1. R

    Sequence Values In order but need to be Unique

    Data dump fills out cells. In Column P the data will give the start time of certain shifts. Column AG will have a sequence of numbers 1 to whatever the total number of start times there is that day. Column AF fills out after macro is run to copy and paste the start times. Column Q returns the...
  2. R

    Creating a variable list of columns and ranges to copy to another sheet based off values in cells

    I've got an inputs tab and 3 other worksheets in one wkbk. On my inputs tab, i've got cells I2:I14 that have column letters in it (A, AB, N, E, etc.) - these can be changed so they are variable. They correspond to the other worksheets within the wkbk. So 13 cells of columns to ID while...
  3. K

    Random name generator without repeats?

    Hi, I got a list of my employees from A1:A72, we got a game where in I need to display a single employee name without being repeated. So, that particular employee can perform the task. Or to be more exact the list is already jumbled can I display a single employee name one after the other in...
  4. E

    Ordering the impossible!

    Hi! Sorry, I can't make work the mini sheet, what would make it easier to show. What I am looking for I'm not even sure if its possible. In an Excel I have (Sheet A), with a (very long) list with a number of items. The list may contain repeated articles. Then I have a second list (Sheet B)...
  5. D

    Selective copying based on criteria

    Hi guys! I have kind of a complex question. It all starts with a very large spreadsheet (let's call it 'raw data'). It has many columns of information (A:GD). Much of this data is pretty useless to me, to be honest. But there are a few pieces of information that I want to extract (if the row...
  6. T

    VLOOKUP with multiple criteria

    Hi everyone. imagine you have a database of orders and you use vlookup to fetch the order that has the hightest overdue(comparing from the today’s date) I use the basic formulas to retrieve the answer BUT I can’t get my head around when two orders have the the same value. I want to fetch the...
  7. K

    Macro deleting top-down or bottom-up?

    Is this macro deleting rows from the top down, or from the bottom up? How can you tell? For r = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("New Data Add").UsedRange.Rows.Count To 1 Step -1 If Cells(r, "F") = "Status History" Then ThisWorkbook.Sheets("New Data Add").Rows(r).EntireRow.Delete End If Next
  8. C

    Use formulae to check that 2 variables on sheet A appear in the same row on sheet B

    Hi I am trying to use formulae to check that the order number (sheet A, cell B4) and week due (sheet A, cell Q4 as YYWW) values are found in the same row of sheet B. The order numbers are stored in column E of sheet B, the due date is stored in column O of sheet B as WW. Note the order number...
  9. P

    VBA loop within a loop, to identify identical values

    Hello experts, I am sorry about the title. It might not be the best title to describe what I am looking for... I am actually trying to create a code that will loop through orders (order lines) and check the codes next to each order number. If all the lines of code next to each order are ZERO...
  10. T

    Stuck with logical formula

    Hi Excel experts, I'm working on a scheduling system for my work and I'm a bit stuck in terms of working out a logical formula that takes the following criteria into consideration and produces an amended figure based on the met criteria. The decission tree would be as following : is there...
  11. K

    How to copy all rows above a specific text

    Hello there, I am trying to write a macro to copy all general info from an order. This is always row 1 to x, where x is the row where the text "Type" is placed. So this row varies per order. Now I was wondering if it is possible to write a macro where it copies all rows up until the row where...
  12. K

    UserForm textbox to textbox in sheet

    Hello there, I'm pretty new with VBA and I am trying to make a Userform to add comments to an excel sheet. I have a combo box with initials (of the person making the comment) and a text box where they will write the comment. Now if the person clicks the OK button I want it to start a new line...
  13. D

    Picture Styles

    My understanding is that the preset Picture Styles (e.g., 'Bevel Perspective') is not available in VBA, but I was wondering if someone had gone to the effort of reverse engineering what values would need to be set to which settings in order to recreate an identical effect? I've tried this in the...
  14. B

    Purchase Order Generator

    Afternoon... I have created a Purchase Order Generator, and now I need to log the entries on the purchase order to another sheet before I clear the purchase order for new data. I can get it to update and copy to the log, but it keeps over writing what I did rather than creating a new row and new...
  15. W

    Auto renumber a queue

    Hi all, I have a list of items with a priority order with 1 being the highest priority. Sometimes, the priority will change and 1 will become 3. Is there a way to auto renumber the cells so that when a priority changes (for example: #1 becomes #3 ), the list will automatically shift and...
  16. L

    Power Query - Custom Column - Reference Previous Cell

    I use a formula in my excel workbook that references the previous cell or cell above in order to calculate inventory based on order count. I have searched far and wide for a way to do this in Power Query in a custom column and have had no luck. Can anyone assist? I would like this in a custom...
  17. Z

    Conditional Formatting Based on Headers

    I am having trouble coming up with code that will scan the column headers, strings, and then apply the specific conditional formatting based on values in that column. The order of the columns can vary depending on how individuals pull the report. I want the formatting consistent despite the...
  18. P

    TITLE Link Formatting of Another Cell

    Hello All, I am trying to retrieve the formatting of the cell that is Matched using the INDEX and MATCH functions and then apply that formatting exactly to a cell currently using this formula: =IF(D1="","",IF(INDEX('WORK ORDER DATABASE'!W7:W157,MATCH(CO19230COLP!D1,'WORK ORDER...
  19. C

    Excel Solver Question - production scheduling

    I'm trying to teach myself to use Excel solver to take the work out of manually calculating minor production details. but am struggling. Say I have a make to order job with 7 sizes and I want to run them on 5 machines. I would like the solver to find the optimal order to run them given 5...
  20. L

    Sorting by date

    Hi, I have exported a file as a CSV that includes dates and other information. Upon export, the dates are not in chronological order and I cannot seem to get them sorted into chronological order. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I also do believe that the dates are stored as text but can't...

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