1. M

    First time pass rate in dax

    Hello all!! I'm trying to create a measure to calculate first time past rate for a location. So if I have a day where there is ten failures and one pass on a item, it would be a first time pass rate of zero%. So the First time pass rate should be 60%
  2. D

    Password protect or prohibit the "Save" & "Save as" option in Excel

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing an order form in Excel, where people download it and then they go in every day, fill out the details and submit the order through a macro. They will just need to download it once and then do this whenever they have an order. However, is there any way in...
  3. K


    i have initiated value for some variable inside a module and called a subroutine.Inside that subroutine i have formula which uses those variables.will the subroutine recognize those varibles and their respective values even if i dont pass those values as arguemetns into subroutine?
  4. L

    conditional formatting - like reverse lookup

    Hi I want to highlight "pass" in result column to different color but not only pass but student name that correspond to that pass For example, cell F2 = pass should be highlighted to different color and also Mary1 as well (like reverse lookup) I can use conditional formatting to highlight pass...
  5. JenniferMurphy

    Best way to skip 1st & last cell in range in UDF?

    I have a little UDF that does some tallies on a column of cells (B2:B5). <tbody> R/C A B 1 Group Rating 2 North 25.2 3 South 14.7 4 East 52.0 5 West 33.8 6 Average 31.4 </tbody> I call the UDF from another cell like this: =Tally(B2:B5) I want to change that to include the cell...
  6. F

    VBA: Pass a sheet to another sub

    I need to loop thru a specified number of worksheets and run a sub. I would like to keep the two subs separately since it actually has two purposes. Basically, If Sheet5.Range("B1").value = "Prod" then I need to loop thru the 12 sheets, but if not, then I need to just run the Sub RunMe on...
  7. M

    Marksheet formula

    Excel 2007 Reg: Marksheet formula Columns B to J are in numerical format containing marks obtained. Helper Cell K1 contains 50 in numerical format, minimum required marks for a "Pass". Columns B,C & D are category 1 and student should pass at least 2 subjects (out of 3) Columns...
  8. E

    VBA: Trying to pass Cells to Function Range parameters but is passing values instead

    This is a small part of a bigger project which iterates through spreadsheets using Cells and Row and Column values. It is easier to manage than working with Ranges and String values (e.g. "A1"). In the example below, I'm trying to pass the Cells as ranges, and then the method will evaluate the...
  9. S

    Pass value between two user forms - but txt box and form name held as public variables

    Hi all, I need to pass a value from a text box (frmkeypad.tbvalue.value) to another text box in another userform. But the form name and text box name to pass it to are stored as public variables (formref and fieldref). So something like formref & "." & fieldref & ".value" =...
  10. schielrn

    Form for Checklist

    I am struggling figuring this out and thought it should be something simple. What I want to do is create a subform in a main form that is a checklist that needs to be marked as pass, fail or n/a. I have a table that based on the product they select will show the appropriate checklist items...
  11. N

    VBA to create reference number based on another cell

    Hello All ...... I need to create a "reference" or "sequence" number like seen in the number column below. This number would only be created when "Weekend Pass" is in the type column and would need to loop through all rows in the worksheet. The quantity and type columns are the only columns...
  12. R

    Passing a Form into a function

    Hello dear forum users, Im making a application where i have couple of listboxes on a form. The problem is that my code is repeating too much so im trying to avoid this repetitive code. for i = 1 to listbox.ListCount...... boilerplate code to find selected index So i decided to make a...
  13. M

    Pass Userform Checkbox check as value into cell

    Hello, I currently have this formula and need it to pass a value "X" into the Cell if it's checked within the Userform Checkbox. There are 50 checkboxes and I'd like it to pass "X" into the selected one. I currently get "False" inserted into the cell. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim ws...
  14. J

    MSXML2.serverXMLHTTP : Adding Authentication + getting JSON

    Hi, i am experimenting with the following: Sub testXMLHTTP_VBA()Dim xmlhttp As Object, myurl As String Set xmlhttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.serverXMLHTTP") myurl = "" xmlhttp.Open "GET", myurl, False xmlhttp.Send MsgBox (xmlhttp.responseText) End...
  15. B

    only works on second pass

    the code below should copy specified cells from open workbook and paste them into a new workbook and save it with yesterdays date. On first pass it opens a new workbook that doesnt have anything in it. On second pass it works. Any ideas? Option Explicit Private Sub CopytoNewWorkbook() Dim myWB...
  16. W

    wrong password counter

    Hi, I have written simple date check on open in one of my files, that prompts for password when it is expired and want to add wrong password counter and will add some more code to it on lets say 3 wrong attempts, but can not manage it to work. Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim pass As Variant...
  17. P

    Countif or Sumif

    Need some help please I have a tab with quite a few columns and need totals Col A = Staff Names Col B = Course Name Col C = whether they have Pass or Fail Col D = uk or non uk i wish to creat a new tab and count how many staff have pass or fail and if they sit in Uk or non uk New tab with...
  18. O

    IF statement with 2 or more text cells

    Having trouble writing an IF formula. I'm unsure how to reference a 2nd cell with text in my first logic statement. I'll try to recreate it below <tbody> a b 1 Within Limits Reference 2 Must Pass Report </tbody> This is one of the formulas I tried =IF(B2="Report" and A2="Must...
  19. D

    Unique Values and Dependents

    I'm looking to see if there's a formula that solves the problem below. In column A, I have a series of application I.D.s; some can appear once, some twice, some three times etc...there is no way of knowing in advance how many times an application I.D. will appear. In column B, I have a...
  20. J

    How can I pass a number with leading zero's as a parameter in PQ?

    Hi, I've looked all over for a solution to this but nothing. I'm trying to pass a number as a parameter into a URL, keeping the leading zero's. Example: 000129832 When I enter this it gets passed as 129832 which doesn't work in the URL I have this: let SR=(ACNUM)=> let Source...

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