order form

  1. R

    Need to protect formulae but retain function

    Good afternoon everyone. I have an Excel order form we use with our customers for them to place small orders but I need to protect the formulae while retaining its functionality. Each cell in column C has the =sum(A2*B2/1000) to calculate the correct meterage from the quantity and length...
  2. A

    Entering a number that is only a multiple of an adjacent cell

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and very much a novice when it comes to Excel. Trying to create an order form in Excel and in some instances, the customers are only allowed to order quantities that are a specific multiple. For instance, some products can only be ordered in multiple of five. While...
  3. A

    Conditional Formatting if Cell Contains Certain Character

    Any help would be amazing - I've built an order form in excel and using conditional formatting I want to have the size value columns that are in the 'size scale' entered not have any color format (as all size values cells start with being formatted with Grey). Basically just want to show people...
  4. I

    Macro to calculate lead time for orders in a table

    I’m trying to come up with a macro that will take a extremely long list of orders (shown below) and add a column that shows lead time (order delivery date - placement date). The issue is that there is no specific value for delivery date. There’s a column for how many units need to be delivered...
  5. D

    Password protect or prohibit the "Save" & "Save as" option in Excel

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing an order form in Excel, where people download it and then they go in every day, fill out the details and submit the order through a macro. They will just need to download it once and then do this whenever they have an order. However, is there any way in...
  6. B

    Creating a form

    I have a worksheet that has a field allowing for a user to enter a part #. However, I would like for a description of the item to appear in the adjacent cell once the user enters a code. Example of my master list: Part # Description 1 hammer 2 screwdriver 3...
  7. G

    Order form Equation

    Hi First post here so please forgive any errors. I am using Excel 2016 and am creating an order form. I want an Equation that will add up figures in a column if the adjacent two columns meet set criteria. <tbody> 1 A B C 2 Item Size Quantity 3 rugby shirt S 1 4 rugby shirt...
  8. E

    Help with drop down list for an order sheet

    Hi all, Im using excel 2010 with windows 7. I need help with a sheet that I made that is going to be used as an ordering tool for customers. It's very basic; all the possible items that can be ordered are in a searchable drop down list that I made using the combo box and a macro that I found...
  9. P

    V basic sorry - order form that extracts/copies data to simple table on different worksheet

    This is terribly basic so apologies in advance but I've spent three hours researching on the web and my lack of the correct terminology is proving a real hindrance to working out a solution. I'm trying to help modernise a lovely old family microbusiness that currently uses a triplicate hand...
  10. Y

    Order Form with Dependent Data Help Needed!

    Firstly, thank you for the existence of this forum! I am only posting after having exhausted myself in reading about dependent values for drop-down lists, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDIRECT, etc., and something simply must not be 'gelling' because I cannot seem to get my order form to work right...
  11. A

    Macro to save worksheet as separate file?

    Hey all, What I'm hoping to create is an easier way of our wine bar to check its current inventory against what they should have and ultimately provide a very basic printout which can be e-mailed to our central office and then be printed off over here. The file, due to several macros already...
  12. C

    VBA help for a custom order entry form?

    I am looking for help to create VBA script for an order entry form: We organize a dinner event at our kid’s school. People will place their reservations upfront, so we can better estimate the volume and the type of menu’s that will have to be prepared. Our guests will also asked to pay the...
  13. T

    Order form

    Dear All, This is my first post, and I have read as many existing threads as I can find that might help, but not being particularly Excel savvy, I need some help, please??? I have an Excel workbook (Excel:Mac 2008) with 10 tabs, but only two are important at this stage. The first one is a...

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