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    Change page orientation of specific pages within same worksheet when exporting to PDF

    Hi, Is it possible to change the page orientation of specific pages within the same worksheet when exporting to PDF? I have written a macro that exports them all as portrait but I'd like to export certain pages as landscape as they have charts. Appreciate any assistance or guidance.
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    Can't change chart page orientation

    No matter what I do in Excel, I cannot change the page orientation of charts in a certain workbook through Page Layout>Orientation>Landscape or Portrait. I have another workbook where none of this is an issue. Neither spreadsheet is locked. I own both of them. Stored locally or on network...
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    Page Orientation Macro

    I have a macro that hides and un-hides rows, which was graciously created with the help of this forum (see below). I am looking to adjust it (if possible) so that depending on the number of rows visible, the page orientation will change from portrait to landscape, and vice versa. If it is...
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    Change page orientation in another macro

    I am trying to use a code that I found on this site to put a subtotal on the bottom of my schedules at work. The only problem is that the page needs to print in landscape instead of portrait like this code does. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Sub TestInsertSubtotals() If...
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    Set different page orientations for different print areas

    Hi, I'm using Excel 2007. In my workbook I have a worksheet. In this worksheet I have two separate regions that I would like to print. Let's say they are A1:B2 and C3:D4. I go to print break view. I then select those regions, right click and choose set print area. Everything beside those two...

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