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    Lookup from multiple criteria, including potential partial matches

    Hi Everybody, Hoping somebody is able to help me with this formula. We have multiple departments and project codes so the actual file is much more comprehensive. I've scaled back for the sake of this example. Currently the formula below looks up the project code and the date and compares...
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    Partial Match Columns Data within two sheets

    Hi Friends, I did research related to my task but did not find exactly what I am looking Trying to partial match Sheet1 columnA with Sheet2 ColumnA and sheet1 ColumnB with sheet2 ColumnB and get corresponding sheet2 columnC data to sheet1 columnC. If possible, also Reverse lookup and partial...
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    Matching ab cd columns and get e column data

    Hi Friends, I been trying to match 4 columns like AB with CD to get E Column data into F column but could not able to get there. Here is sample sheet which I am trying to match. Hope you understand what I am looking for. Thanks Kumar
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    VLOOKUP using text

    Hey Everyone, I'm sure what I'm thinking of is possible, but I am struggling with using VLOOKUP within a text string. Below in my example I need to compare the test name in column C to the test name in Column A. When a match is found I need it to fill in the corresponding numeric test code...
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    Fuzzy Logic? Partial match to retrieve values from separate table

    I have two sheets in Excel 2013: One contains more than 200 Brandnames, plus their importance on an increasing scale starting at 1, plus a category. The second sheetcontains more than 13,000 keyword phrases, which may – or may not – contain the Brandnames in the first table. What I want to do...
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    Match text and numbers from two spreadsheets based on common value

    Hi, I have one spreadsheet with two columns, with the headers: ID number and Chemical name. I have another spreadsheet with six columns: ID number, Chemical name, TEP 1, TEP 2, TEP 3 and TEP 4 (TEPs are numeric risk scores). I need to know what the TEP values are for the chemicals in the first...
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    Partial String lookups - PLEASE ADVISE

    Dear Fellow Excel Geeks: The totality of the problem is: We have our own in-house database of customers (about 20,000). These customers are assigned to specific Sales people. We also buy in new databases and allocate these leads to Sales people. Before we can allocate them, we need to...
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    search macro retrieving all occurances as well as partial matches

    Hi there<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I'm working on a database for a Dutch nursing home, which - if I ever get it to work properly - will eventually contain data on several hundred people. To help users navigate through the...

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