1. M

    Spreadsheet to calculate overtime and total hours

    Hi I am needing help to create a formula within my timesheet tracking spreadsheet to track the number of hours my team have worked during a working week to assist our accounts department to ensure they are receiving the correct pay. Our working week is Monday to Friday and we work 8 hours per...
  2. K

    From excel timesheet create a import file csv

    Hi, really hoping for some help please. I have a excel timesheet which details hours worked against different pay elements. For example , columns would be ... Ee no., name, no.of hrs, hourly rate, total pay. Header above theses columns would be PE Basic pay( 88). Following to the right , the...
  3. Y

    Finding a value based on an effective date with multiple criteria

    I have a sheet with pay rates. There are about 80 different pay rates that differ for age, gender and competition type. Rather than have a sheet with a rate for every day of the year for the past 12 years I'm wondering if there is a way to do this with effective dates. So when I'm looking up a...
  4. S

    Getting messy data into one line

    A big part of my job is getting spreadsheet data from different clients and putting the information into our database. Most of our 200+ companies send reasonable spreadsheets I can manipulate pretty fast, but one insists on sending what I think is a scan of their paychecks, converted into...
  5. K

    Over 40 hrs

    So I am doing a work sheet that will calculate pay for employees. The employees are paid from 8 to 5 during the week, and are on call for a large part of their pay period. When they are activated, their pay starts and has to be calculated until the job is complete. My problem is their pay will...
  6. L

    multiple total time by number

    Hi I want to add time then multiple the result by rate which is 10. So I have my time formatted as hh:mm then I used =Sum(B1:B4) to find the total which is 21:00 Now I want to multiple 21:00 by 10 to find how much to pay I got 18:00, clearly that is wrong. So I convert the total pay cell to...
  7. T

    if then statment

    I need a formula that will look at the dates in a column and if between X and Y then sum(range) I am working on calculating quarterly totals, so I want it to look in colA for date between 01/01/2019 and 03/31/2019 then add that range totals from column E col A Col B...
  8. F

    Using range.find with an offset

    <tbody> Name (Column AD) Category (AE) Total Hrs (AF) Pay Rate (AG) Wage (AH) John Doe 1 TT Field 12.5 <tbody> $104.55/hr </tbody> <tbody> $1,306.88 </tbody> John Doe 2 TT Field 4 <tbody> $104.55/hr </tbody> <tbody> $418.20 </tbody> John Doe 3 Field 15 <tbody> $34.85/hr...
  9. B

    Excel formula to auto-select a figure on certain conditions

    The pay of an employee in applicable level in the Pay Matrix will be fixed by multiplying the existing basic pay by a factor of 2.57, rounded off to the nearest rupee and the figure so arrived at will be located in that level in the Pay Matrix and if such an identical figure corresponds to any...
  10. S

    Cell reference depending on age date of birth

    If you are not aware, in the UK we have National Minimum Wage that varies on your age. The ranges are 16-17, 18-20, 21-24, 25+ I have members of staff of varying age that can move through the various rates of pay. I have a cell with the member of staff's date of birth. I have grid of cells with...
  11. A


    Hello, I'm looking for a formula that would accomplish the following. If the date in worksheet (DRP Payable "J") is between the start (A3)and end date (D3) of the pay period listed in (Pay Period Report), I would like to list the results of J,G and H from DRP Payable to be listed in Pay Period...
  12. shyam

    who has to pay or receive from who?

    Four people travelled to a place. their total expenses was Rs.2850. Divided equally would be Rs.712.50 A is charged 712.50 but paid Rs.1940 B is charged 712.50 but paid NIL C is charged 712.50 but paid 820 D is charged 712.50 but paid 90. Now A has to receive 1227.50 and C has to receive...
  13. R

    picking up same info from different columns

    Hi I have a spreadsheet that comes every month with a lot of payroll data on it. I need to update a master sheet that holds summary details each month. My problem is that the data in the columns from the payroll spreadsheet can be different each month eg month 1 col D may have OT1 but next...
  14. M

    Total a column and repeat headings

    Please can someone help me with a script - I have a sheet that has a blank row every time a new name appears in column A What i would like is to: Place a total of the figures in column G - total in column F (last row) Repeat the headings from row 1 on each blank line Example of end result...
  15. N

    help with VLOOKUP

    Hi everyone, please could someone help me. I've created a spreadsheet called example. In it I have 52 weeks of the year with each sheet week number all the staff members that we pay weekly, and their breakdowns. We print these out weekly to attach to their pay envelopes. I then have a summary at...
  16. M

    Creating Pay Bands in excel

    Hello Please could someone advise how best to create the following pay bands in excel: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> £0-7,550 £7,551-9,925 £9,926-12,500 £12,500-17,500 £17,501-22,500 £22,501-30,000 £30,001-50,000 £50,001-100,000 £100,001- My data is 4500 lines with pay...
  17. A

    Excel 3D Sumif Formula

    Hello, I am fairly new to excel and formulas and am trying to learnt he best i can :) I am a bit stuck on a formula which I can't seem to work out... I have a spreadsheet of invoices we have sent out to our customers for each pay period, I have a tab for each pay period with a list of names...
  18. C

    Macro to advance multiple cells by same interval

    Hello! I have a series of timesheets I've made in Excel. Each worksheet contains a two-week pay period, with the dates in cells D3 through D16 (ie, 14 days). To make the next pay period sheet I've just been making a copy of the last worksheet and then manually changing the dates (well...
  19. D

    Pay dates between two dates

    I'm attempting to calculate the dates for payroll for contract labor. Our payroll is on the 1st and 15th of the month. Contract dates are: A1 has the Start Date: 6/23/2019 A2 has he End Date: 8/17/2019 I'm using this formula to calculate the number of pay periods...
  20. E

    Match data from 2 work sheets and return the result to the first worksheet

    Hello, What I am looking for is vlookup type function that will look up the first 3 columns in data worksheet 1 and find it in the data lookup table and find the pay grade and if it is there return the Role Type to Data Sheet 1 Role Type. Data Worksheet 1 (8k rows) Division Name...

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