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    Password to Open workbook : automation

    Hi all I'm very lost and looking for advice. I have several workbooks that are password protected - meaning I have to enter a password just to open them. The password is simple, "abc". I get frustrated with opening spreadsheets then having to divert myself to the keyboard to type. Is there any...
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    VBA - Verify "Open password"

    Hello guys, before I get misunderstood I'll make it clear. This is not a thread about hacking/cracking Excel/VBA passwords, the situation follows: I have a project in Excel and it contains some sensitive data, it's not top secret but I'd like to avoid anyone beeing able to open the file and...
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    activate worksheet with single password entry

    Hi Everyone...I'm a newbie here. Desired Scenario, 1. User opens spreadsheet. 2. Spreadsheet has two worksheets 3. User selects to view "Sheet2". 4. User is prompted for password (once for the entire file session). 5. Correct password (softball) allows access to worksheet, incorrect password...
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    Set File Property of File With Password

    Hi, I have an Excel Tool that opens several spreadsheets in several folders and adds comments in the file's properties (looping via InputWB.BuiltinDocumentProperties.Item ("Comments")). The problem is, whenever I encounter files with Password To Open or Password To Modify. Right now, I...

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