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    Save As PDF Macro with a twist

    I am a beginner at Excel here and i realize the potential for this program is crazy high. I need to create a macro that will allow me to save a PDF from an XL file I am creating by running a report out of Access. This report yields a workbook with 2 sheets in it. The first tab (sheet) called...
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    Saving Reports into Different Folders With Different Logos and Title

    I have 40+ reports that I generate weekly for different clients. I have the workbook set up so that each report is in a new sheet/tab and have a macro that runs through and saves each report as a PDF using the file name I desigate in a cell within the sheet. My clients are now wanting the...
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    Creating Individual PDF file from Excel Sheets

    Good Afternoon Everyone, This is my first time posting and appreciate any help i can get, I have found this site to be incredibly valuable in my evolution as an Excel and Access user. Ok Essentially what I'm looking for is an example of VB code to Save multiple sheets in Excel as individual...

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