1. A

    Calculate number of hours worked based on total pay

    I receive the total pay for an employee and the pay rate. What formula can I use to come up with the hours taking in to account overtime?
  2. R

    Payroll Macros

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has an existing macro or made one in the past for payroll. I attached a screenshot of what it would look like so you just input the time in and time out for each employee and then it would calculate the time when you hit the calculate button and add the total...
  3. N

    Formula for Calculating OT with Multiple Work Rates

    Hi! I need a formula that will help me do the following. I have spent hours trying to figure this out but haven't found a solution. Our employees work at multiple locations with different wages at every location. I need a formula that will take the summed total hours for all locations, apply...
  4. B

    VBA for Payroll and statutory deduction

    I am new to VBA. I will need your assistance in building a VBA the will automatically import and perform the tax calculations. Thank you and I will really appreciate your assistance.
  5. A

    Payroll employee exit query

    i am preparing payroll sheet. there is mastersheet where all employee data available and there are 12 sheets for attendance and salary. if any employee leave the job his data wont be showup in further month in aatendace and salary sheets but his past month data must be there for records.. how...
  6. J

    Formula to calculate earnings based on multiple factors

    Hello. I use this board a lot to get answers to my questions but this is my first post so please let me know if I miss anything important. I am trying to calculate some payroll figures and running into some trouble. I know this is a task that seems redundant, well it is, but we are working...
  7. R

    picking up same info from different columns

    Hi I have a spreadsheet that comes every month with a lot of payroll data on it. I need to update a master sheet that holds summary details each month. My problem is that the data in the columns from the payroll spreadsheet can be different each month eg month 1 col D may have OT1 but next...
  8. S

    [VBA] Copy/Paste Values to New Workbook and Separate Tabs

    So I have somewhat of a complex requirement that I need some help with in VBA. I currently have 1 Workbook (Payroll Tracking) which as you can imagine, tracks payroll numbers. Haha. What I would like to have it do, with a command button is to copy/paste (Values) from 1 table to a new workbook...
  9. leopardhawk

    Need expert advice with difficult formula

    Trying to piece together a formula that will combine a bit of text with COUNT results from a worksheet called 'payroll'. Perhaps I should start with what I want the finished result to look like. The formula, which is on a worksheet called 'income_analysis', would return the following...
  10. R

    return column header for each value occurrence in a table

    Hello, I have a table countries and jobs in that country. I am looking to select the job and get all the countries that job is in. Example: select Janitor and the output will show USA,China and Canada <tbody> USA Spain China Canada Mexico Janitor Payroll Janitor HR Manager Operator...
  11. T

    VBScript - Effecient Close Of Excel Workbook and Application

    Hello all, I am running a VBS macro in our ERP that opens a target Excel Document and populates the form with data from a workbook. The program works but the execution time is roughley 1 and a half minutes. I placed some MsgBox's throughout the script to see where the lag was comming from...
  12. P

    VBA remove decimals

    Hi all, I would like to use a VBA code so that to clear the numbers’ decimals which contains space before comma e.g. 26 ,7 should be 26 Therefore that, the code should run through col. “C4” : “O” and rows down. Please see below an extract of original data and the expected result. Thank you...
  13. C

    Conditional format date if it matches two conditions

    I have searched the web for a solution to my question with no luck. Here is my issue: I have cell A1 with a date (any date), I also have two named ranges. One named Holidays and the other one named Payroll. They are used to identify the company's holidays and the payroll dates. I need to...
  14. E

    Allocate costs on a monthly basis

    Hi all, I tried looking for an answer myself (or here), but I just can't get it to work. Hopefully the answer is understandeable for a non-IT guy (finance background)... :-) So the problem: We have about 100 employees working on our payroll and we want to allocate their individual cost to...
  15. cricket1001

    Confused on how to do a formula for my payroll workbook

    I have a payroll workbook that has 26 payroll worksheets and an OT Totals worksheet at the end. I'm trying to figure out a formula in the OT Totals worksheet that will find an employee's last name in each worksheet and total their Reg OT. Last year I just made a formula by going to each...
  16. J

    VBA Code to Download Password Protected Excel File - Server Blocking Request

    I am trying to use the below code to download a list of daily reports from password protected sites. The server seems to be blocking the request. I have no issues when manually logging in to download each report. I am using Excel 2013 and not positive that this is the correct WinHTTP...
  17. E

    Help with formula for simple payroll

    <tbody> weekly salary ee er weeks salary 200-339.99 11.9 23.8 4 340-449.99 17.4 34.8 450-609.99 23.3 46.6 610-759.99 30.1 60.2 </tbody> hello so i need aformula to say if my salary is 600 then use ee b3 also multiply ans by d1
  18. P

    Revise numbers

    Hi all, I would like to use a VBA code so that to “revise” the numbers in col. “J” if the account in col. “E” is “450102 ADMIN”, “450102 RES”, “605102 ADMIN” and “605102 RES” Therefore, that should make the proper deduction and then should turn the negative number into positive. Below I present...
  19. R

    Overtime payroll sheet nightmare!

    Hi I am trying to create an overtime sheet for my Hospital's salaries department and I am stuck! They need to have an out put of the exact hours worked (eg 09:00-17:00) for each day. Some people my work onsite in the hospital on several occasions per day so the exact hours for these need to be...
  20. Z

    Formula for Counting No. of Hours Worked Based on Se Schedule Excluding Time Outside of Schedule

    Hi, everyone. Sorry if the title is kinda vague, but what I was trying to do is coming up with a formula for computing the number of work hours for each employee based on their schedule against their timestamps. Then, also compute their lates and absences. Here's how my tables would look like...

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