14. M

    Would like to select cell A1 every time a workbook is opened...

    I have a program that opens up various workbooks, and I would like to have A1 automatically selected after a workbook is opened. My code is below. The opened excel file's name is saved as variable "OpeningVar". Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim Wbk As Workbook Dim Pth As...
  15. Y

    Listbox selection base on opened workbooks

    there is a listbox that contain file names, how do i programmatically select the name of an active opened file in the listbox as soon as the userform initialize?
  16. W

    input box loction

    is it possible to specify the location of an inpout box? and how to I insure it is not opened behind oher windows?
  17. C

    RE: Displaying a Msgbox 1 hour after the workbook opens

    RE: Displaying a Msgbox 1 hour after the workbook opens This code is in the Workbook Open() event: Private Sub Workbook_Open() If Day(Now) = 10 Then MsgBox "Good morning" else End if This works great but displays the MsgBox as soon as soon the workbook is opened. How do I get the MsgBox...
  18. L

    How to close currently opened folder?

    An excel file and folders including folder "Scan" is currently opened. How to close only "Scan" by VBA?
  19. Y

    Import data from already opened workbooks

    Hello all, I have a small code that opens the files in a folder, after asking me when the names should contains. Sub OpenFiles() Dim MyFolder As String Dim MyFile As String Dim MyName As String MyFolder = "C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\New folder\" MyName = InputBox("Please enter name to...
  20. S

    VBA Msgbox code not working

    Hey all, sorry to post to the wrong board but i am new here and could not find a thread about PowerPoint. With that being said I am trying to have a msgbox appear when the powerpoint file is opened, and then when the user decides to go to a next slide I want the same macro/msgbox to re-appear...

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