1. R

    Excel double condition formula

    Hi, I am looking for an Excel non-VBA function formula based on two parameters. If a cell holds the value 10, then a date starting from 24 December is added, but only if this date is a workday. If this date is not a workday, then it takes the first day before this date that is a workday. If...
  2. D

    using parameter to reference column in custom column

    Hi I have a parameters PQ function which is used to dynamically renames column, which is working great, however I am having trouble using the parameter in a custom column formula to reference the column name, my objective is to create the custom column so i can use to filter unwanted records...
  3. J

    Inventory spreadsheet with table parameters so I can select either retail or wholesale and then a price threshold

    I'm working on a spreadsheet for our inventory. The inventory is pulled out of a SQL database called Inventory. The retail price field is called PriceRetail and the wholesale price field is called PriceWholesale. The table starts in cell A6. I have a dropdown in cell B3 so I can select...
  4. VBE313

    How Do you Put Optional Parameters in UDF the Correct Way?

    In the following code, I can not seem to calculate my UDF correctly, am I putting the optional things incorrectly? Function weldMinutes(numOfPIA, simpleOrComplex, antiSplatterYorN, fixtureYorN, numOfTack, weldType1, GMAWorGTAW1, weldLength1, numOfWeldStarts1, Optional weldType2 As Long...
  5. A

    Ways to bring data from SQL server but need input parameters for SQL to read

    I was wondering if someone can please help me on best way to use parametirized SQL query and bring it to Power Query. I have access to SQL server with known connection string. SQL is long and needs to use specific input parameters (project numbers) in it. I don't want to have them changed each...
  6. S

    Adding Cricket Overs with VBA with parameters

    Hi In Cricket Sports there are 6 legal balls a bowler bowls towards the batsman. Those 6 balls are called an over. So, the sequence of the balls are counted as follows. 1 ball = 0.1 overs 2 balls = 0.2 overs 3 balls = 0.3 overs 4 balls = 0.4 overs 5 balls = 0.5 overs 6 balls = 1 over 7 balls =...
  7. L

    Excel workbook to PDF - cycle through drop list

    Hello! I am completely new to Macro, so please be patient with me I have a workbook - 10 tabs First Tab called Parameters Remaining 9 tabs are named by BRANDS I have a named range in cells =PARAMETERS!$B$1:$B$8 called LIST_BRANDS I have the path I would like the PDF's saved in cell $D$1 with...
  8. R

    IF Function with multiple parameters

    Hi I am using the following formula but would like to adapt and add to this. =IF(D3="","",IF(D3<8,100*D3,D3*150)) Where D3*150 is there a way to add in to only do this if 2 parameters are met. D3 higher than 8 and N2 40% and above, if bothe these parameters are met the D3*150. Thank you in...
  9. F

    Macro - Filter data and copy to a new tab

    Hi I have been trying to do the following, but without any success and would very much like some help I want to do the following: Sheet 1 - Select parameters for 3 columns in a sheet e.g. Product (Cell C3), Location (Cell C4), Date (Cell C5) I then want to use the filter in sheet 2 (Row 3)...
  10. M

    Forecasting and what if parameters in Power Bi Desktop

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to do some predictive forecasting with parameters but I'm coming across an issue when using parameters into the future. What i'm trying to do is forecast the amount of people on a waiting list in the future but this can be altered by using parameters which will remove...
  11. R

    calling macro from External Spreadsheet with parameters

    I have a macro in spreadsheet "A" that opens Spreadsheet "B" I need to run a macro within spreadsheet "B" The catch is that I need to pass a parameter to the macro The macro is called AddUnits and you need to pass a number to it I tried both 1) Application.Run = "'" + ActiveWorkbook.Name +...
  12. J

    Date parameters

    Happy Friday. In my dBase, many queries have a >= or <= parameter, like such <=(Date()-365) Is there a more accurate way to write this? One of the queries using this is missing one item that a different routine (pulling the same data) is picking up.
  13. A

    SQL Server Parameter transfer

    I am trying to update a record at SQL Server by using parameters. The VBA-code does not initiate an error, but the files at SQL Server Table are not updatet with worksheet data. Can anybody see what I am doing wrong? Description = Range("E42").Value Mitigation = Range("E51").Value...
  14. E

    VBA / Excel - " __doPostBack "

    I'm trying to submit a form on a old asp classic page. Here some script: <tbody> [ ******** type="text/javascript"> //<=!=[=C=D=A=T=A=[ var theForm = document.forms['aspnetForm']; if (!theForm) { theForm = document.aspnetForm; } function __doPostBack(eventTarget...
  15. JenniferMurphy

    UDF sees cell in passed range as alternating numberic and empty

    I may be in over my head here, but I cannot figure out what the heck is going on. I have a complicated UDF that gets an error because one of the variables that gets data from a passed range is sometimes Empty and sometimes not. The UDF is called from several locations in the sheet. If I set the...
  16. JenniferMurphy

    Does VBA support keyword parameters?

    Does VBA support any kind of "keyword" parameter? By this, I mean parameters of the form keyword=value. Something like this: =MyFun(A1, B2, Keyword4=C3, Keyword2=D4, ...) I am working on a UDF that has half a dozen optional parameters with more to come. Most of them are omitted on most...
  17. J

    Indirect in Vlookup

    Hi all, So I've been looking on the internet and trying myself, but I can't seem to make it work. I'm looking to make a formula that's changing every month, so want to use INDIRECT. The file has two sheets: a tab calles "Parameters" and an information tab to be filled. On the information tab...
  18. B

    Prevent graph from updating until I am done changing parameters

    When I change parameters for a graph (for example, axis limits), Excel wants to redraw the graph after every change, which can take a long time. I want to complete the editing of parameters (for example, both axis limits, axis units, whatever) before redrawing the graph so that I don't have to...
  19. L

    Question on IF Function?

    <d3<=700,000 then="" f3="D3*8%+40 <d3<=700,000 then="" f3="D3*8%+40 <d3<=700,000 then=" "=""></d3<=700,000></d3<=700,000>How do I set these parameters? If D3>700,000 then F3=D3*10%+50 If 400,000<D3<=700,000 then F3=D3*8%+40 If D3<=400,000 then F3=D3*6%+30
  20. J


    Why does this macro not appear in my macro list? I'm aware that if it has "parameters" it won't appear but I don't what parameters are. If this is the reason, what parts of my code are parameters? Thanks Private Sub Button298_click() Dim i As Integer For i = 3 To 14 If...

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