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    VBA Paste Pivot Table Data to multiple Worksheets Keeping Pivot Table Format

    I have created some VBA code to copy multiple Pivot Tables on different tabs and Paste them in a new workbook in a temp file location to be emailed from a list in the source workbook. Everything works well except when I paste the pivot tables it only paste the data and not the format. I have...
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    Posting Values and Formats with VBA

    I need to take the formats from one sheet and copy to another sheet and the values of the original sheet and post to a separate sheet. All my info is on sheet 2. I need to post the formats to Sheet 1 and the values to Sheet 3. This is what I have but it doesn't work...
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    Paste Formatting is pasting in Hidden/Filtered Cells

    Hello, I've started a new job and the Excel settings here are different than the computer I used to have. Before, I could filter a list and copy/paste formatting into all the cells in the filtered list. When I cleared the filter, normally the cells that were just filtered are the only ones that...
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    Copy and Insert Rows - Use Dynamic Range and Paste to First Blank

    Hello, Am currently an intern and a VBA newbie. Looking to write a code that inserts rows from one master template sheet and enters them into another interview sheet. The template may change and this process needs to be repeated a certain number of times. (this number is set of certain cells...
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    Customize "paste" operation to paste only Values (without format from copied data)

    Hello, For one my workbooks, I have a requirement where, I want to modify the regular "paste" operation in such a way that it acts as "Paste Special->Values". The context is that - In the worksheets, I have several conditional formats being used which are different in different columns, and I...
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    Problem with paste formats

    Hi Im using a modell where I need to save around 40 sheets to the location of the workbook. The sheets should be saved as values and that works fine but I would also like to transfer the formats, and I cant get this to work. I pieced together a code, like I said the paste special formats dont...
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    Prevent paste action in a Worksheet

    Hi <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I need to prevent a paste action in 3 columns in a worksheet as it removes formatting and Data Validation and the drop down values get lost. <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> To explain : I have three columns...

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