1. A

    Sum data range if a cell in the column is blank

    Hi I have a long list of data with 10 groups, I need to sum each group when the column next to it is blank. It works fine to me when a pivot table is used but some of the sales guys don't like it. I wonder if there is a formula or macro code I can use. An example of the data range is as...
  2. M

    VBA code to reset access mdb file permissions

    Hello. I have an 2003 access database (mdb file) with all tables having Unknown as owner except one table which has Admin as owner. Is there a way I can use VBA to transfer tables ownership from unknown back to Admin?
  3. D

    Pivot table for finding distinct counts with multiple page filters

    Hello - I have a dynamic named range called "ERROR_TABLE" which consists of 4 columns: report name, area, owner, severity. The data in this range is updated via an upload by the user. I have created a pivot table based on this range. This pivot table - called "ERROR_PIVOT" lists a distinct...
  4. T

    VBA Assigning workload evening to available users

    Hello, I'm trying to work on creating a spreadsheet that will automatically assign cases to available users evenly (Assigned user goes in column A) For the attached example I have 217 cases and 13 available users. I need items assigned out as a priority as follows: Cases with "Late...
  5. C

    Create Unique ID # for ALOT of Data

    Hello, Have been struggling with this for some time. Basically- we have land owners who own multiple properties across different counties. I may not uncover all of what one land owner owns - and so assigning a unique ID # to them proves difficult. I need to assign each individual NAME...
  6. R

    UDF to lookup and return multiple values concatenated into one cell without duplicates

    I am looking at a few thousand rows and need to locate the matches, remove duplicates for each, and concatenate the remaining values into a single cell with a delimiter. Example: The server list column should be compared against another sheet that contains a list of server names and owners. If...
  7. M

    Repeated result based on counter and condition formula

    Hi I use 2 tables, one for entering data and another one for hyperlinking external files based on the data in table No.1 I will show the tables then follow it with the question. Table 1 <tbody> No. Description From To Date Attachment Desc. No. of Attach 33 Excavations Contr1 Owner...
  8. darrenmccoy

    Move 2 Columns and Values into separate Columns for each value formula

    Could someone help me with a lookup formula to move the data from (46k rows) to columns and rows? The person is the CLIENTID. The CLIENTID has multiple CLIENT TYPES. See my example: <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>...
  9. S

    Excel Macro to Transpose the Data

    Hi, Can anyone help on the below macro code. I have the data like below, <tbody> Name ABC Model DEF City GHI Place JKL KM Condition MNO 1st Owner 2nd Owner PQR 3rd Owner Price STU Delivered 11111111 Name XYZ Model DJFHA City SAHJA Place SHJ KM Condition...
  10. C

    Merge and Center Filtering

    I have a question that I'm not sure is even possible. Let's say I am creating a spreadsheet that has budgeting info... Budget owner, vendor paid, date, etc and then at the far right of the spreadsheet I need to list each invoice number and invoice amount (typically 5+ invoices per vendor). This...
  11. R

    Aggregate and Concatenate

    Hello, I have a dataset of property owners, some of whom own multiple properties. Whenever I add them to my database, I need to group up all of the property each owner has into one cell next to their name. Otherwise, I'll have 4 contacts with the same name just different properties. I have...
  12. S

    How to present my data?

    Hi. I have a single, simple Excel sheet but I'm not sure how to present the data. To simplify, the data looks like ... CostCentre | TransactionDate | UserName | Cost | Cost Centre Owner abc1 | 01/01/18 | John.Smith| 0.72 | Jim.Jones abc2 | 02/01/18 | John.Smith | 0.13 | Cat.Smith abc3 |...
  13. G

    Need a macro that I don't even think can fix this problem

    Good Afternoon - I'm going to do my best to make this look right on the screen. 3128 Product number: 7896 Product: Apples Importer: Rick Owner: Gyna Name of receiver: Bill Number of cases: 1232 Date...
  14. W

    Formula to add value to cell depending upon criteria in another cell

    Hi All Can anyone help me please with a formula for the following example. Ideally, I would like a regular formula, but if this is not possible, then a UDF would be much appreciated. I have the following in columns A, B and I would like the result to be as per column C (Owner Name) :-...
  15. U

    Can I VLOOKUP - IF?

    Hi All I hope this makes sense to some of you! Because after my fruitless attempts it makes less sense to me now that when I started out! I have this data (this is a fictional representation of the names!) in an excel worksheet tab called "Confirmation Forms" - <tbody> A B C D E F G 1...
  16. U

    Pivot Table Filter Question--Need to filter for specific values

    Hi, I am new with Pivot Tables and I have a scenario that I can't seem to make work. Say I have the following data in a pivot table (Car Owner is in ROWS, Car Type is in both ROWS and VALUES): Car Owner Bob's Cars: 1) Honda (100%) Car Owner Jack's Cars: 1) Honda (33.3 %) 2) Ford...
  17. D

    VBA change pdf file properties

    Hi, Is there a way to change the owner and computer name of a pdf, It sounds a bit dodgy but what I am trying to achieve is a set the properties so every pdf that is created so it uses a generic owner name and computer name of which will not be any users. I looked at chip pearson's .bas files...
  18. E

    use VBA to auto-filter and copy filtered data to another sheet

    Hello, please i need you assistance to automaticaly filter data in a specific table based on the customer name and copy the filtered data related to this customer to another worksheet using VBA example: i need to automaticaly filter the projects by the name of the project owner and autocopy...
  19. I

    How to sum a column based on criteria from current and other tables?

    Hello, I have been scratching my head for a week on this question. I have two tables - Table 1 - it contains a list of people, the problem they worked on, and how many interactions they had on the problem. - Table 2 - it contains a list of people who owned and solved a problem. A problem is...
  20. M

    random assignment

    Hello i have 1001 individuals in my dataset, i would like to assign randomly to each one "owner" and "non_owner". knowing that after the random assignement i should have 71% owner and 29% non-owner. is it possible with excel? thank you for your help

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