outlook vba

  1. J

    Outlook VBA set focus on Excel workbook

    I've got a pair of macros that interact with Outlook and Excel. The process starts when a new email comes into my inbox. The first Outlook macro kicks on and opens a specific Excel document. It then takes apart the email body and subject and passes those strings as vars to the Excel doc. Once...
  2. A

    Create a variable for an excel workbook through Outlook VBA

    Hi All, I am writing a macro in outlook vba to save attachments in an email to a specific folder, but I need corresponding information from an excel workbook. My code will work if the workbook isn't open (i.e it opens the workbook and does what it needs to do) however when the workbook is...
  3. D

    Outlook VBA - download attachment(s) to a windows folder when email(s) from specific email address lands in the inbox?

    Hi Folks, Circumstance: In my work Outlook account, I have 3 inboxes: 1 - My work email address 2 & 3 - group inboxes i.e., DougM@theworkemail.com *Inbox LogisticsImages (logisticsimages@theworkemail.com) *Inbox LogisticsSupport (logisticssupport@theworkemail.com) *Inbox Every day, a report...
  4. J

    VBA - Manually Download Outlook attachments with Excel cell range

    Dear Team, kindly help me with VBA for Excel which can fetch Text from Row1 Excel Cells and download all attachments from outlook according to text mentioned into Excel Cells. 1. it'll search text from excel 2. check that text into mail body of outlook 3. download all attachments to system...
  5. D

    Outlook VBA - new Run-time Error occurring when using Move Folder code - Call was rejected by callee

    Hi Folks, I use an excel worksheet to direct the movement of folders in outlook. Outlook VBA calls the excel workbook and finds the move from, move to columns etc. I have been working from home no issues, but then I've connected back onto the company network this morning at the office and...
  6. D

    Outlook VBA to Move Multiple Outlook Subfolders With Ref to Excel List

    Hi Folks, I am looking for some VBA code (to run from Outlook) that would: a) open an excel workbook, and b) refer to a worksheet with "source Outlook FolderPath" and "destination Outlook FolderPath" ---e.g., ws("MoveFolders") col A and B---and c) use this data to move any folder/subfolder in...
  7. N

    Outlook VBA

    Hi All, I want to automatically download attachments I receive from work to a folder on my computer. Currently, I have it downloading everything in my inbox but I want to set parameters so it only downloads the prior weeks attachments from the current day. This is what I have so far: Option...
  8. B

    VBA to Click Hyperlink in Outlook Email

    Hi All, Here is my primary issue I am trying to solve using VBA in excel, the other steps not listed I should be able to figure out. I get an email sent to me everyday - contained in the email is a hyperlink that when manually clicked downloads a file using my preferred browser(I always have a...
  9. P

    [VBA] Outlook form to open Excel file, find last unused row and fill it with data

    Hi Guys, I've got an Outlook form that opens Excel and puts details of selected email there. I need to figure out how to find last unused row in this Excel file. Normally the procedure goes more or less as show below but this work as long as we are within Excel application...
  10. P

    Muliti-reply for outlook

    I have a bit of a complex situation that I have been unable to find a VBA code to satisfy. I would like to search for the reply email address in the body of the incoming email (there will only be one email address in the body). Then I would like to reply to that email address with multiple...
  11. P

    VBA to Save emails to hard drive

    Hey guys, Just wondering whether it is possible to have a vba to look at the subject of an email and automatically save it to the relevant folder. Thanks in advance :confused:
  12. L

    (VBA on OUTLOOK) check if email has not been received

    I need one macro on Outlook that do the logic below: Every workday between 9:00 am to 10:00am check in specific folder if have any email, from that day. If don't have email, send an simple mail to specific person. Thank you very much.
  13. E

    Excel/Outlook vba - macro to attach multiple files to an Outlook email...

    Hello!!!</SPAN> (Using Excel 2010 & Outlook 2010)</SPAN> I am trying to write a macro from </SPAN>Outlook</SPAN> to send an email with multiple Excel files attached to a recipient. What the macro will do is read in a separate Excel file containing a list of the filenames in Column A, the email...
  14. R

    How to get Outlook Mail ID Properties to Excel - Challenging Problem

    Hi, I wish to extract outlook mail id properties to excel. My problem is to find out the Name of the Manager with the Given Employee ID of an Subordinate And this info is available in Outlook Email ID Properties. For Example... In a company, Each employee got an Employee ID as well an Email...
  15. M

    Outlook VBA program to autoforward emails

    Hi, I need a program in VBA for Outlook that'll autoforward emails with specific words in their attachments (.htm attachment) coming into my inbox. What I need is that as soon as my inbox receives an email with subject line as QC Feedback, and the sender being, say, mohemmed.omer and the...
  16. D

    Outlook 2007 .receivedtime

    Can someone assist me with extracting the received time so that when pasted it appears as it does in the Inbox. I realize that pulling the .receivedtime is pulling the system time, however this doesn't always match what appears in the inbox. For instance, the time could be 12:35:32, which may...
  17. D

    Outlook Macro

    I am trying to create a macro in Outlook to open a selected message in the inbox, append a string of text to the subject, then save, and close the open message. This is what I have so far, the only step in the process that I still need is the ability to open the message when the macro is...
  18. L

    Saving attachments using date received

    Hi all. I am trying to save attachments using the date sent/recieved in the format as YYMMDD as the attachment is saved as Inv#. The problem I have is that the code is throwing up something weird. for a start it shows the same "YYMMDD" (991229) for all the msgs with attach's. Secondly there...

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