1. J

    Display start time and end time overlapping

    Hi Everybody, I'm new on the board. I have a problem with ovelapping time and impossible to find a good solution. I need to display the start hour and end hour of overlapping. Bellow a sample: The "What I need" column, is what I need ;) The row 2 is the reference time for overlapping. The...
  2. P

    Count all overlapping days from range between another set of dates

    Hello everyone! I currently have this spreadsheet in progress that will be used as a template to decipher a repayment period. Users will enter a start date into the 'Payslip Start Date' and 'Repayment Start Date', then enter the hours from a payslip and we have to calculate the total for each...
  3. A

    Avoiding overlapping labels in charts

    Hi guys, I have created this book with a ton of formulas and macros within it which boils down to a line chart to compare sales of 2 objects over months dynamically. My problem is that if the sales figures for the two objects in the same month are too close to each other after entering new...
  4. Y

    Formula Help (times)

    Is there a formula that can be ran on these values to then return something similar to the sample table provided below. The objective of this formula wold be to break down minute by minute is there are 0,1,2, or more times overlapping. <colgroup><col width="80"...
  5. D

    Overlapping Pivot Table - that I can't fix

    I have a massive workbook, that has macros, and pulls data and places it in another file. When I place it manually, and then update the pivot tables, it has no problem. When I allow the macro to place the data, (it places it in exactly the same place), then I refresh the pivots, it tells me...
  6. J

    Identifying overlapping date ranges with single criteria

    Hi All, I have a single table query containing rows of members identified with a member number and their eff date and end date. There are members in this table with the same member number whose date span on one row overlap wit their date span on another row. I am trying to identify these...
  7. V

    Group worksheets with different cell locations in Excel 2010

    Hello! I am setting up a spreadsheet with three separate worksheets that have some overlapping columns, but in different locations. e.g, "File #" starts in M3 on one sheet, but is in D2 for another sheet. How can I set up a code that automatically groups the overlapping columns between the...
  8. M

    Controlling frame order

    When you have 2 frames in a userform overlapping, how do you control which frame is on top?
  9. S

    Delete Overlapping Date Ranges VBA

    I would like to produce a short script that has the ability to loop through a table of cells and delete rows that meet an overlap criteria. I have three columns for each row. Column 1 is a random number. Column 2 is a starting date value. Column 3 is a ending date value. I would like to...
  10. V

    VBA overlapping error

    Hello all I keep getting an error on this code and I can't figure out why "It's error 1004 Cannot use that command on overlapping selection" The code filters on column "N" and only shows lines not equal to "C2" on sheet 5, this is working ok But when it comes to delete the visible lines I get...
  11. K

    Tracking hours for a grant

    This is probably overly-complicated so I am not sure there is a conditional formatting solution but, it's a worth a shot. We have to track staff hours for multiple grants and there cannot be any overlapping time. In an effort to eliminate paper and pencil and simplify the process, I am trying...
  12. S

    Pivot Table Overlapping Solution ?

    I've multiple worksheets in which there are vertically aligned multiple pivot tables and I don't want them to be horizontally aligned. After I remove the filters, the pivot table is supposed to expand but suddenly states overlapping problem. I've to manually leave a lot of rows blank and hide...
  13. B

    stabiliser accuracy

    i have a dataset which can be converted into a graph how do i get an overlapping graph showing the average of the highs and lows 1 17.02 2 16.42 3 16.54 4 16.11 5 17.08 6 17.3 7 17.24 8 -8.86 9 -10.64 10 -8.34 11 -4.56 12 -0.86 13 0.02 14 2.16 15 3.78 16 4.28 17 1.3 18 1.3 19 0.9 20 4.3 21 4.7...
  14. Roderick_E

    Customized Refresh

    I'm thinking about a customized Refresh All that when it encounters overlapping pivots, it will insert rows/columns as needed to allow the refresh to happen instead of a popup telling me it can't overlap. Any ideas how to accomplish or does Excel already have a setting to insert columns/rows up...
  15. B

    Eliminate Pivot table overlapping in VBA

    Although I've found a lot about finding overlapping pivot tables here, I haven't found a solution to my problem. I have a sheet with several pivot tables based on a large data base. I can't separate them enough to avoid overlapping, especially as the number of both columns and rows is variable...
  16. J

    Count overlapping months from date ranges

    Hi everyone, Longtime browser of site and this is my first post!! So I've been struggling with finding a formula that will help me count how many months are overlapping between more than 2 date ranges. Below is a sample of that data I am working with. I was able to find a formula that would...
  17. O

    evaluate issue with overlapping dates

    hi there i am trying to code the following formula in column L =if(or(and(g2>=$s$2,g2<=$t$2),and($s$2>=g2,$s$2<=h2)),"Overlap","Do not overlap") i am receiving a compile error @ range line on "if", would appreciate some assistance [code] Sub Overlap() Dim Addr As String Addr = "g2:g" &...
  18. M

    Formula to highlight overlapping dates within a criteria

    Hi I'm struggling to adapt a formula I currently have which helps indicate overlapping dates. I need to adapt this into a conditional formatting technique please. The table below shows an employee's employment record in a company: <tbody> A B C D E F 1 2 Record Start Date End Date...
  19. M

    Overlapping working time period

    Dear all, I am working on the overlapping working time period, I manage to find out the number of days, months periods of overlapping but I need some help for identify the exactly those period,eliminate them and automatically replace with the the new date after that overlapping periods. The...
  20. K

    Count overlapping times on a moving 30 min window

    I searched the forums for a similar question and did not see one that helped with this question. I need to know on average how many airplanes are on the ground at the same time during the day. To get an accurate number it needs to look 30 minutes ahead of and behind the departure time and...

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