1. L

    How to print every pages double sided in excel?

    Hi, For now, I go to print, select entire workbook, choose double sided, next page, rinse and repeat. The problem is I have 50 pages to do, is there a way to print the entire workbook double sided automatically? Thanks.
  2. D

    I want my spreadsheet looking good

    Is it possible to centre a worksheet on the page and have only that page visible? I tried to hide the pages but greyed out pages are still visible. I want nothing to be visible, except the active page and I would like it centred on the page. Can someone help me please? Is there a way to publish...
  3. J

    Clearing multiple ranges from multiple worksheets efficiently

    I have a large worksheet used for creating daily reports on a monthly basis. I am trying to create a macro that will clear the data entries in order to create a blank worksheet that can be used as a template. The workbook contains a lot of pages but the ones that are currently giving me a...
  4. D

    PDF to Excel

    Hello, Can I convert (10) pages PDF file to a one excel sheet ? Thank you in advance
  5. H

    Restarting page numbers part way through report

    Hi folks, We have a report which consists of 10 sheets. Several of the sheets may vary in the number of pages that print. For example sheet 4 in the series may print 1 or up to 5 pages (varies with each report). For example: Sheet 1 - 1 page Sheet 2 - 1 page Sheet 3 - 1 or 2 pages Sheet 4 - 1...
  6. X

    Change page orientation of specific pages within same worksheet when exporting to PDF

    Hi, Is it possible to change the page orientation of specific pages within the same worksheet when exporting to PDF? I have written a macro that exports them all as portrait but I'd like to export certain pages as landscape as they have charts. Appreciate any assistance or guidance.
  7. K

    Custom Print Pages VBA

    Hi All, I am trying to write VBA code for a CommandButton. I want the button to print in pdf a Dashboard from a tab in my worksheet called "Dashboard". It has 21 pages at the moment but I want to print it as one document and different pages need different scaling/margin settings. Is it...
  8. 1

    Too many pages

    I've got an eleven page doc that all of a sudden has 6,941 pages. I only noticed it because the footer reads "Page X of 6941". How does this happen and how do I change it??
  9. J

    VBA Code to Auto Adjust Page Breaks

    Every day, I export data from an external database and paste into Excel. From there, I run a macro cleaning up formatting and removing bad data but the number of pages varies day to day and the page break always causes a few blank pages to print. How do I input code into my extant macro so...
  10. G

    Code to split and rename files

    Hi all, I have a PDF with 20 pages and I want to split it into 20 different pages. I wonder if, appart from the first petition, could it be possible to rename those files that are going to be splitted, based on a list of names that should be in an Excel file. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for...
  11. D

    Looking for faster way to scrape ~250 pages than Excel's built-in WebQuery tool

    I want to get the data from ~250 different web pages (they're all formatted the same >> they're pages of data for different stock symbols) into Excel. I currently use Excel 2007's built-in WebQuery tool, but: 1) It takes about 3 minutes for Excel to grab the data from all the pages, and 2)...
  12. T

    Print Every 2 Pages to a New PDF

    I have a few workbooks with almost 50 pages each, and I want to print every 2 pages to a PDF, so basically the end goal would be 25 pdfs made up of 2 worksheets each For Example: PDF1 Sheet1 and Sheet2 (sheet1 would be PDF1 page 1 and sheet2 would be PDF1 page 2) PDF2 Sheet3 and Sheet4 PDF3...
  13. T

    Adjust Formulas for multiple ranges on multiple pages

    I need to change the formulas on several pages for several ranges, by adding an if statement that says if the result is greater than 100% then show 100% or else show the normal result of the formula. I'm not quite sure how to do it without breaking my back. Ranges are the same on all the pages i...
  14. L

    Show only active page

    I am running office 365 and have Excel 2016 on my machine. I have a spreadsheet that is in "Page View" but I only have info on the 1st page. However I still see grayed out pages beside and below. Is there a way to only show the one page without the grayed out ones? Regards, L. Ambrose
  15. E

    Repeat rows/columns

    My spreadsheet has a lot of columns with data, so I set Excel to repeat lines $1:$6 and $A$A column on all pages. The content of the "A1:A6" cells extends to the "H" (text cells) column, BUT on pages 2 ... n the repeated cells have been cropped, the extended content is hidden, Excel is only...
  16. V

    moving pages from one workbook to another fast

    I have 2 workbooks I want to combine into one. One has 100 sheets and the other has 89 sheets. I'd like to do it with a macro to speed it up. I tried to use the macro recorder to so it however when I run the macro again I get an out of range error. WHen I look at the code I see this: Sub...
  17. G

    Auto fill based on another cell value

    I am not sure if this was asked before. I tried searching, but didn't find any. Maybe I'm searching by wrong keywords. I have an excel sheet where F9 and F10 is blank. When printed on paper, it should show # / #. Imagine Microsoft Word setup with page numbering. Depending on the project we are...
  18. S

    Formula Help

    Hi Guys, I am slowly beginning to understand the logic for excel, ( I took a basic class in college, but for work I need to be way more advanced). Here is where I am hung up. I need a formula to produce this <colgroup><col width="151" style="width: 113pt; mso-width-source: userset...
  19. S

    Formula issue

    Hi guys, I give up! I cant figure this out please help! I need a formula to come up with the money for this: 1-100 pages @ $1 per page, 101+ pages @ $0.25 per page up to a maximum of $200 flat rate. I need this all to configure by just putting in the total page numbers into a cell. Thank you!
  20. C

    Scraping web works on same kind of webpage except one.

    My company uses a webpage created by ASP.NET to upload data from difference sources (people). Employees from different regions input data on the webpage and I consolidate the data into a report. I am writing a vba code to pull (scrap) info from the page to an Excel sheet. The first part of...

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