1. M

    VBA OR function help please

    Hi there, I'm rying to set a condition on a user form so that the user needs to close a textbox before the open another. The textbox is opened via a command button. I have never used the "OR" function before so had a look online. The code I have just opens up the msgbox regardless f whether or...
  2. M

    function too short message.

    =COUNTIFS(C:C,"Project Director/Manager-Civil",D:D,"temp",(or(E:E=may-20,E:E=mar-20,E:E=jan-20,"ans"))) i am trying to count the number of "Project Director/Manager-Civil" in column C which has text "Temp" in D and finally on E it could be any from "Jan-20 to dec-20", this would work if i...
  3. ClimoC

    Quicky: Sumproduct with multiple conds, and one condition contains an 'or'

    Hey everyone. I have this function: =SUMPRODUCT(--($M$6:$M$500=AS$5),--($F$6:$F$500="SD"),$S$6:$S$500) Which works fine - but I need the second condition to actually be if any cell in this range is "SD" or "SD&HD" Then it'll all be dapper. Ta

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