partial match

  1. A

    SUMIFS exclude value if partial match in list/named range

    Hi, I've been playing around with SUMIFS to get a formula that sums multiple criteria but also excludes some values if found as a partial match in a named range. I have added partial text strings in a list with the named range "Excl_Name" and am trying to get SUMIFS to sum all matches in...
  2. T

    autofilter partial match

    Hi there, I'm new to visual basics and I'm trying to filter my data so it will show up as the User searches for it. However, I want the User to be able to search for partial matches. Example: Product Number in the table is 1234567 I want the User to be able to simply search for...
  3. Z

    Partial Matching between two sheets

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here and new to VBA. I'm trying to automate few things but I've spent lots of hours already looking on the internet, videos, forums, etc... and haven't been able to achieve anything, no success. Here is what I'm trying to achieve, let see if I know how to explain it...
  4. D

    Return lookup/index(match) list based on partial text - with no blanks

    Hello, I've been trying to work to get this right for a few days, but to no avail, and would appreciate help. Here is a preview of the data: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N 1 2 3 LISTS LISTS LISTS LISTS 4...
  5. Y

    Partial Match Column A which has 14 Digits (match first 8 digits) to Column B (which have 8 digits)

    Hello, I have an excel sheet where Column A contains less cells then Column B i.e Column A has 100 cells and Column B has 1500 Cells and Column A has 14 digits data and B has 8 digits Data i want to partial match that if Column A data is present in any cell of Column B (only first 8 digits)...
  6. I

    VBA code to filter a column by partial text match

    Hi. I have a VBA code where I filter a column by certain names. The names however, depending where I get them can have middle names on it whereas other just have last and first name. Example for one sheet would be Smith, John. Another could be Smith, John Apple. In that format. How could I edit...
  7. B

    vba find two partial matching cell

    Hi i will be able to find two partial matching cell? For example: Cell 1 contain Apple Carrot Elephant in worksheet 1 Cell 5 contain Apple Banana Carrot drinks in worksheet 2 After that it will output the difference next to cell 5 of worksheet 2 C2 contain Banana drinks in worksheet 2...
  8. B

    Partial match when look up value is lengthier than corresponding value in a table or a range

    I have table as below. In first column name of the company and in next column corresponding manager Name. Company Name Manager Name Amcor Amol Thermax Sagar The look up value of company name is not exact match in this case. e.g. It is "Thermax Ltd" The company name from table is a...
  9. P

    VBA loop with wildcard in Sheet name

    Hi All, I'm pretty new to VBA, this is my also my first time posting on here. Hoping somebody can help me tweak my code; The code loops through all the files in a folder to copy data from a sheet called ("P&L 2019 - UK GAAP") into one workbook. The issue that I'm having is that, a couple of...
  10. D

    Partial matching to multiple cells

    Hello all, Please see the attached image below. I am having trouble with partial matching & joining together results. As you can see, I have recipes 1-5 in column B, with corresponding days of the week in column A beside them. The letters in column A correspond to days of the week. For...
  11. S

    Find best partial match(es) for substring(s)

    This might be an impossible task, but I'm in a de-duping project and was hoping to write a formula that could plug in a string from before the @ in an email address, say "harrystruman" and then compare that to a range of values in a column or columns, and find the best match or partial match (or...
  12. D

    match text combinations across multiple columns

    Hello! I am trying to find matches between multiple columns of text and having a terrible time getting the formula correct. I had 2 individuals rate items using 2 letter codes. They could give each item between 1 and 4 different two-letter codes (with 9 unique two-letter code options...
  13. T

    From Drop Down lookup partial values

    I have a Drop Down. Assume I select "Varia Single 25/2,3 90" Now I want to return other values where either 25/2,3 or 90 are included. I want the whole value to be returned. List <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Pexflextra 25/2,3 90 <tbody> Uno 25/2,3 76 <tbody> MX-Radiflex 40/3,7...
  14. C

    Index match first value that contains "@"

    Hey, First time posting. I have a data set with duplicate account keys and values in the form of email addresses. I need to create a consolidated data set that has only one account key and a corresponding email value. My issue is this -- some of the duplicate account keys have blanks or "old...
  15. L

    Partial Match Index Left Mid 2 sheets

    I am working with 2 Sheets in a workbook. I am attempting to run a PARTIAL MATCH from SHEET1, COLUMN C to SHEET2, COLUMN A. When there is a match of 5 digits, I want the value in SHEET2, Column B in the same row as the match, to be placed in COLUMN G of the row matching SHEET1, Column C. I...
  16. S

    Multiple Criteria IndexMatch/ VLOOKUP with partial match

    I have a file with all the state and cities that I need. I want to match the population of the US census dataset to the cities in my list but the cities are not in the same format. This task would be easy if there weren't multiple cities that show up in different state. What I want the formula...
  17. A

    Finding Partial String while using List as a Reference

    Hello Wizards of Excel, I'm in a bit of a bind I'm trying to find a partial match within a list of keywords. I'm looking for the return result to be the word found in the list. I tried vloookup and index match, but the problem is that it only finds the exact match of the word and doesn't take...
  18. S

    IF AND Statement partially matching criteria

    Hi, I currently have the formula below looking a set of data comprised of people and percentages. The formula currently looks at if a person is in the bottom 20% and are below the target (0.815). From this it produces either a 3 if they are both below target and in the bottom 20% or a 0 if...
  19. S

    Move entire rows based on partial match from ColumnB to another sheet

    Hi Friends, Did search on this forum for my solution. But did not find a suitable one. Here is what I would like to get it from list of sentences. Here we have to take a look at row 5 contains "entire row" text and row 6, 7 contains "entire rows" and also contains work "quickly". (In attached...
  20. 9

    If cell contains partial text return value from other cell

    Hey! I have 3 cells, 2 are with names, they are not sorted, as they are extracted from two different webpages. Basically eg. Cell 1 (full namem, random order): Masahiko Inoha Cell 2 (partial name, usually the following): M. Inoha (in some cases however full names) Cell 3 (extracted web code...

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