1. E

    Fibonacci sequence generator overflow

    Hello, I wrote a piece of code that would generate fibonacci sequence, but there is no data type that can hold such big numbers, is there a workaround to make the code contiune to do the math with big numbers? Thanks. Option Explicit Sub Fibonacci() Dim i As LongPtr, k As LongPtr i =...
  2. B

    Loop not working in VBA post i value 1482

    Sub Case_Automation() Dim a As Long Dim b As String Dim c As Long Dim d As Long Dim e As Long Dim f As Long Dim g As Long Dim h As Long Dim z As Long Dim j As Long Dim k As Long For z = 10 To 50003 a = Cells(z, 8).Value b = Cells(z, 27).Value c = Cells(z, 14).Value d = Cells(z, 18).Value e...
  3. Rijnsent

    Overflow - why?

    I'm a bit stumped: why does VBA behave like this? See the Sub below: when I simply Debug.Print 60*24*2*60, I get an Overflow error. So apparently VBA treats that multiplication as an integer and therefore fails as it's too big. But why do the tests after that fail and why do the last two...
  4. G

    Delete all files when date arrives

    Hello, files with the extension on the specified date need automatic deletion. .csv.pdf.xla.xlam.xls.xls.xlsb.xlsm.xlsx can you help me? ****** id="cke_pastebin" style="position: absolute; top: 72px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; left: -1000px;">can you help me</body>
  5. R

    How to allow value in cells overflow to another cell?

    ​Hi guys, I am just curious how can i work around the formula such as when A1 is "100" (this is the maximum value), B1 is "110" and the excess of "10" is overflow to C1, while B1 is kept to "100"? I couldn't find it anywhere else that solves this. Your help would be greatly appreciated...
  6. A

    How to clean up overflow text.

    I'm slightly unsure of how to pose my question. Basically at work I work with a log that has hundreds of entries. Each cell in the row has no overflow, save the last one called "comments". My goal is to make it so the comment cell isn't stretched to the point it is off screen, but also not...
  7. iliace

    Stack overflow (literally) - Error 28 out of stack space

    Hi Everyone, I wrote a VBA script about 10 years ago, which worked fine when I first built it (so long ago - the file name is still ".xls") I tried to use it recently in a modern version of Excel, and I am getting "Error 28 out of stack space" in certain situations. This was never an issue...
  8. B

    Need help with runtime error 6 overflow

    Hi Everyone, I am getting a runtime error(runtime error 6 overflow) when selecting ALL cells in a worksheet. This sheet has a pop up calendar referencing cell J3. Debug shows the error in the second line of the code below. Any idea why? Thank you! Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal...
  9. 2

    Overflow Query

    Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to explain this to me. When I execute the following code (which simply calculates a value, and using debug.print, outputs the result), I get a Run-time Error '6' Overflow message. Sub calc_ulation() Dim x As Long x = 1000 * 60 Debug.Print x End Sub...
  10. B

    macro not working on some computers

    Hello, I'm new to everything. We had a person that use to work for us that wrote some macros to scrape information from Rocket Software's Bluezone. Last Tuesday, most of the computers wouldn't let the excel script run. There were 3 that would. One a new desktop, one an older desktop and my...
  11. E

    VBA overflow error Double/Long

    Hello! I'm writing a macro and I keep getting an overflow error. At first I believed it was because I was using Integer and the value was too large for that data type. But I've tried Long and Double to the same error. What am I missing? Values being used; material = 35000 txtWT = .5 txtDia =...
  12. S

    Runtime Error Overflow

    Greetings, I am receiving an Overflow error on the following line: centroids(ii, bb) = centroids(ii, bb) / counter The line is within the script below: Public Function ComputeCentroids(X As Variant, idx As Variant, K As Variant) As Variant...
  13. M

    Overflow error occurs quicky

    All I did was type the item above and I got an overflow error. The answer is 60001. Can it really be that excel can handle a number as big as 60001. In fact, it can't handle more than 2^15-1. I'm sure that this is some special programming crap, but it's the year 2018. It also can hand 1 +...
  14. M

    overflow with double precision

    Hi, I am getting the error "overflow", when I assign a variable of type double a number >32,000. What is going on? dim guess as double guess = 73000 'no overflow error guess = 73 * 1000 'gets an overflow error I remember this error happening in the past.
  15. E

    Code runtime error 6 overflow vba

    I run code then have runtime error 6 overflow vba with this line: If ((.Cells(i, 8).Value + .Cells(i, 9).Value) / .Cells(i, 2).Value) < .Cells(3, 15).Value Then How to fix it thank a lot./.
  16. A

    Overflow Error

    Hi Can anyone advise why do we get overflow error and how to get rid off it. sub mu() Set shgroup = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Grouping Data_DQ") lastrow1 = shgroup.Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row Range("I2").Select ActiveCell.Interior.Color = vbYellow For U = 2 To lastrow1 Set MYNAME2...
  17. I

    Overflow error in vba

    hi, guys can anyone please help me for this issue? i have 65000+ data i have already vba code with overflow error i want to merge these type of data from A B 1 john mayer 2 calve 3 mitchele j 4 michel to A B 1...
  18. A

    Overflow error even with Long variables

    Hello, I'm VBA rookie and i need help from you, VBA Wizards :biggrin: I have this code: Sub roztrideni() Dim PosledniPlnyRadek as Long Dim i As Long 'Rows("1:22").EntireRow.Delete PosledniPlnyRadek = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row For i = 1 To PosledniPlnyRadekIf Cells(i, 1) = "Air Bank...
  19. L

    Display seconds always "00"

    Hi, TEXT(A1,"hh:mm:ss##:##:00") is not working. How can I format the time as it will show seconds always "00"? I don't want to use any floor or round function because the problem I face is already because of precision overflow. So I want to take a shortcut with text formatting. Eg: 01:00:01 =>...
  20. E

    Overflow Error Been Replaced with 1004 error

    So I have a very large worksheets(400000 + in length 8 variables) that have the price for a stock and i want to organize it into a worksheet where all cells are side by side. I trouble shooted through until I got it to work for about half of the data set until it said overflow error. I check to...

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