option button

  1. dss28

    option button coding not working

    i have a user form with three options for printing a form. The user selects the format by choosing option button 1 or 2 or 3. it opens another userform "frmMEDForm"to fill various details. if opt button 1 is selected, it changes one combo box in the "frmMEDForm" to choose 1 to 12 Sr. No. to...
  2. dss28

    code to limit text length to variable characters in the same textbox - option button use

    I want a user to select option button which will control the text length in a text box. Some users may fill e.g. text upto 200 characters, some to 400 characters etc. to describe an event in the same text box in a userform I have designed. I do not have any code but can anybody suggest...
  3. R

    Button To Hide All Option Buttons

    Hello, I am creating a button that will display all hidden Rows, GroupBoxes and Option Buttons. My code for the GroupBoxes works but I cant get the option button code to work correctly. Below is my current work. Thank you. Private Sub CommandButton5_Click() ' Enter Editing Mode Dim myGB As...
  4. R

    Hide Multiple Option Buttons

    Hello, I am trying to reduce the number of lines of code in my workbook where I am hiding and unhiding a lot of Option Buttons. Is there a way to hide/unhide multiple option buttons in one line? ActiveSheet.Shapes("Option Button 20").Visible = True 'Yes Sub 1...
  5. S

    Using Option Button to Set Variable

    I've got a command button that prints my workbook to a PDF with a specified filename and location, but I've been asked to add the option to save to one of two folders (without being able to browse to other folders). I'm trying to use a user form to choose the folder name, save it as a string...
  6. J

    Need Help adding code to userform

    Hi, I need help adding another option button to my userform, I have one (opt_In) and would like to add another (opt_Out). At the moment my userform consist of: 1 option button (opt_In) 1 combobox 7 textboxes 1 date picker 2 command buttons (submit & exit) I have 2 sheets (IngData & IngMaster)...
  7. E

    Calculating dates using option buttons

    I'm trying to create a form that will allow the user to automatically fill in the beginning and ending date as search criteria using option buttons. Example, the user would select option buttons 1) Month To Day or 2) Last Month or 3) Year To Day or 4) Last Year, etc and the dates would populate...
  8. C

    Using Shapes as Toggle Buttons

    This is originally asked on Excelforum.com here is the link: https://www.excelforum.com/excel-programming-vba-macros/1262270-using-shapes-as-option-buttons.html The goal is to have about 20 shapes that are tied to each other, where if you select one "On" you can choose which shapes are...
  9. B

    Change or Click event for a User Form option/radio button.

    I have 2 option buttons in a frame on a user form. When one of them is clicked (changes), I want to trigger code that makes the visible property of a textbox (which is not in the frame) false, that is, hide the text box. I want to do this without having to click a command button first, through...
  10. C

    VBA Userform: Sending data to specific Sheet depending on which Option Button selected

    Hi all :) I'm pretty new to all this so hope someone can help me. I have a userform set up which initially asks for ComboBox1 (Cmb1) and TextBox1 (Txt1) to be filled in. Then I have two option buttons. OptonButton1 (Opt1) brings up TextBoxes 2, 3 and 4 (Txt2, Txt3, Txt4) OptionButton2 (Opt2)...
  11. J

    How to adjust userform width if a specific option button is selected?

    Hello! I have a userform that I want to be defaulted to a specific size, but when clicking an option button that has the value "Yes", I want the form to become wider. I tried: If ObYes.Value = True Then FrmCalc.Width = 732 but it doesn't do anything... Does anyone have an idea? Thanks! Julia
  12. P

    Manipulating named sequential Option Button properties

    I have developed a search function within Excel. There can be multiple results. The results are listed on a page. I would like to be able to: 1. Create the number Option buttons according to the number search results 2. Make the Option buttons visible. Alternatively, I have created 100 Option...
  13. A

    Chaning properties of active x option buttons simultaneously

    Hi there, ") Is their a way to change an item ( for instance "Groupname") in the properties menu for let's say 9 option buttons at the same time ? Thanks a lot ! Regards, Andres
  14. W

    Change the GroupName of a Form Control (not ActiveX) Option Button using VBA

    Hi, Does anyone know how I can change the GroupName of Form Control (not ActiveX) Option Buttons using VBA. I seem to have a problem in 2010 in that when I hide a number of grouped Option Buttons they lose their grouping when unhidden and join together with the other hidden/unhidden option...
  15. S

    Transfer of likert-scale survey results into new worksheet (master list)

    Hello Community, I am familiar with basic EXCEL functions but a totally newbie when it comes to VBA or macros. However, I'd like to prepare the following data collection tool for a study project. Introduction: I'd like to prepare an organizational survey with EXCEL. Since managers have chronic...
  16. R

    Ability to force a user to check off all groups of option buttons

    I have a form with several groupings of option buttons. Is it possible to force a user to ensure all groups have at least one option selected before moving forward with the save copy button? Here is my current code. As you can see i do have the requirement for them to fill in a specific cell...
  17. R

    ActiveX Option Buttons

    I have several groupings of option buttons. Then i have a button that saves a copy of the excel forum to another location. Is there a way to insure that all groups have 1 option selected before allowing the user to save the copy? Sub CommandButton1_Click() ActiveSheet.Unprotect Dim nom As...
  18. V

    Enable/Disable ActiveX Option Button Excel 2010

    I am trying to enable/disable a option buttons dependent on the selection of another option button. So if I select OptionButton210, OptionButton 222 and 223 should be disabled. When OptionButton210 is deselected again by a different selection the OptionButtons 222 and 223 should be enabled...
  19. M

    Clear option buttons

    Hi Experts, I recorded a macro to clear all active option buttons from my worksheet, but I was wondering if someone could help me do this in a couple of lines: ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Option Button 53")).Select With Selection .Value = xlOff .LinkedCell = "$XFC$8"...
  20. C

    Option buttons transfer to Excel Option buttons

    Hi I want to transfer the userform option buttons over to excel's option buttons, with what was already selected, How would I do that? I don't want the code to write what the user have selected. My attempt at this failed miserably. I have created a command button and in this is where I've...
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