overflow error

  1. A

    VBA Now/Date Functions to Calculate Yesterday's Date for Use in String

    Hi all, I'm improving a macro and want to save the file according to the current naming conventions used. The files report numbers used for the current day and the day before, so the file names take the form "REVIEWED_07172018_07182018_TQREPORT.xlsx". I can get today's date into the string...
  2. S

    VBA overflow/ price data acquisition

    I'm writing a macro that reads price data from an excel file, write them on another excel file and does basic calculations (e.g. returns). The data is made of 2600 x 100 data points. When I run it i have an overflow error! looks like it's handling too much data. Is it an issue with the...
  3. P

    Help with Mod and / Functions in VBA

    Hi, I need help with writing the Mod and / functions in VBA in a different way. I read in another thread that these two intrinsically produce results of the Long data type. But I need more than that. This is my convertToHex function which takes in as argument a decimal number: result = ""...
  4. E

    Overflow Error 6

    I'm not sure why I'm getting an overflow error 6 message, when all of my variables except a counter variable is declared as double variables. I thought variables declared as doubles can hold extraordinary large or small numbers and it should be nearly impossible to get an overflow error. Anyway...
  5. M

    VBA Code returns "Error 6' Overflow error when array element is greater than 1010

    Hello Guys! I am having a problem with my code below. This code extracts data from a text file. The part where the error occurs is on the 'Converts the quantity from string to integer data type part of the code. It returns an overflow error. It works fine for text files with lines up...
  6. R

    Receiving Overflow Error - is there a workaround?

    I am trying to split a file of 65,000 rows into separate files based on a fund code in column A, and using a fund number in column H to name the file. When running the macro, it is working fine for about 30 files, and then I receive an Overflow error. I am thinking this is because of the large...
  7. D

    VBA help - Overflow (error 6)

    Hi all, I am using an MSExcel template (MAKESENS 1.0, it's free and available online) to calculate the Mann-Kandall test and Sen's slope for a trend analysis of a wind speed time series. So, I have 62 years of data and the template (VBA code) works fine if I don't have zero in the time series...
  8. K

    Unexplained problem with Overflow Error 6

    I have tracked down an overflow Error 6 to the following line: dMax = Int(s * DPoints / SPoints) Where all variables are defined as Integers. The error goes away when I define s as Long, but I don't understand why this should be required since none of the individual variables ever exceed the...
  9. C

    Run-time error '6" Overflow on Macro for Combining 2 List into all Permultations

    This macro should take two list and create every combination of the two list in a third column a1 b1 a2 b2 should give the following list (not sure what order) a1 b1 a2 b1 a2 b1 a2 b2 b1 a1 b1 a2 b2 a1 b2 a2 The excel macro gives a Run-time error '6" Overflow on this line "Set rngOutB =...
  10. D

    Fixing Run-Time Error 6 Overflow

    I have a macro that I have been running successfully for several months now. All of a sudden I'm getting a Run-time 6 overflow message. All I'm doing is pulling a single staff members data from my master list. The Master sheet only has 500 lines of data on it.... Here is the Macro: Option...
  11. K

    Overflow Error

    Hi Guys, I'm currently having a problem with this overflow error thing. I don't know how to resolve this. Please help me find a solution. Here are my codes: Dim counter As Integer Dim row As Integer Dim message, mInitial As String message = "Populate SAPHR first." counter = 3...

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