1. E

    Parsing data out from a single multi-line cell

    I have a data coming form submits to Google Sheets through Zapier email action. The data comes into 1 column and 1 row for each submission. The cell data looks like the following between the quotes: "You have received a new form submission. Be sure to follow up with this lead as soon as...
  2. K

    Parsing data into columns

    I was hoping someone would be able to assist me with a question regarding parsing data. I have some information that I want to parse to columns. However, the data is inconsistent. Normally, if the data was uniform and consistent, I could have easily used text to columns. Here's a sample of...
  3. S

    Parsing a list of numbers

    Hi, I'm struggling to come up with a way of producing the output I'm after. My data is as shown below: ID List Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 A 1,2 TRUE TRUE FALSE B 2 FALSE TRUE FALSE C FALSE FALSE FALSE D 1,2,3 TRUE TRUE TRUE For each entry in...
  4. O

    MS Scripting for directory tree parsing

    Go easy on me. I'm more of a decent hacker using other's code not a programmer. 1st post here. Tried using recursive code I found based on MS scripting (which I barely understand) to parse directory tree to fill an array with all paths. It seems to be parsing fine as I can tell HOW MANY dirs it...
  5. G

    Deconding nested ASPX website data into Excel (plus a little javascript)

    I'm trying to pull some data from KY education websites (publicly available, starting at I've done programs before parsing website data, but at an HTML level; ASPX is a new beast for me, and so I'm in learning mode. What I'm wanting to...
  6. C

    Dynamic range that needs to be parsed, then reaggregated.

    I really would appreciate some extra eyes on this, I’m thoroughly stumped. Let me know if you have any questions or clarifications. I have a daily reconciliation with 4 unfortunately un linked data sources. Thus far I have created a macro that can handle 3/4 sources but I've hit a wall on the...
  7. S

    Thank you Chp Pearson - You were the Best. =StringConcat("|",IF(Sheet2!$E$7:$E$51=V41,Sheet2!$E$7:$E$51,"")) works. but how to get it to return & Joi

    =StringConcat("|",IF(Sheet2!$E$7:$E$51=V41,Sheet2!$E$7:$E$51,"")) Chip Pearson was the best. Thats his UDF - which I found (here: - that he made to handle Concatenation properly, even the concatenation of arrays (Holy Grail!!!) My Only...
  8. B

    Determine if first character in string is greater than zero

    I have a dataset with numerous combinations of alpha and numeric values in a given column. I need to do TWO things. 1) Determine if the 1st character is numeric - if so, the initial condition is met. 2) If numeric, is the character between 1 and 9 (greater than 0) - if so, the final condition...
  9. H

    Innertext Help

    Hey all, I feel like my problem is a lot easier to solve than I think. I've checked Google/Youtube/etc, to no avail. I'm trying to pull innertext from a tag: <code> <td> ******** language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ write_value("101",49862); //]]> *********>49862 </td>...
  10. I

    Extract cell references from a formula using VBA?

    First question, and I apologize if it has been asked before (I have searched the forums but did not find any posts that I recognized as a possible solution). If you're aware of another post that address this issue, please share the link! Context: I teach a college course, and my exams are...
  11. S

    Parsing Code Macro Trouble!

    I have raw code export: Cross Post: And I want to parse it in to a table like this Its not finished but you get the...
  12. J

    Parsing User List

    Probably an easy one, but my brains are spent: Sheet 1 column contains "List of Users" names, last-name-first, with commas. Sheet 2 has column H: list of user's names (no commas), and N: "Usernames (log-in)". I'm trying to parse the Usernames from Sheet 2 into a new column in Sheet 1 for each...
  13. R

    Bit difficult to describe but to do with date/times from a log.

    Apologies for the vague title but I'm not sure how best to describe this challenge. I have a log from our GPS tracking system for all of our company trailers. I am trying to work out how long each trailer stayed on site at a particular destination for. The first complication is that for each...
  14. D

    Parsing strings from HTML code and writing to cells via VBA code

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum but found it very useful whenever I've had a problem with Excel or VBA. But get to the point. I'am currently working on a macro that will enable me to parse few strings from an online HTML source (ie. webpage) and write these values to an excel using VBA. So far...
  15. B

    Parsing a string and replacing characters using VLookUp

    Hello, I'm just trying to build a spreadsheet that will allow me to paste a column of text strings into column C that will parse the text and replace any non-alphanumeric characters with their octal codes (For example turn "(TM)" into "\236"). The symbols to replace will be in column A, the...
  16. D

    Macro to pars data

    I have a spreadsheet that contains names and addresses. What I need is a macro that will search each address in column F and if the address contains an apartment number (100 MAIN ST APT 123) I need to have the APT 123 stripped out and moved to Column G leaving 100 MAIN ST in column F. This must...
  17. W

    Convert Column of comma delimited Keyword/phrases to a range of unique values

    I have a column in a Table with keywords. Here's an example: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Location,performance errors,ip address,impact ip address, identification, transaction Performance, identification historic, performance, UI performance, consolidation, identification...
  18. 3

    Parsing baseball box score

    I am working on a project with baseball data from I want to create variables for the score of each team in each inning (VisInning1, HomeInning1, VisInning2, HomeInning2, etc). The problem is that the variable for the box score is coded strangely. Each team has its own variable...
  19. D

    VBA Parsing the webpage for a specific value between tags

    Hi all, I am trying to extract a specific value from a static webpage. so far I come up with the following script: Sub Macro1() my_url = "" Set my_obj = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP") my_obj.Open "GET", my_url, False my_obj.send my_var =...
  20. ejpuck

    Can I use a word or phrase as a delimiter?

    Hello All, I have a VERY long string of text copied from a web page. I'm only interested in certain relative data. Can the string be parsed or delimited such that I end up with three columns? One for The deceased's name, one for the executor, and one for the cause number? The text to columns...

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