1. Jyggalag

    Make excel macro refer to other sheet than itself

    Hi all, I currently have this code, which saves my sheet (entitled "Sheet3") as a PDF: Option Explicit Sub SaveFileWithMacro() Dim Path As String Dim fn As String Path = "S:\Path\PDF files\" fn = Range("A63") ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=Path & fn & ".pdf" End...
  2. B

    Text to Columns on Two, or more, blank spaces?

    In Cell A1 I have a Huge Text String that originated in a .pdf file. There are no useful delimiters, such as commas or semi-colons. any text that has two or more spaces between is a field in the original .pdf is there a way to split this out is by using two or more blank spaces as the delimiter?
  3. W

    Showing .pdf file in folder with my code

    Hi. I got this code (below), that users submitt some text and values, then it saves the file as a .pdf. This works perfect, but, at the line ***foldername = .SelectedItems(1)*** it opens filebox and lets users select a folder to save the pdf file at, but is there a way to show the existing...
  4. F

    Macro that creates separate .pdfs

    Hi all, I am looking to create a macro that takes each sheet I have selected and turns it into a separate .pdf, and also names the .pdf. For example, if there are five sheets in my workbook, but I only have three sheets selected, I would want those three sheets to be created into three...
  5. I

    Saving Workbook as .pdf & .xlsm with specific path and filename, FileFormat:=51 no longer works

    This VBA Code below worked for several years and all of a sudden it stops at the line I highlighted in BOLD (ending with FileFormat:=51. This Purchase Order Form with VBA Code saves my PO's in .pdf & .xlsm and adds a line to my log tab, then clears the form. It works on my computer at home which...
  6. M

    VBA Hyperlink based on Cell Values Hello Guys, Can someone help me make a VBA code that will automatically add hyperlink to columns D & E. Given the information provided in Column A, B & C? Also, I have several worksheet in one workbook, in this case the below data is from sheet name called "Drawing" I have managed to...
  7. B

    Save as

    Evening Looking to remove the .xlsx from the export to PDF in the below script. Thanks guys Sub PDF()Dim wb As String Dim filepath As String wb = ActiveWorkbook.Name filepath = CreateObject("WScript.Shell").SpecialFolders("Desktop") & "\" & wb & ".pdf" ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat _...
  8. L

    Print Macro to .pdf...Multiple Pages to One .pdf

    I have a print macro designed to copy/paste, then print. It repeats these steps over and over as it moves row by row down the document. It works great. However, after printing paper copies I'd love to be able to re-do the print macro while printing the multiple pages to just one .pdf file. When...
  9. D

    VBA to Browse for Folder and Merge Files - PDF

    The call of this macro seems easier to explain than tolocate online. I'm rather green in VBA, so any related items I have foundlooked like Greek to me. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. The call of the Macro: Open Shell App to allow me to browse for afolder on my computer Select...
  10. avisoft20

    Export every sheet like .pdf with its own name

    Hi, I am trying to create pdf from excel workbook.but pdf will save with their own name..i have multiple sheet in a single workbook Example: sheet1-Jan sheet2-feb sheet3-march I wana to save all .pdf in same directory. jan.pdf feb.pdf march.pdf I am using this VBA code : Option Explicit Sub...
  11. M

    VBA Code - Excel save as .pdf and email

    Hi I am after a VBA code to select certain sheets of my excel workbook .xlsx, convert them to .pdf and email it via outlook. Thanking in advance.
  12. D

    Move .pdf files from one folder to another

    Hi is it possible to use a vba macro to move .pdf files from one folder to another on my c drive....there are 100 or so files...the only constant is that all end in .pdf (the name of the file itself will vary but all end in .pdf. Thanks in advance
  13. M

    Interactive .pdf - Complete via VBA

    I have a .pdf from that requires the user to tick boxes, fill in text boxes, etc. I was going to recreate this .pdf form in an Excel sheet but I was wondering if VBA can tel the .pdf what boxes to tick, text to enter, etc from selections made via a worksheet? TIA
  14. N

    Printing Macro with Array of Sheets

    :confused::confused::confused::confused: So the Macro I have done should work and I'm not sure why it doesn't. It keeps coming back with a Run Time Error 1004 Sub export_Data() ' Sheets(Array("Period Actuals vs Budget Graph", "Weekly Actuals vs Budget", _ "Yearly Actuals vs Budget"...
  15. S

    How can i send my workbook as pdf to email

    I've got my VBA that saves the whole worksheet as a filename in a cell and date-stamp, looking for an addition to the code that will send an email too. Cell with email address is E8. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() ActiveWorkbook.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:= _...
  16. J

    VBA - Send email over fixed gmail with PDF attachment

    Hello excel friends, I have an issue trying to make a button to send an email containing a PDF of a certain range on a certain sheet. The purpose is to send the worksheet to others, so that they can then fill in the sheet and send the information that i want from them back to me by simply...
  17. A

    VBA - mass change of pdf filename

    Dear All, I have created the below script that will allow me to delete the last 10 characters from the pdf filenames. It's working - my only problem is that - I cannot find a way how to adjust it so that he do not delete as well the extension (.pdf) of these files... Could you please help me...
  18. kelly mort

    Modifying Create Pdf Macro

    Found this code here on the forum and need help with modification : Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() 'This macro opens the SaveAs option with the defult file path "you have to set this file path below" coverts the whole sheet into .pdf file format 'And opens the .pdf to view <-- you can...
  19. J

    Excel Crash while saving

    Hello, I have a workbook used by a couple different people (but not at the same time) that is intermittently crashing while trying to save. The file is saved on a network share. Judging by the error message it's a issue with my VBA code. I can open the file on a different computer and it works...
  20. R

    Help with code to re-align data

    I have imported 5000+ lines of data which was copied from a .pdf - unfortunately although it was laid out in the .pdf in 4 columns, it has imported into Excel all in one column e.g. A1=Title 1 A2=Title 2 A3=Title 3 A4=Title 4 A5=Data 1 A6=Data 2 A7=Data 3 A8=Data 4 I need it to be: A1=Title...

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