page breaks

  1. U

    Creating Workbooks with Page Breaks

    I have a spreadsheet with data that are separated by page breaks. I'm trying to figure out a VBA script that: create workbooks after each page breaks save in the same folder as the current spreadsheet with the naming convention (ex. Workbook 1, Workbook 2, etc.) each workbook needs the same...
  2. 2

    Print PDF with page breaks VBA

    I got this code from Chat GPT. I asked it if it could give me code to print a PDF with page breaks. But I don’t think this will do what I want it to. For context, I’ve inherited a file which prints data in certain tabs as PDFS, but a user is also to select multiple tabs, so that one PDF...
  3. B

    Is There A Better / Faster VBA Code To Achieve The Same Outcome?

    Whilst this code works perfectly for what I need, is there a better way to write this VBA code to make it run faster? Sub InsertPageBreaks() Application.ScreenUpdating = False ActiveWindow.View = xlNormalView 'ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="password" '---------------Set Variables...
  4. mikecox39

    Override default page breaks

    My worksheet has 214 rows. The first page break, a dotted line, appears in row 51. But because I want my printout to contain 71 rows, I tried dragging that dotted line down to row 71. The result was the dotted line remaining and a new, solid, line dropped at row 71, created Page 2, with 28...
  5. D

    Excel page break between Table & Range

    Hi! I got a page break challange in Excel (2016) worksheet. I have a defined table containing statement of account ("Table1") - the table is autoexpanding and populated with a copy-paste function over VBA. The table area is followed with a signature area which is not changing, but taking...
  6. G

    Add a seperate page of Terms and Conditions to a PDF file

    Hello, I have several Macros that each produce me PDF files. These are all okay, but I now need to add an attional "Last page" to all PDF files that are the Terms and Conditions associated with the first part of the PDF files. I have the Ts & Cs on another worksheet and it's also the named...
  7. P

    Auto Filter Causing Blank Hidden Pages to Print out

    In Excel 2013 -- I have created a worksheet that uses the auto filter function to hide rows (which are full pages when printed) of line items I don’t want to include in the final printout. In order to get the format to look good when printed, I have to use manual page breaks throughout the...
  8. B

    Macro to insert page breaks please in Excel

    Hello, I'm looking for some help with a macro please. At present the macro performs the following: 1. Unprotects the active worksheet. 2. Filters the active worksheet to hide blank lines. 3. re-protects the active worksheet. 4. Resets the page breaks on the active worksheet so there are no...
  9. M

    Code for inserting page breaks across multiple worksheets?

    I am looking for an amazing solution to a problem that I am having printing. I want to insert a page-break at the end of each worksheet (I have 50-200 worksheets in one workbook). Each worksheet is different in length. The end of each worksheet can be identified by the first blank cell/row...
  10. D

    Keeping rows together over page breaks

    I have a spreadsheet that has multiple groups of rows that are sometimes hidden and sometimes not but ultimately change the number of pages and page breaks when printing. I was wondering if there is a way to write a macro that will keep groups of rows together so that they don't split across...
  11. T

    Page Breaks on Lockdown after Mac to PC switch?

    Greeting everyone, At my workplace, we're running into an odd problem. We create a weekly report on Excel. Normally, the preparer uses Excel for Windows to take last week's iteration and modify it for the current week. However, a couple of times when she has been out of the office, a Mac user...
  12. R

    Page Breaks that don't split data blocks (VBA)

    Hi all, I am currently working on a project that generates automatic quotes for customers. I have set it up so that I have various sections (construction, electrical, equipment, hardware, etc) and the quote automatically pulls in whatever I used in my estimator as the scope of work and then...
  13. C

    Excel VBA Setting Page Breaks, then setting Page Print Area based on those Page Breaks

    Hello, I have the following code running to set up the Print Area for a worksheet. Then it enters Page Breaks into the worksheet. With Sheets("SummaryView") .PageSetup.PrintArea = "$C$6:" & where.Offset(35, 0).Address .PageSetup.FitToPagesWide = False...
  14. S

    NEED VBA Code to eliminate page break when rows hidden

    I have a worksheet whereby rows are viewed when the check box is selected and hidden when the check box is deselected. I created a print range that will only print the visible rows, however, because I have page breaks - the print command includes the page breaks even when the rows are hidden...
  15. V

    Hiding all of the rows on a page

    I have a workbook that have certain page breaks because it is supposed to mirror a word document. I have a code that hides all of the rows on a page. When you hide all of the rows, the page that the rows were on still appears, but it is a blank page. Is there a code that can get rid of this...
  16. H

    Prevent automatic page breaks when saving Excel workbook

    Hello all - When I save an excel workbook, it automatically adds page breaks to all worksheets. Is there a way to disable this function? Thanks!
  17. N

    Page Break Numbers

    Really dumb question folks. Sorry. I have a load of pages in a page break view, Page 1 up to Page 100. The pages numbers are listed page1 to page 50 going virtically and then 51 to 100 beside that, vertically. How do i get it so the page numbers run horizontally, Page 1, Page 2, then down to...
  18. L

    Page Breaks and Saving to PDF

    Hi All, I have a large spreadsheet with a lot of form results. I want to separate the data by the individual that took the data, and send them the results with some follow up work instructions. So I have about 75 folks that took the data and the data is 1000's of records. I want a fast way...
  19. F

    Adding Page Breaks Before Recurring Data in Column "A"

    Hi, I am trying to modify the code below to add horiz. page breaks before each instance of the word "Employer" in column A. The code, as it is below, works perfectly, but it places the page break after the row rather than before it. If I change the line from...
  20. W

    Printing outlook 2010 contact list with page breaks

    I am using Microsoft Office 2010 trying to print my Outlook Contacts into an Address Book and have hit 3 snags. I would be grateful for your help. 1) I am printing all my Contacts in a “Medium Booklet Style” using the “Double sided or duplex” feature. It works well except it does not start each...

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