1. T

    Oracle data visualization - Bar chart this year and last year

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to show LY and this year Net Sales. Currently it adds both months and place it in one month. I would like to bars next to each other. I know the way in Power BI but new to Oracle data visualization
  2. A

    Retrieve data from Oracle DB using VBA Excel containing Japanese Character

    I am trying to fetch data from my oracle db using excel VBA. I have made the connection and successfully fetching the data, however my data containing japanese character is broken. It became something like "A14 ソソ: ソソソ ソ ソソ: ソソソソ (ソソソソソ)" I wonder why my data containing japanese character is...
  3. M

    Power Query get and transform data

    Hi experts, for reporting on e-commerce data I am preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports. The data sits in different databases (Oracle, Google Analytics and numerous third partner platforms). The KPIs needed are: order count, revenue, cost, clicks, impressions. Is there a way to automate...
  4. K

    Connecting to Oracle DB without oracle client

    Hi All, Kindly provide an example to connect oracle database without oracle client installed in system. TIA
  5. K

    Connecting Oracle DB using Oracle.DataAccess.dll

    Hi All, Good Day! I want to know how to connect to Oracle DB without oracle installed on the system. When check in google it was told to use Oracle.DataAccess.dll. But could not do that can any one suggest how to use this dll and connect to oracle db. Using VBA macro. TIA
  6. F

    Excel data matrix into a pivot

    Hi, I need some help to put the following data into an excel pivot so that I can look at any Oracle Role and see only those responsibilities that apply (ie where the X exists - I don't want to see any of blank cells_). Is there a way of doing this? A regular pivot does not seem to...
  7. S

    Copy and paste multiple ws from wb1 to corresponding ws on wb2

    Hi All,I'm relatively new to VBA and am reintroducing myself to it again now after a short hiatus.My current situation sees me compiling and producing reports based on data we get output from Oracle datatbases. Currently we run an Oracle report that contains multiple worksheets and export them...
  8. srizki

    Excel upload to Oracle tab ADD IN tab missing on 2013

    Hi All I had a tab on my Excel ribbon on a template on Excel 2010 . It is called Add-in, it would only appear when I would click any other sheet tab and click back to the Upload sheet tab (upload to Oracle), since I updated my Excel from 2010 to 2013, it does not appear, though it is shown...
  9. E

    Smart View - Connect to a Shared Database

    Hello, I am fairly new to Oracle Smart View and have been recently assigned to debug an issue with establishing a connection to our National Sales connection. Establishing a connection requires logging in with a username and password. How do I properly establish a connection to National...
  10. M

    Create user in Oracle with VBA from cell value

    Hello, Is it possible to create user in Oracle with VBA from cell value? I have defined connections etc., loop to check cells for values and for each cell with some value i need to run create user command in oracle Below lines are not working Dim SqlString As String SqlString = "create user '"...
  11. G

    VBA - ADODB connect to remote Oracle db - "Runtime error '-2147418113 (8000ffff)': Catastrophic failure"

    Hi all, any help very much appreciated, pulling my hair out here!! I am developing an Excel VBA program that I want to connect to a remote Oracle 11g database, run a query, and return the data to Excel. Connection strings and drivers are all OK as far as I know. (see below) It was working...
  12. S

    VBA - Oracle BI 12C SmartView Message Box

    All, Below VBA code I am using to refresh Oracle BI report data in Excel. It is connected to Oracle BI using Smart View. I am able to refresh data using below code. It shows a message once data gets refreshed such as 'Table1 is refreshed', Is there a way to suppress this message...
  13. G

    How to connect to Oracle Database from Excel

    HI We are using oracle database 11g. Widows 8.1 64 Bit OS MS office -2013 32 Bit. We want to connect to database and run a query. Can i save the DB connection password without user entering every time when refresh the data. Can you please provide the required steps to achieve this...
  14. M

    Using VBA for Oracle Essbase

    Hello all, I am hoping to develop an excel macro/VBA to refresh a worksheet through Oracle Essbase. Currently, the macro completes all operations that I have recorded except for the Oracle Essbase refresh, making it essentially useless. If anyone knows how to code VBA or record macros to...
  15. B

    VBA to connect to an Oracle database

    Hi There, I am trying to connect to an oracle database with no success... If I use an SQL tool (Rapid) I have to add the server name. port number and Service name. I have Oracle installed on my PC (Oracle Client 11g and Oracle Client ORA Files). I have goggled about and cannot find a piece of...
  16. srizki

    VBA question, Increase the last row to upload.

    I use a spreadsheet to upload data on Oracle using Add-Ins, but many times there are specific number of rows that are uploaded, let’s say I have 1200 rows to upload, and let's say 587 will upload, whatever I do. The upload sheet has a macro, that says that upload the rows where there is a flag...
  17. M

    Suppressing Oracle Error Message in VBA

    Hi All, I have a macro that refreshes a ton of sheets with Essbase, and for each sheet that I refresh I run into an error saying "Oracle Smart View for Office: Cannot change part of a merged cell." Is there any way I can suppress this error message from popping up? Disabling display alerts does...
  18. D

    Oracle Smart View POV selection

    I may be reaching here, but has anyone who uses Oracle Smart View for Excel discovered a way to use VBA to make a selection in a dropdown in a POV form? Background Info: My company uses Smart View and supplies us with a list of forms we can open. After we open the form, we select a project...
  19. C

    execute oracle query in macro using ODBC

    Hi savers, I want to connect my macro to an oracle database then execute query in macro. This is the import vba that I record: Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' download schema ' ' With ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add(SourceType:=0, Source:=Array(Array( _...
  20. K

    Updating Oracle Connection Table Closes Workbook

    Hello All, I am using an Oracle connection which was working for some time. But now, doing anything with it closes the Workbook. It just closes there is no warning or message or anything. I am using PowerPivot SP2 Excel 2010 32bit (on Windows 7 64bit). The provider is OraOLEDB.Oracle. The...

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