paste data

  1. M

    VBA Script for a Control - Send Email

    Good Morning, I am looking for some support with a template I am creating (see below). I have two controls - one to use to send the information in an email, and the other to clear the form. I have used a Macro for the clear form control, and that is working fine. I am looking for assistance with...
  2. S

    VBA help to fix broken code - delete rows, paste transposed data

    Hello, I've tried to record a macro and expand that in order to help solve my problem. I've fixed some things I need to do by looking at solved threads, but not everything. Below is my code. Ideally, I'd like to do the data sorting operation for a bunch of text files in a named folder, but...
  3. K

    Suggestions to paste new data on last row....

    Hi all, The macro I run extracts data from multiple workbooks and I have set different ranges from where to copy & paste this data into one data sheet. Issue I am having is that when I run the macro it replaces the data from previous extract in my data dump sheet. Is there a way I can keep the...
  4. Z

    Problem with PasteSpecial

    Hi there! Can anyone help me with such a simply looking issue,please? I use a sheet with some design, including fields for input by user. To prevent destroying my design, I would like to let users input datas only as a paste without formatting the cell. So I typed in this VBA code...
  5. J

    Smart Paste Information into cells

    I have a spreadsheet with several hundred records. I would like to populate blank fields in each record with information from another record with the same value in a particular field. In the example below (blank cells have been replaced with ___), I want to populate all the blank fields in...
  6. T

    Help With selecting/copying and pasting cell values

    Hi, I need help with adapting a VBA code someone helped me with a few years ago. Basically, I have an excell sheet from which I want to copy values from certain cells and paste into another flat excell file. The data falls into two types: 1: One off ie invoice date, invoice number...
  7. H

    Cut and paste whole rows into the right sheet depending on whether the row contains a particular word in any column

    Hello experts, I’m new to Excel, but I’ve grasped the concept of basic macros in VB. I’m now trying to create a macro that cuts and pastes whole rows into a different sheet depending on whether they have a particular word in any column. This is a little beyond my expertise, and I would be very...
  8. T

    Copy & Paste area help

    Help Please,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I am creating a report (using a predefined template) based on static data that was originally filtered from a pivot table. Here is the background:<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> receive pivot...
  9. Q

    Dropping data into Label

    I have a workbook with numerous sheets, few sheets have data in standard rows and columns, one sheet has a label/tag setup such as : Date:___________ Name:__________ Style:__________ Number:________ Is there anyway to highlight a row of data from another sheet and drop that information into the...
  10. T

    Paste from clipboard to active browser

    Problem: I am creating a form with a webbrowser as an object inside. From a sheet in excell I want to copy information from several cells to the browser in my form. I have no specific destination in the browser form, as you can see in the code snippet I am tabing my way through the form using...
  11. BShady

    VB Countif to count dates and paste results

    Hi! I think this will be easy for someone smarter than me. The data: I have a list of items in for repair, and record the date the item hits a particular department in a spreadsheet. Departments are columns, Items in for repair are rows. What I've done: Created a sheet with a row for each day...
  12. D

    !! MACRO NEEDED - TO PASTE two worksheets from closed workbook into other workbook

    Hi Guru's, This would be a BIG help and would be a solution to months of work i have been completing. I really need a macro written that will copy two sheets (sheet 1= rep data & sheet 2= stats) from a closed workbook into another individual workbook through macro button. Lets call the...

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