1. F

    how to use a cell to reference a file?

    Hi all I have a 2 workbooks set up s parent and chid - and a formula to pull values into the parent from the child: =VLOOKUP($A2,' Testing Collateral/1. Releases Collateral/Release 17/14. Preparation and Execution Tracker/[Outside of...
  2. C

    Sort a worksheet

    I have a worksheet with columns A through R. I need to sort this worksheet by the value that is in Column C. I have searched for the answer and have tried several suggestions, but the worksheet never sorts. In my code below I have commented out all the things I have tried. Is what I am trying to...
  3. D

    Add New Variable to Shapes

    Hi all, Here is the code to create a structure chart from range A to range C of the sheet ‘’BD’’ Here is a screenshot of the sheet ‘’BD’’ There is the ‘’Big father‘’ in A2 which is the ‘’Boss’’ The column B states all the ‘’sub...
  4. G

    Finding / calculating reporting level in organization/hierarchy

    So, I have a list exported from a system containing unique employee ids (children). Each of these rows has the employee’s manager unique id (parent). One of the employees is the CEO and is to be considered level = 1 I would like a way to calculate per employee what level they are on in the...
  5. R

    Bloomberg Ultimate Parent Company ID

    Does anyone have a formula to use the Ultimate Parent Company Id field to pull back data/info on a company (as opposed to using the ISIN number, the ticker, the cusip etc.). Thanks,
  6. J

    Parent Child derivation

    Hi, In below example in column A+B, i have hierarchy on the node level of the parent in column A and the child in column B. I would like to derive the text of each parent in column C, like below. Is there a formula for column C how i can derive this value? Column A Column B...
  7. L

    create dynamic dropdown based on UNIQUE values from a column within a table

    Hello expert Excel users! Below i will describe what is the purpose of my first forum post, so bear with me. So i have multiple tabs defined as tables in a big excel file. Each table has one or more columns but then, some of the tables do have common fields among them. What i want to do is...
  8. V

    Question about difference between Parent total and intermediate value in pivot table

    Hello, I have a very very big problem with my last Pivot table. I have to calculate difference between Parent total and intermediate value, but not in percentage terms. I need to find difference in numeral. In my table is a leading product code. I have many product codes each of which...
  9. S

    How can I combine multiple workbook into master

    Hi all: I have Folder Parent with child folder: 2019, 2018, 2017. Each folder have child folder too: 201901,201902,201903,201904.....201912 It's look like: <tbody> Parent 2019 201901 201902 201903 201904 . . . . . . . 201912 2018 201801 201802 . . . . . . . . . 201812 2017 201701 201702...
  10. D

    VBA add textbox to shapes

    Dear all, I'm trying to find a way to add textbox to shape created by the code below Sub créeShape(parent, niv, Attribut, coul) hauteurshape = 48 largeurshape = 92 colonne = colonne + 1 forga.Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeRectangle, 10, 10, largeurshape, hauteurshape).Name = parent...
  11. D

    Rearange structure chart for better display

    Dear all, I try to find a way to rearrange a structure chart Here the current image I get Here what I would like Sheet 1, In the range A2...
  12. U

    Code to create Parent Child Hierarchy

    Hi, Can anyone help me, as i have data in 2 column and need to create hierarcy. please refer the example below <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt" span="2"> </colgroup><tbody> Child Parent A B B C C D D D </tbody> My desired output is as below...
  13. J

    Using % of Parent Row Value in a Calculated Field

    I am looking to create a calculated field in my pivot table using the value generated from the 'percent of parent row'. I'd like to multiply it by another column but am finding that this might not be possible. Is there a way to do this? Or if not, is there an alternative? The pivot table has 4...
  14. A

    Sorting an excel datasheet

    I can't seem to sort the excel datasheet in the right way. It needs to be in a particular way so the products can be merged while uploading. In the screenshot, I show you how it is now and how it needs to be. There are around 65k rows, sorting one by one isn't an option. I also provide a sample...
  15. gheyman

    Count if used at higher level

    I have a list. The first column is the Parent Part Number, the second is the individual parts that go into each parent. I am trying to see if the individual part is used in more than one parent. What I need is to come up with a percentage. its kind of hard to explain. Hope this helps. The...
  16. gheyman

    Code for Autofill

    I have data from Row one down a couple of hundred rows. Its a list of parts that go into each parent part number The report I grab the data from only puts the parent part number in column B once. So if it puts Parent "ABC123" in column B then it has 300 parts it will not list the next Parent...
  17. gheyman

    Code will not run because of how the data is formatted in a column.

    I have code that someone on this site graciously provided a long time ago. Below is what I required as is the code MickG provided. I am trying to use this code again, but It doesn’t like the format of the data in column A. If I type over whats in there, the code runs fine. My problem is the...
  18. S

    increment a number by amount of times a value exists in another column

    Hello, I realize this will likely require an excel macro, but I'm not sure how to write this one... I've got the following kind of data in one worksheet: <tbody> SKU PARENT SKU OB1 PR1 OB1 FR3 OB1 X8 OB1 LT IT1 LT OI4 LT LK-4855 OB1 IT-9855 </tbody> I would like to...
  19. jbesclapez

    VBA to select an array and bring back parent of a childs in another cell/column

    Hi Mr Excel :-) I have a table that can change in rows/columns. In this table I only have one data per row. The columns indicate the hierarchy of parent child structure. The parent is on the left. For example : <tbody> Level1 Level2 Level3 A1218 A1219 A1220 A1200 A1110...
  20. P

    create 2 lists from one

    Hi all, I have the following data in the range C1:D15 ... <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Original Email Barber, Isabella (59792) Barber, Isabella (59792) Bell, Maya (83298) Bellamywells, Lewis...

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