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    Jumpy, jittery option boxes

    I am working on a questionnaire with radio buttons. Whenever I scroll through the sheet it gets all jumpy and jittery (for lack of better words - lol) and it's driving me crazy. I have tried the "Don't move, resize..." option but it doesn't help. Does anyone have any ideas on how to lock it...
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    Box with options - to be read by VBA macro

    I'm looking to create a user-friendly interface (GUI - if 3 buttons qualify for GUI :rolleyes:), nothing fancy, just a simple box with 3 options to select: USD or EUR both or latest new report or update existing with some text below explaining each option. I'm planning to have this box...
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    Disabling grouped option boxes based on combo box selection

    Hi all, I've found similar questions to this (disabling option buttons based on listbox etc.) but have tried all their code and tinkering about and can't get it to work. Apologies, I am quite new to this. I have a combo box, with 6 options. Depending on the selected option, a certain number...
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    Using Formula to show if specific Option box is True

    Hi All, I'm not to sure about this one as I use option boxes fairly infrequently. My challenge is this 1) I have 2 option boxes showing an enabled disabled setting 2) I would rather not have these linked to a cell. 3) I would like to find whether 1 of these option boxes is true or false...
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    How to automatically generate a user form with correctly labelled tickboxes to populate areas of a worksheet

    I have a large workbook which includes a number of macros already, one of which automatically loops through a number of different values to generate a consolidated report for each of those values. The available values in question are listed in cells C2:C101 of a sheet called 'Global Settings'...
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    Making a long list of option buttons

    Good day to all and greetings from Finland! This is a question about multiple option buttons in one list. I need to make a quite long list (at least 200rows) and I need one cell in each row to have three option buttons to indicate three different status for that row. Like "OK","In Progress"...
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    Force Users to answer survey questions

    I am putting together a simple feedback survey. I have a list of questions/statements that the user has to score from 1-5. (example: Rate the level of customer service you recieved). I have used option buttons to represent the numbers 1-5 and these are linked to cells in a hidden sheet and are...

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