1. A

    Finding data position in table

    Hello, can anybody help me with a solution to my problem. I receive a data set from a 3rd party that i have no control over the formatting of. I have my own sheet with various formulas that refer to data in the 3rd party sheet however the producer of the original sheet regularly changes the...
  2. A

    Delay or Pause durring macro after send keys

    Hi all, Struggling a bit with this one. Basically i have a sheet which is protected from user changes, easy enough to unprotect to update prior to automatically refreshhing. My problem is I am using sendkeys to run a refresh on a third party software addin to excel which when runs just on...
  3. R

    Unique Password Protect PDF (by batch), using excel VBA without 3rd Party program

    Dears, i have searching all over, but couldn't find this answer. i need to automate protect PDF each will have unique password. all in googles refer to install 3rd party, but that applied 1 password for all. then read this...
  4. A

    Formula for auto entry based on last cell with value

    Hello all, this is my first post, so please be patient with how I word, ask my question. I'll try to be clear here so you can see what I am trying to do. Application: I work for a construction company and am looking to set up tracking for a specific portion of work we do. This...
  5. J

    Excel Table and Vlookup

    <tbody> SubCat Service Category Subcateory Subcategory Description Incident Type tbl3rdPartyAcces Access Management 3rd Party Access Disable 3rd party access =VLOOKUP([@Subcategory][@SubCat],2,FALSE) =VLOOKUP([@Subcategory][@SubCat]3,FALSE) tblDeviceEncryption Access...
  6. A

    Count unique values with multiple criteria

    I am looking to count something specific, using multiple criteria, however I cannot use the COUNTIF function due to the way my workbooks are linked. The goal is to count how many unique PARTY ID's fall within a given date range. I thought I had this working using the below formula, but it's...
  7. L

    pivot table from different sheets and from different files

    Hi Any simple and easy to understand tutorial that you recommend which demonstrates: 1) Pivot table from different sheets 2) Pivot table from different workbooks(files) Is that possible? Do I need to use 3rd party tools? Thank you.
  8. L

    Drag and drop objects that transfer value

    Hi All, I want to create an asset management work sheet that I can drag an object that holds a value (vehicle 1) for example and place it in another cell. The idea is a yard management document where I have a set number of Vehicles and I want to allocate them by dragging and dropping them into...
  9. S

    Identifying and Selecting Duplicate Records

    I have a list of all our customers from a third party we use most of which are duplicated because they were created on our old and new systems. The customer's email address is the identifier I can use to highlight they are duplicates, as they have different customer numbers, but what I then need...
  10. P

    Limiting the Listbox on Userform on Input data of another Listbox

    Hello Every one! I have two Work Sheets Parties and Sales. Two Userforms "formPartyentry" and "formSalesentry" In "formsalesentry" I have two Listboxes one for Party Name Selection, which is a multicolumn listbox, which displays Partyname, GST No, and State. The other Listbox displays two...
  11. P

    Adding Records to Different Worksheet in the work book - based on Date - month wise

    Hi Every one, I am a new member in to the family of Mr.Excel, and also new to VBA programming. I have created a workbook for Sales Data Entry. Which contains different worksheets, namely "Party Details" and month wise sheets for sales Data as Apr-17, May-Say and so on. I have created a...
  12. T

    Count cells based on a text phrase within a series of text phrases

    I want to be able to count the cells in a table column based on a phrase that is contained in the cell, but the cell will also contain other phrases separated by commas. Let's say the cells have text like this: COLUMN HEADER Active Member Active Member, Interested Party Interested Party...
  13. T

    Help with combining LEFT and FIND function with multiple stipulations.

    I need to find the best solution for this Excel problem. I've done a formula where a cell will populate anything to the left of the first hyphen in the adjacent cell. This is essentially a 2500 cells project, but for simplicity sake I'll only use about 5 cells out of 2500. For example: Cell...
  14. A

    Suggestions for sFTP Handling

    Hey all, I was just looking for some advice/suggestions on handling a VBA-sFTP relationship. Presently I have an upload of a CSV file via sFTP to a third party. The third party response file can take up to 1 hour to be returned. Therefore I was wondering if anyone could suggest any more...
  15. R

    cell condition question for Google Sheets

    I'm trying to create a cell condition (that can be copy/pasted down a column as needed - on a master sheet atm) - the condition is this: If Cell X (next to cell being conditioned) has text PARTY!, then display "Y". Otherwise leave blank (for users own input). Cell X is a dropdown menu cell with...
  16. K

    Add Time Unless Duplicate Value

    Hi, We have a spreadsheet we use to route our drivers deliveries, however as this is derived from a 3rd party piece of software, it does not work exactly as we want. Basically, the drivers get 4 minutes to do each delivery, however if the same customer has 2 orders, it gives them 8 minutes...
  17. A

    VBA to apply filter and fill a column using vlookup

    Hello ! I was trying to apply Vlookup on a new column created with the reference table in another workbook. What I'm trying to achieve: > Column S in "Working IC" workbook, with sheet "Subs Console" has the Party Name column from where I want to compare the Party names from another workbook...
  18. A

    Fitting text in a Listbox

    This is a nightmare... How are you supposed to fit text of a unknown length into a listbox control and see it all ? There's no autowidth, or multiline etc. Or am I wrong? I see a suggestion to use a listview control and will try that. Or perhaps a 3rd party control you pay for? But does that...
  19. Y

    Sum with Multilple Criterias at Row & Column

    Hi, I need help on the below issue. Other than SUMPRODUCT, what are the other formulas can be used? Appreciate your kind helping hand Thank you!! <tbody> Apple Apple Apple Orange Orange Orange Jan-17 Feb-17 Mar-17 Jan-17 Feb-17 Mar-17 1 Sales Volume...
  20. M

    Condition breakdown

    I have this COND column in Excel which I need to import into Access but as you see, each row has this long string that needs to be converted into rows: Sold to party, Price Group and Shipping Condition would need to be represented 5 times for this particular Price Group....I'm at a lost trying...

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