pdf macro

  1. K

    Printing to PDF, but not catching the whole page

    Hello All, Apologies in advance for the long type to follow... But I have a situation where I thought I had the PageSetup going smooth. But the product I receive is just a snippet of what I am after and it keeps slicing my tables off at the page breaks. See Code Below↓ I left out the codes...
  2. T

    Create PDF macro button - PLEASE HELP

    Hi Team, Once again, I would really appricate your help! Background: I am creating a workbook - where the user selects difference criteria (slicers), which specifies which worksheet is relevent (out of 26 different options). The user then inputs some varible which in turns updates the...
  3. C

    Dynamic column/ would like to link macro to cell and value.

    Ecel 10' and windows 7 I have a sheet and the values of D3 through Dxx change depending on inputs from another tab in the same workbook. I am trying to use a macro that will take me to the corresponding page number for that changing field. I would like to be able to click on the cell to take...
  4. G

    Looking for the BEST macro/add-in for saving sheets as PDFs and attaching PDFs to Outlook emails

    Dear All, I am looking for a macro or add-in that will save an Excel sheet as a PDF and attach the PDF to an Outlook email. My idea is to have one sheet in the Excel file with a table of sheet names, recipient email addresses, subject lines for the emails, and customized messages for the...
  5. N

    ExportAsFixedFormat - no colour?

    Excel 2007 I have a macro that uses the export to PDF function however it does not take any notice of the colour formatting. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  6. J

    Macro to PDF all sheets automatically

    Hi all Gurus, Hope you can help me out with this simple request. Thanks System: 1. Excel 2003 2. Acrobat Acrobat 9 Standard Issue: I have to do an admin job of filtering files every week!!! There are 20 tabs, and i have to pdf them one-by-one base on each of the tab names. Can someone...
  7. Y

    VBA code to open pdf document

    Hello, This is my first post so please be patient.... I have created a macro that saves a worksheet as pdf, lets the user select location for saving the file, lets the user choose whether to open the file and folder where its located. My issue is that i cant work out how to get the macro...
  8. D

    Adding range to body of email and attach pdf

    Hi all, I have a named range in my file which I wish to add to the body of my email, at the same time I want to attach that range as a pdf file (under one code to automate the process). I have used online tutorials and have managed to add the range to the body of the email and have also...
  9. J

    Print to PDF Macro using Custom File and Folder Name

    Hi all, I've been reading around on the website, and all the threads that I have found have been very useful, but it seems that no-one has asked how to create a macro that allows a custom PDF file name from a cell and a customer folder name, from another cell. I'm running Excel 2010 on Windows...
  10. S

    macro save worksheet as pdf with same workbook filename and location

    Hi,have viewed some macros that neeeeearly do this for me e.g Sub Create_PDF() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Range("A1").Select x = ActiveCell.Value ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = "$A$4:$AB$52" Dim ThisWBPath As String ThisWBPath = ThisWorkbook.Path...
  11. C

    Print to PDF writer and save with custom file name

    I have been using this print code but now they want me to save it with longer file name Loan #_ document id_ document id _ document id_time stamp.pdf I get the idea of changing the printer but what i dont get is how to get the underlines and how do i tell it to save it with those different...
  12. M

    Print to PDF Issue (Nearly There)

    Hi All Can someone please be off assistance, I am trying to tag a bit on to an existing macro that prints the workbook as a PDF and saves it. The problem seems to be that when the pop up comes up asking what to call the file the part of the macro that should hit "Enter" at that point is not...
  13. P

    Printing workbook to PDF

    Hello, How do I print my workbook to PDF. I am close but not there yet. Instead of posting my non working code I was hoping someone could put some code on here. I am going to assign the macro to a button. I would like to put the folder path in one cell U18 the filename will be in three...
  14. T

    Creating Individual PDF file from Excel Sheets

    Good Afternoon Everyone, This is my first time posting and appreciate any help i can get, I have found this site to be incredibly valuable in my evolution as an Excel and Access user. Ok Essentially what I'm looking for is an example of VB code to Save multiple sheets in Excel as individual...

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