other workbook

  1. J

    Find date from one cell in selected workbook and select matching column from other workbook

    Hello, I am having some problem with dates I have 2 workbooks First workbook name is Test, there in sheet SQL2 in cell H2 I have a date I want excel to jump to specific column in other workbook (Data) which has same date as my number in cell H2 from Workbook test All dates in second workbook is...
  2. P

    Extracting conditional format from another workbook

    I would like to extract the conditional format of a cell from another workbook and programmatically recreate it. Is this even possible? The workbook in question has many many conditional formats but it would be very difficult to get the right color codes and formulas from so many cells manually...
  3. G

    VBA code to jump to a cell using reference in current cell

    Hi, Looking for some help, if I have a simple formula like =A1 in cell B1 I want to write some VBA code so that if I select B1 then run a macro it will then select A1. Slightly more complex as what I have in B1 actually refers to another workbook e.g. ='[book1.xlsx]sheet1'!A1 and I want to...
  4. M


    Which is faster? I have two workbooks. One has all the personnel information and the other has equipment information. They team up to create picking sheets for the warehouse. Each provides information to the other one via vlookups. I was wondering if instead of doing a vlookup I could simply...
  5. R

    WorksheetFunction.Countif to Other Workbook

    Hi Guys Struggling on this one. I need to use WorksheetFunction.Countif in VBA to access info in another workbook but I cant get it to work. My Code is: t = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf('C:\My Directory\[Stock.xlsm]Main Stock'!$B$B, "<>") Thanks in Advance ;-)
  6. R

    send userform data to another workbook

    I have a userform that collects customer information and generates a receipt. Presently the receipt is generated in another tab within the same workbook. Each time the userform is used the receipt is over written. I would like to have the receipt put into another workbook and each receipt is put...
  7. B

    Need help with index, match in other workbook (formula via vba)

    Hi, I want to write a formula in a cell on a worksheet using <acronym title="visual basic for applications">vba</acronym>. The formula holds an path name for a certain folder. I can get the data out of the file in the folder, but it seems that excel doesn't find the file (File_Name), since I got...
  8. vinzent

    Macro Vlookup antoher book

    Sorry, mi English is poor, but a i try to explain I have one file called "NewCommit", I need the dates from another file called OldCommit Column ShipDate (Column I). These dates will be in the Column I in NewCommit I have this code, but error message appears Sub abrirArchivo() 'open...
  9. S

    Reference cells in different workbook

    Hi, I would like to copy data from a different workbook in a macro. When I do this, do you know how I can reference the other workbook? Being an amatuer, I have the following: C:\Users\Andrew\Desktop\[Book1.xlsx]Sheet1.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1:A5").Value =...
  10. E

    Run Macro from other wb with keystroke

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. Thank you in advance for your help and sorry if I do not follow protocol (I am still learning). I am trying to build some macros in my own workbook to be able to improve efficiency to a protected workbook that can not be changed directly. I would like to: - While in...
  11. C

    Do until Loop on another workbook

    Hi, I want to loop until the last cell in another workbook. Both workbooks are open. Here is some of my code. I can't get the loop until part to stop at the named range of Wk2. any help would be appreciated. Set Wk1 = ThisWorkbook Compare = InputBox("Favor selecionar a data para comparaçao...
  12. J

    Printing into another workbook.

    Hi, I have a feeling this may be out there somewhere, but after extensive searching, I can't find it. I want to use VBA to print cells into another workbook in the same way that you can print into another sheet in the same workbook using code similar to this: (For example if I wanted to print...
  13. sachin.acharya

    Calling Procedures From Other Workbooks

    Hi all, From within the code in an Add-In I am trying to call a procedure from the ActiveWorkbook. So my code looks somewhat like: Sub MyProcedureInAddin() 'My code here... Run ActiveWorkbook.Name & "!SomeProcedure" 'My code continues... End Sub This works fine if...

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