option buttons

  1. R

    Option Button: VBA Code to impact which dropdown list is used in a cell

    Hey Everyone! Here I am again... I am not entirely sure this is possible but let me try to explain what I'm looking to code: I have 2 option buttons: Canada [Op1] & USA [Op2] I have a Drop Down List with all provinces listed and states in cell G33. What I want is for only the provinces to...
  2. M

    Random selection of comboboxes

    Hi there, I have a userform with two option buttons and four comboboxes. If Optminor = True then combox 1, 2 and 4 is visible. If Optmajor=true then Combobox 3 & 4 are visible. Combobox 1 & 2 have constant list values but combobox 4 varies dependent on the value of combobox 1 & 2. Combobox 3...
  3. S

    Two series of Option Buttons (raters) in one Group Box

    Hello, I am doing a mock up of a review system where an employee rates themselves on a scale of examples as does the manager. I have created a group box with the 5 option buttons for the Self rating, however I am not sure how to add a manager assessment as adding options buttons into the group...
  4. D

    Form Control, Option Buttons

    Firstly my apologies as I know this has been asked before but I still cannot get it to work. I'm using option buttons from the Form Control menu, the ActiveX Control menu is ghosted, as is the design toolbox button. I have no idea how to un-ghost them. No matter how I group and re-name and set...
  5. S

    Radio Buttons without Macros

    Hello. I am building a form/calculator in Excel ('13). I have inserted 3 option/radio buttons for the user to select between. By default, Excel has configured the output of these 3 buttons to a defined cell, when checked, to be 1, 2, and 3 respectively (which is exactly how I want to use them. I...
  6. J

    Hide/Unhide Macro causing Group Boxes containing Option Buttons to overlap

    Hi, Fairly new to VBA/Macro usage. I'm developing a dynamic questionnaire with Option Buttons and Check Boxes where, depending on the responses to each question, the macro would hide/unhide rows making other followup questions available. My issue is, when hiding rows, the group boxes containing...
  7. sitewolf

    Clearing Option buttons options

    OK, so I'm creating a form that has a series of questions all requiring a Yes or No answer. I was happily putting in a series of group boxes with Yes and No option buttons inside when I realized a couple things: 1.) I'd want the user to start out with NEITHER Yes or No checked 2.) Users will...
  8. A

    Loop through OLE objects within a Group

    Hi all, Anyone know how to loop through the OLE objects in a specified GroupName? I have a macro that creates rows of option buttons to a row of a table, and I've assigned each option button a GroupName with the corresponding row number, and each button has the row and the number button it is...
  9. C

    IF / THEN Statement based on Option Button and Data Validation List

    Hello, I am trying to use an If /Then Statement in order to change the output of a program I am making. I want to be able to change the value of a cell (through a data validation dropdown), change a certain output and have this happen after a certain Option Button is selected. For Example...
  10. C

    Looping through option buttons

    Super noob here and looking for a helping hand. Below is what I have written thus far and should give a rough idea of what Im trying to accomplish. I have well over 200 option buttons which work in pairs and instead of copying and pasting and switching around letters and numbers I figure there...
  11. T

    Option buttons that then can be used in a formula

    Hello everyone, While I know how to use option buttons in the Developer tab under Form Controls, I am new to the ones in ActiveX. I believe I need to use the ActiveX ones, based on the following criteria, but correct me if I'm wrong: 1. I have 5 sections on the same "survey" form (one page) that...
  12. D

    Track changes of checkbox and option buttons

    I know how to track changes and view the history but can I track changes to checkboxes and option boxes?
  13. M

    How do I print Form Option Buttons.

    I am having issues with printing the Form Option Buttons that I created. In Properties, I have the box checked that says to print. However, when I go to print a hard copy or PDF, the buttons have disappeared. I have inserted ActiveX control and Form buttons, with the same result on both.
  14. W

    Option Button and Check Boxes

    I have a excel form option buttons and checkboxes (not ActiveX controls). I have a group box with three option buttons with a class. Once the class is selected it shows an group box with option buttons (Varies by class). The user selects a option button(representing an test or quiz) and then...
  15. J

    VBA: If Statement with Option Buttons

    In the code for a command button, I want to show different message boxes based on the option button that is selected. I can not get this code to work. Option button 1 & 2 are a group and Option Button 3 & 4 are a different group. With the code below no matter what is selected, I get MESSAGE 3...
  16. D

    Relating UserForm (OptionButton) to If statement (VBA Excel 2003)

    I made a thread earlier trying to find ways to solve this and as it stands this is the only way I have managed to get the code half working. If OptionButton2 = True Or OptionButton1 = False Then SoftPlot.Set_Marker 1, "ON" SoftPlot.Set_Marker_Style 1, "TRACE", 1...
  17. E

    Disable option buttons - Need VBA to disable second group of options based on response in the first

    Dear All, I am creating a survey where I need to disable the second group of option buttons based on response in first group. If user selects 'NA' radio button, all options in second group should be disabled. My worksheet looks like this ..(attached worksheet)...
  18. A

    How do I group Option Buttons?

    I am creating a six question questionnaire with yes no answers. If yes is selected for any of the questions, additional questions appear further down the page. I was attempting to use option buttons, but could not group them into 6 separate groups of 2. I had used checkboxes to accomplish the...
  19. J

    Find multiple files with options to open.

    Hi, First time poster, many time reader. I have a macro to find me a document from a certain details, but in some circumstances their may be multiple applicable documents, I know nothing of user forms, but how to I find all the documents, show their "modified date", "Name","File type" and...
  20. M

    Need help keeping Option(Radio) Button still working in pdf format

    I am LOST! I have created a form in excel 2010 with multiple grouped Option buttons. I need to now save this form in pdf format but still want my Option buttons to work. Is this possible? If so, please help me in BASIC, SIMPLE steps. Thanks Excel peeps!

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