pattern matching

  1. R

    Finding consecutive date pattern

    Hi I require a formula that checks dates shown on a row and sees if they are consecutive days, and return the quantity of consecutive days. If possible it also needs to discard weekend days, therefore Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd and Monday 5th will count as 3 consecutive days. Finally, each row...
  2. G

    Excel number pattern recognition

    Beloved experts in the house, I've a data list of numbers in in 4 column, so I discovered that there move with a unique patterns and formation. So the question is, how can I search for combinations of patterns in the 4 column at once.
  3. P

    Regular Expression Pattern question

    Can anyone help with the following.... I am tryiing to write a Regular Expression Patterm to find all instances within a string. The data is a date/time followed by a name followed by (Work notes) or (Shared notes) and then the actual notes. e.g. the string would look like this.... 26/07/2019...
  4. J

    Analyzing data

    Hi, I am in dire need to analyze some sales figures for a lot of different products to identify which ones have similar sales pattern over the course of a 12 month period. No regards to volume, only sales pattern over 12 months is interesting. I need the products with similar patterns to be...
  5. L33

    Extract text from string that matches a defined pattern (Power Query)

    Hi, I need to use Power Query (in Excel) to extract from a long list of free text strings any instances of a 8-digit number that begins with a 4. This could be anywhere within the free text or no where. I need a new column that extracts that number, or returns null (and, in what would hopefully...
  6. E

    Check Pattern with VBA

    <tbody> EMP ID EMP Name Date Job JOB # 1 John 1/1/17 Manager 1 1 John 1/2/17 Manager 1 1 John 1/3/17 Employee 2 2 Mary 1/1/17 Employee 2 2 Mary 1/2/17 Employee 2 3 Peter 1/3/17 Manager 1 4 Paul 1/4/17 Employee 2 </tbody> Hello all- I am creating a converter for payroll files...
  7. S

    Excel Pattern Matching?

    Is there a way to match patterns of characteristics of data? Assume I have 10,000 rows of data and each is made up for 5 columns. The first column is a unique customer number and the remaining four columns each have either a 1 or 0. There are 15 unique patterns of 1 or 0 in the data set (e.g...
  8. B

    Set of data with certain patterns - find next value after pattern occurs

    Hello, I have set of data in column like this for example: 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 Now, as you can see BOLD numbers is pattern for example pattern for last 3 numbers in given data set it: 0,1,1. I want to find next value in set of data IF my patterns occurs in this set of data. So in example...
  9. J

    Trouble Creating an Autofill from a linked cell every 9 lines

    Hello all I am having difficulty creating an autofill formula. The first tab of my file is called "By Room" and I would like to link exactly every 9th cell down the sheet (starting with B7 and going forward, B16, B25, B34, B43 etc.) to the second tab, called "Ceilings" into every cell without...
  10. M

    Assistance needed - Pattern Matching question (repost)

    Hello everyone I have a list of company names that I would like to match up to a list of other company names. The list in column A goes from A2 to A11087. The list in column B goes from B2 to B57013. What I am trying to accomplish is I want to create a some kind of macro code such as the...
  11. N

    Identify and Count Patterns in Data in Excel

    Hi, I am using the following code to identify and count patterns in Excel. I have patterns such as 1,3,2 in rows. Column A contains the entire data set that from which the patterns must be identified and counted and in Column C I have (c1 = serach pattern C2=1,C3=3,C4=2). This code only worked...
  12. K

    Syntax for 'Any Number'. Replace with "/". VBA

    Hi, I have a list of data with a mix of text, numbers and symbols in excel, such as: 'Quick Turn 15, 18, 20, 200 Dual Turn 20 8 Station, 8 Position QT Nexus 150/200/250/300/350 SQT 200, 250 12 Station, 12 Position QT Smart 150S / 300 / 350' (note this is an example of what is contained in a...
  13. K

    Pattern Matching in Find/ Replace VBA Excel

    Hi, First of all I am trying to replace a part of a string in a list of data e.g. EXP4200-1 EXP4200-2 EXP4200-5 EXP4200-25 EXP4000-2 EXP4000-3 EXP3080-12 EXP3080-105 EXP3080-106 ... I want to delete (or replace with "") the 'EXP####-' part of the string, however I dont know how to use the...
  14. N

    Use index function to shift range in a patterned formula

    Hi all, I have been playing around with a function all day and it is driving me nuts. My goal is to automatically calculate the volatility of a warrant's (equity) price over time as it approaches the end of its term (in this case 60 months). I want to create a formula that takes the STDEV of...
  15. ClimoC

    Vba Maths Challenge/Problem - Offbeat Weekday Patterns

    I'm sure this might just be 2 integers working cleverly in tandem, but I'm not 100% it would work for ANY instance... Scenario: Userform with 3 pertinent sections - A) A 'Starting Date' field (Date) B) A 'Number of Dates' (Long/Byte) C) 7 Checkboxes, 1 for each day of the week If a user...
  16. O

    Find and replace text

    I have two excel spreadsheets. The first one is Field ID and has all Field ID's associated with field names Field ID Field Name 1000 Field 1 1001 Field 2 1002 Field 3 1003 Field 4 1004 Field 5 The other spreadsheet is the Rules spreadsheet IF ‘Field 1’ <> BLANK...

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