paste special

  1. G

    PIVOT TABLE + CHART - Pasting Special Values making Pivot Chart Blank

    Hello all, We have one pivot table where we are seeing a recurring issue - this does not happen with any other pivot tables on the tab. I am trying to paste+special values on the pivot table so it removes the link to source data, and will then leave me with a graph. This seems to work for any...
  2. BPW

    VBA - xlFilterCopy/CopyToRange - Paste Special to retain destination formatting?

    Hi Everyone, I'm stuck and need a little guidance. I'm attempting to copy unique values within a column of one worksheet and paste them within another worksheet (same workbook) retaining the destination sheet's formatting. Below is the VBA that pastes over the formatting. Sub...
  3. R

    Excel - Paste Special

    With Excel 2011 for Mac, the Paste Special function allowed you to pick different formats to Paste data that had been copied from say another Excel spreadsheet. Such formats are placed formatting, paste values, et cetera. There was even a button supplied for this task which could be included...
  4. H

    Excel autofilter incremental

    Hi, I hope you can help me to solve an issue with this code, I´m using the following code to export the filtered data to a new workbook . ie. filter information added on sep 15 2018 and create the document then i have to select sep 16 and execute macro to export the info for that day and so...
  5. J

    VBA copy & paste without formatting

    Hi All, I have a piece of code which works well, but I am unsure how to amend it... The code transfers data based on a criteria to the relevant worksheet. I need to amend it so that it doesn't remove any of the formatting that is present on the entire destination sheet ("RM DOM") and simply...
  6. L


    Hi All, I'm trying write a MACRO to do the following (As a small porti of a large MACRO project): (Consider that I will have a varying number of COLUMNS and ROWS each time the report is generated, so, the columns needed manipulated will be different each time. This is why I need to use Header...
  7. A

    Using paste Special in Sheet taking a lot of time

    I am preparing a dashboard whose first row contains the formula which needs to be dragged down . It takes almost 30 minutes to do a paste special . is there any way to reduce this time . The Sheet has 182 columns and a total of 8000 rows . Takes almost 30 minutes daily.
  8. B

    Excel sheet increases when using Paste Special's Multiply option.

    Hi all, I have a lot of columns in excel that I want to multiple by the same number, but want to do it in the same cells without having to create new sheets etc. I found the Paste Special + Multiply option. It does the job, but it increases the size of my excel sheet by a significant number. It...
  9. M

    VBA Copy/paste/clear/create new workbook

    Hi Guys, I have in my opinion a challenge with some VBA, but im sure there is a wizard in this forum who can help! I have three sheets that need to work in unison with each other. This is how I think they should work. Sheet1 (Entry Sheet) All the information will be entered here and...
  10. G

    Didn't work my macro to copy&paste only as formulas by default... can you give it a quick check?

    Hi expert! I need your help to check this macro I found to copy and paste without formatting. I tried it but it made a complete mess... <code class="vb keyword" style="white-space: nowrap; padding: 0px !important; font-family: Consolas, "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono", "Courier New", Courier...
  11. K

    Paste Special to copy Cell Protection status from one sheet/range/cell to another?

    Hello, I have a template worksheet in which most cells are marked as "Locked" for protection (under format) while specific cells are left unlocked. Now I want to copy this specific arrangement of locked/unlocked cells (not the cell contents, just the protection status) onto many other sheets...
  12. 9

    Posting Values and Formats with VBA

    I need to take the formats from one sheet and copy to another sheet and the values of the original sheet and post to a separate sheet. All my info is on sheet 2. I need to post the formats to Sheet 1 and the values to Sheet 3. This is what I have but it doesn't work...
  13. M

    Macro to Paste special any values into a worksheet

    Hi all, Does anybody know how to design a macro that will paste special any values that I put into a worksheet (Sheet1)? My copied values will change in size and could be from multiple other spreadsheets. So the code probably needs to remember the last action performed rather than a...
  14. B

    Run Macro when user clicks Paste or Paste Special

    Dear all, I am currently using this code to run a macro when a user types V Application.OnKey "^v", "PasteSizedPicture" I'd like to run the same Macro "PasteSizedPicture" whenever a user clicks Paste or Paste Special instead of the regular action. Is there a method to do this? Thanks, Bill
  15. M

    copy data and not formula

    Hello, I have a document containing 3 sheets. sheet 1 pulls data from an external source sheet 2 uses index and match to locate and copy errors sheet 3 will record errors collected by sheet 2 sheet 2 is using index/match formulas to locate information there is 100 rows with the index/match...
  16. S

    Copying Conditional Formating Formula

    Hello, New to the forums here. I have searched multiple threads and am struggling to find an answer. I have a conditional formatting formula "=$G6<>$H6" set up to highlight numerical differences in two cells. That part works fine. My range is set to the two columns being compared...
  17. A

    Error in Copying Dynamic Ranges with Static Number of Rows

    Hi all, I am using VBA to copy the first 10 rows (including Headers) of data in every sheet of a workbook to a "master", or summary, sheet. The number of columns changes from sheet to sheet, and the total number of sheets will change as well (over time). After I copy each selection, I want to...
  18. J

    Paste from varied source formats XL2010

    Hi, I am working on a data collection tool that will be used by people across various different countries, unlikely to be of a high competence in excel. The macro I require is a glorified paste special function, which will be added both as a button and a keyboard short cut. The issue that I...
  19. P

    vba merge multiple sheets into master workbook, copy , paste values & source FONT formatting

    Morning, I am trying to merge several worksheets from different workbooks into a master workbook. Because the users of the source workbooks aren't particularly skilled at excel, I like to use the paste values method to avoid copying unintended data into the master (like external links, named...
  20. R

    Can we Build a Paste Special Menu Button to Paste Unique Values

    I do a lot of filtering for lots of different spreadsheets. One thing I do about 100 times a day is copy-paste unique values from a column using the typical "Data->Sort & Filter->Advanced->Copy Unique Filters to Cell ___" So that requires a lot of clicking. I can't create a macro that does it...

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