opening workbook

  1. R

    Macro to hide columns and provde an active cell in column Bs next blank cell upon opening the workbook

    Hi,I'm having some problem figuring out why the following code is not working. When I open my file, I want a macro to automatically hide columns G -Z if they were unhidden when the file was last saved. And I want the active cell to be the next open cell (or blank cell) in Column B (starting...
  2. B

    Vba: Opening a specific sheet in a workbook

    Thanks for looking at my post. I am trying to create a macro to open a specific workbook on a specific sheet. This is the file path were the workbook is located. H:\Burney Table\BURNEY 2\Operators Form\Burney2.xls
  3. Snakehips

    'Unreadable Content Error' -- Please Help

    I apologise if this is a bit long-winded, but can anybody explain the following? I have a large Excel 2007 workbook that is highly automated using vba. Over the last two years the file has been used successfully and develped on an ongoing basis. I do all the automation on PC - A, running XP...
  4. P

    Auto Value When Opening Workbook

    Hi All, When opening a workbook I want excel to automatically enter the value '1' into a cell of a certain sheet - for example cell A1 in sheet 'Mechanics'. How do I do this?

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