1. S

    When pasting, only allow to use the first X columns

    Hi all, I have text that I paste in my sheet that takes about 10 columns. The problem is that the last column is a hyperlink. I already have hyperlinks in other columns which activates a macro (sending email) when I click on it. Therefore when I paste the text, the pasted hyperlink undesirable...
  2. C

    Issues subtotaling and breaking down the subtotal outline to obtain records for copying.

    I download each month a report that provides a list of telephone numbers that I keep track of to show how many incoming calls were made to one of our call centers and the duration of those calls. What I am doing is placing the downloaded data into the worksheet "Original Data". From There I...
  3. B

    Cut and paste in Excel

    Hi, I have a problem: I need to line the same people in column B and currently it looks like this person is always in one cell from A-H but not always in column B as desired. If this person is in for example column H then I have to move him/her to column B and person from column G to column A...
  4. A

    Copy data from selection of sheets

    Hi I'm trying to collate the data from sheets 2 through 11 onto sheet 1 of a workbook but I'm struggling with the macro. How would I go about cutting and pasting the rows with data from sheets 2 to 11 (without headers) on to the next available row on sheet 1?
  5. K

    Handling Multiple Checkboxes with one code

    Hey, I would like some help with making this code below work for the 30 checkbox's I have. Is there a way to shorten it down instead of copy and pasting it 30 times? If CheckBox1.Caption = "" Then CheckBox1.Visible = False End If TIA Kyle
  6. Dr. Demento

    Pasting linked range or chart from Excel to PowerPoint

    I'm having trouble finding an example of the method of pasting a range or chart from Excel into PowerPoint as a linked object. A link would be great. Thanks y'all.
  7. M

    Pasting Book Page

    This macro should open up the file (Food room book 2), copy/paste the selected range into the SkutoSkutemplate and then close the page (Foodroom book 2). Range("A1:J810").Select Selection.Copy Windows("SkutoSkuTemplate1").Activate ActiveSheet.Paste...
  8. B

    Macro using cell value

    Hello all, I need help on this please. I need to use the value from cell (B5)'sheet1' in a filter on sheet2. When I record my macro I am copying and pasting the value of B5 over to sheet2 filter and then copying and pasting the results back over to sheet1. This is working but the problem is...
  9. MUKESHY12390

    Dynamic use of Indirect Formula

    Hi All - Is there any way if I can make "D2" dynamic. I mean while pasting it to other Row or other Column "D2" should change to D3 or E2 ( Bascially I want to adjust Relative Reference concept while pasting.) =INDIRECT("Sheet1!"&"$D2"). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. D

    Copy a row, paste its values, move to next row, move to another sheet and etc

    Hi guys, I am going to say what I am trying to accomplish in words. I have a report I was doing manually. The info is imported into different workbooks from a master excel file. From then i was copying and pasting each row as of the different days of the month. This could be automated so I have...
  11. E

    Pasting Values

    Hi all, I am having an issue with my macro. I have a button set up to copy data from one sheet and then paste it on another. A formula in one of the cells is pasting and changes when it gets paste, thus throwing a Ref error. I want to keep both the formatting and the value, so...
  12. T

    Copy paste repeat

    I have a spreadsheet with over 80 tabs. I want to collect the contents of Columns B and C on each of those 80+ tabs and put it on 1 separate tab without copying and pasting 80+ times. In other words a macro but the macro recorder does seem to quite get the index to next tab and pasting at the...
  13. E

    Pasting Data in Different Locations

    Hey everyone, Is there a VBA macro to have data paste in the next free row, but have different cells paste not in order? Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B18:B19").Copy Sheets("Sheet2").Activate lastrow = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row Cells(lastrow + 1, 1).PasteSpecial...
  14. E

    Pasting Data

    Hi all, So I am currently copying data from one sheet and pasting it to another. The data on Sheet 1 is pasted vertically and all over the place (ie: Rows 16 through Rows 19, then Rows 125 to Rows 130). Then I have different rows being copied under different circumstances. So continuing the...
  15. L

    Pasting down empty filtered Cells?

    Hello. Is there a way to paste down a column into empty blank cells which has been filtered? Here's what I have so far, I've gotten to copying and pasting the last active cell in A, but need to move once cell down and paste the data mirroring the last used row in cell V. Column V always has...
  16. L

    How to tell VBA to stop pasting down a column?

    Hello. Just a quick question. Is there anyway to tell VBA to stop pasting my data by referring to end of another column for which there is data? I'm trying to paste info down a blank column and have told it to stop at row 200, but the data range always changes. For instance the end row may be...
  17. Z

    Copying a range of cells from one sheet to another not working

    Hi! I'm trying to copy a range of cells to a second sheet and then delete the row from the first sheet. It seems like it should be pretty simple but the code is throwing an unknown error and highlighting the line "Sheets("Sheet1").Range(cell1, cell2).Copy" Any ideas why this would be happening...
  18. J

    Stop Copy and paste

    Hi How do i stop users pasting data from one workbook into another. When i disable copypaste in the workbook it stops pasting within the workbook but when i copy from another workbook it lets me paste Can anyone help?
  19. D

    Adding copy-paste into loop VBA formula

    Hi everyone I have a quite simple Excel sheet with two tabs in it (Sheet1 and Sheet2) Sheet 2 contains numbers in row Q and hyperlinks in column T Basically any time when there is a number "1" in row Q, macro should copy paste hyperlink from reflective row to A4 in Sheet1, call few macros and...
  20. T

    VBA - pasting data in the last cell of a column

    Hi, I'm trying to paste data from cell L1 (the word "Rental") to the last cell in column G, but it's pasting in the wrong cell, it should paste in cell G40 as that is the last blank cell, but it's pasting in cell G6988 and then I want it to copy the word "Rental" to the last cell that has data...

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