1. T

    Finding peaks in cyclic data

    Hi all, I have a cyclic data sheet from where I need to get only the peak value in each cycle. Here's a sample of the data. I have filtered only the positive part here. Same needs to be done for the negative cycles. Any help on the matter is highly apppreciated. Thank you
  2. J

    Return single number value based on range

    Heya, im barely great at Excel, and im struggling to develop a formula. I have one sheet that has a Numeric result in ONE cell - S2 The number is ANY value, with ANY decimal point value I need to put a formula in another cell that defines a grade 1-5 based on its value S2's value. *Each Peak /...
  3. T

    combine 2 formula

    Hello I am trying to combine 2 formula but have difficulty as i do not understand excel that well, these are the 2 formula below 1st =IF(IFERROR(VLOOKUP(TEXT(B3,"dd/mm/yyyy"),Holidays!A:A,1,0),0)=TEXT(B3,"dd/mm/yyyy"),"off Peak" 2nd...
  4. R

    Want a formula or PIVOT to get the percentage of SLA met from True or False criteria

    Hi Folks, Need two options for this guys. If Pivot how can I configure the sheet raw to populate on sheet Dashboard percentage base on the TRUE and FALSE details from SHEET Raw Second approach if pivot will be hard formula I can use on Sheet DB to give me percentage;) SHEET RAW <tbody> 1 A...
  5. D

    IF AND OR Formula

    Hello I am trying to complete a formula for the following I want to check that if the value in NMI MIRN State says VIC OR NSW OR QLD then the value in Annual Peak KWh needs to be greater than 100000 or IF NMI MIRN State says NSW or SA then the value in Annual Peak KWh needs to be greater...
  6. D

    Creating Query of Weighted Averaging Across Tables

    Hi there i have multiple tables all in the below format only much more data about 2000 rows and 200 columns. Column A describes the day for which each following month (column) was priced. I currently have all the data for the peak table and off peak table. I am looking to create the query to...
  7. T

    Index function complications

    Ok, so I've gotten a lot of use from this forum and now I have a question I haven't been able to find an answer to, I'm totally shocked by that fact...I'll probably learn I wasn't using the right search terms lol. Lots of detail here, possibly too much but hopefully better than not-enough :rofl...
  8. A

    Eliminating non-consecutive data

    <tbody> A B 1 10:00 8 2 10:30 9 3 11:00 12 4 11:30 13 5 12:00 13 6 12:30 13 7 13:00 13 8 13:30 14 9 14:00 13 10 14:30 15 11 15:00 15 12 15:30 13 13 16:00 13 14 16:30 13 15 17:00 13 16 17:30 14 17 18:00 13...
  9. K

    Line graph questions

    I have a data showing 4 variables that i would like to plot on a single graph. Time: X axis (in 5 second intervals) Temperature: Y axis. I would like to plot Target Min Max Peak The first 3 data sets look like this. <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> TYPE TimeString...
  10. H

    Assigning a random binary value to only a percentage of cells

    Hello, I am struggling with this which should be seemingly simple. How can I assign a random binary value to a percentage of identified cells? I have a column that indicates which cells I want this binary value to be associated with. My problem is when trying to chose both a percentage and...
  11. C

    finding the lowest value in from peak to peak

    Hi, there. I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to figure out how to calculate column L. Is there a way to identify the low value in each sequence of K "days under" data in something like the L column faked below? The formulas I returned don't seem to be checking the whole sequence, or identify the...
  12. M

    Peak/ Off-Peak/ Shoulder calc

    HI, I have a mechanical schedule spreadsheet where i calculate all buildings energy consumption. I have to calculate Peak / Off Peak and Shoulder consumption. I am hoping someone can assist with the required easy calculation. I have bee given the sheet from a previous employee with calcs...
  13. B

    Coincident Peak - Index Match Max and Offset?

    Hey Everyone, I am struggling with a formula - I know what I want to do, but I can't seem to wrap my head around how the formula is setup. I have daily data per each year per column (365 rows per column). I have used the following formula to generate a "4-day peak demand"...
  14. C

    Drawdowns and # of periods of DD.

    Hi, I'm trying to show historical drawn down (not only the max draw down but each time there is a draw down) of return series, and for each of the drawn down to capture # of periods from Peak to Trough and # or periods to recovery. Draw Down is defined as % decline from previous peak. in the...
  15. C

    Formula for calculating current drawdown of a portfolio.

    Hi All I am looking to analyse equity drawdown of a portfolio. A drawdown is the loss from a peak to a trough of a portfolio, before a new peak is attained. I would like a formula which returns me the current drawdown percentage since the latest peak, and so far I have managed the following...
  16. H

    How to take the highest value from below the average of a range

    Hi everyone, I'm coming across a problem for a greater issue and was hoping someone could help with the first step. I'm trying to put together a staffing and sizing chart (the big problem, that I may ask for help with at a later date) but have a question for the staffing component. My issue...
  17. M

    Identify Peaks and Troughs in a Price Return

    Hi, first time user, therefore apologies if i am re-posting that which has been posted before. I have the net cumulative total return daily series for the FTSE 100 and i am trying to write a formula that will calculate the peaks and troughs from start date to latest date. So my dates are in...
  18. R

    Identifying both cell references & values in peaks & troughs of a multi-wave data set

    I have a data set which is a recording of vertical ground reaction force during multiple hops. 30s long trial, 1000 Hz = 30,000 samples. For each wave, I need to identify: cell reference where value increases above a set threshold (e.g. >0.05 - marking the onset of the wave) peak value of...
  19. T

    finding 60 minute peaks

    Hi all, this is my first post and i am still a novice to excels wonderful capabilities.. so please bear with me and keep in mind that i am trying to learn it :smile: i have a massive list (a lot of colums and rows over 90000 )- with a colum for a timestamp and a colum with values for this...

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