1. J

    OR function does not work in Do while loop

    Hi, Why does the Or-function not work here? Dim j As Integer j = 3 Do While Cells(j, 10).Value = “001” Or “002” Cells(j, 2).Value = “400” j = j + 1 Loop Column 10 looks like the following: 001 002 101 102 103 So column 2 should look like the following: 400 400 ‘Empty’ ‘Empty’ ‘Empty’ It...
  2. T

    Countifs and Or function

    Hello, I am using the formula below to create some summary information. But I am having trouble with the first part of the formula (in green font). I need it to include "01 OR "04". Any ideas? Thanks...
  3. R

    IF Function - vlookup / true false

    Hello. Thank you in advance for the assistance. I have a formula that I am trying to update. Currently, the formula references other data points that are on the same worksheet as the formula. The datapoints use vlookups to display the data from other input worksheets. I would like to convert...
  4. E

    Help with "OR" in data validation

    I am running Excel 365. I have two named tables, one is called "Inquiry" and the second is called "JO." This is a customer service type database, where first we get an Inquiry, which we log in the Inquiry table in the column named "Inquiry Number." At some point, a decision is made on what to...
  5. MrDB4Excel

    IF and OR Functions

    I have a simple date and checkmark setup that is having problems. Prior to trying the ‘if’ and ‘or’ in the same formula I only was using if. Then I noticed I needed to apply a separate date depending on if something was done the day before or if it was being done on the current date. As you can...
  6. D

    Condition a cell result based on rows value

    Hi all, I'm struggling to make a condition to a value to show a result based on the value of rows below in the same column. The idea is to give either R, A or G result, based on what is below. So if i have X amount of rows below, and each one has different values in combinations of R, A...
  7. A

    Struggling with an If, and, or, formula

    I have what I though was a fairly simple problem but I cant work it out. I have two columns Col1 contains either a Yes or No Col2 contains a score correct to 1 decimal place What I need in one formula for a 3rd column is a formula as follows: If Col1 = Yes and Col2 is Greater than 36.8 then...
  8. M

    Optimizing function for comparing array elements

    Here is the function. It works. It runs hundreds of times during some VBA procedure. Can the function be optimized? It accepts temparray as an array and identifies the first occurrence of "O", "A+" etc. in elements of array. I think it can be optimized as it compares tempArray(i) in every...
  9. S

    Lookup for MULTIPLE values and return a specific cell if AT LEAST ONE criteria is met

    Dear all, I am trying to find a specific value (from multiple options) in an array (Please, see the picture below). I tried several formulas, playing with OR, HLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH, but I couldn't find a working formula yet. It is all good if I look for a single value, but as soon as I add...
  10. J

    Excel Calculation Performance: IFS vs OR

    Hello, I read that an OR function will evaluate ALL logical expressions before returning a result, which seems wasteful because you'd think that as soon as it evaluated a single TRUE expression, it should no longer need to evaluate the remaining expressions. Does the IFS function also evaluate...
  11. M

    VBA OR function help please

    Hi there, I'm rying to set a condition on a user form so that the user needs to close a textbox before the open another. The textbox is opened via a command button. I have never used the "OR" function before so had a look online. The code I have just opens up the msgbox regardless f whether or...
  12. M

    function too short message.

    =COUNTIFS(C:C,"Project Director/Manager-Civil",D:D,"temp",(or(E:E=may-20,E:E=mar-20,E:E=jan-20,"ans"))) i am trying to count the number of "Project Director/Manager-Civil" in column C which has text "Temp" in D and finally on E it could be any from "Jan-20 to dec-20", this would work if i...
  13. ClimoC

    Quicky: Sumproduct with multiple conds, and one condition contains an 'or'

    Hey everyone. I have this function: =SUMPRODUCT(--($M$6:$M$500=AS$5),--($F$6:$F$500="SD"),$S$6:$S$500) Which works fine - but I need the second condition to actually be if any cell in this range is "SD" or "SD&HD" Then it'll all be dapper. Ta

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