1. T

    Help to calculate 12 hour SLA, 7 days a week based over 10 hour opertaing day

    Hello, I would be most grateful for help, I am trying to calculate SLA for call attendance based on 7 days per week with operating hours of 08:00 - 18:00, SLA of 12 hours. The only solution I can find uses workday which then does not return correct weekend calculations, I feel so silly but can...
  2. D

    3 equations all N/A

    I have 3 equations i have tried, i am trying to do an index match with month and year but they are all returning #N/A =INDEX('Operating Modes'!C6:O150,match(month(B7)='Operating Modes'!B54:B150)*(year('semi annual'!C3)='Operating Modes'!A54:A150),MATCH('semi annual'!C4,'Operating...
  3. E

    Index Match

    Hi All, having some formula difficulties and hoping somebody may be able to assist. I am trying to find the corresponding value on the "total operating expenses" line on 'G+A' tab (column names are in column A, the data goes from columns B:AM), provided that the value in row 7 is "Company...
  4. L

    json to excel VBA??

    Hi everyone, May I know if there is a solution to convert my json file to excel format... below data extracts from json... I would like to show 1sr row:add_amount,available_amount,budget_account_code,budget_account_name... 2nd row:0,0,R13006,A123... 3rd row:0,0R13006,A1234...
  5. H

    Duration Curve

    I am trying to create a Duration Curve, ie, a Scatter Graph consisting of hundreds if not thousands of data points plotted against sequential days (operating time). I need to be able to determine the value at 10% of the operating time (which may not be an integer) and draw a horizontal line...
  6. bencar

    Explain Why this Pivot Table is Layed Out this Way

    Hi guys, Trying to figure out why this pivot table is layed out the way it is. Here are my 4 questions. Below that is the exercise and its info. 1. Why is 'design' in the column area? 2. Why are 'amusement park' and 'roller coaster' in the row area? 3. Why is 'type' in the filter section? 4...
  7. S

    Best mobile workstation to run Excel 2016 PowerQuery and Powerpivot?

    Seeking laptop recommendations. I’m currently on an XPS27 AIO which is a 64-bit operating system, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770S CPU @ 3.10 GHz with 16.0 GB installed RAM.

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